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Renault Spy/Strauss Kahn

People that are connected to the CIA do not like seeing the bullying of a former research worker.  Carlos Ghosn was involved in the Iran Contra era but that should not give him the right to “abuse” the American taxpayers or an American. 

Carlos Ghosn’s executives have used the Tennessee judicial system as a tool to discredit the whistleblower.  Had this not happened TWO federal budgets could have “allocated” resources differently.   DOE Fraud Happened!

I guess “that’s” why they jailed me and took away my constitutional rights.

Carlos Ghosn did deals with Iran to many foreign policy hawks that’s scary

I was told it was people connected to Carlos Ghosn & the supporters of President Obama that “helped” destroy the image of the IMF leader Strauss-Kahn
(he was expected to be Sarkozy’s biggest challenger). 

The same source connected to the CIA that communicated to me Carlos Ghosn & “some” of French President Sarkozy’s allies were involved with the “framing” of 3 men at Renault who were accused of being spies (last year 3 men at Renault, NISSAN’s parent were accused of being spies). 

Oddly, the 3 men from Renault connected to the EV were accused of being spies on the “same day” I was in DC in January 2011 talking with people about DOE fraud.  Also within 24 hours a federal court told NISSAN to release its tax information from Bermuda.

A friend of mine whose dad participated in the “Bay of Pigs” confirmed that the men were innocent and in mid January 2011 then I sent a LOT of people at the French consulate emails telling them that the 3 men at Renault were INNOCENT of being spies and cc’d reporters from all over the world & I started a web site on January 14th 2011 called

In January Renault/NISSAN CEO Carlos Ghosn went on “public” TV & said he had multiple proofs that 3 men working with the EV were guilty of spying (doing espionage).

An official website for the NISSAN leaf even documented the NISSAN & Renault CEO’s claims that the men “stole the business model”   

Ghosn Claims to Have Evidence in Electric-Car Spying Case  January 25, 2011

 “….Renault SA Chief Executive Officer Carlos Ghosn stated that he has “multiple” proofs that some of the company’s executives were involved in the recent leaks of its business model about the electric vehicles currently in development. “We have certainties,” said Ghosn during a telecast on TF1 television….. Unfortunately, because of this spying case, Renault will be forced to delay the launch of three electric vehicles that they had planned on releasing sometime this year.”

Even worse officials from Sarkozy’s administration (the French government) accused China for “stealing secrets”.    

I (Sharyn Bovat) could not be silent after seeing a French foreign minister make accusations against the Chinese that I knew were FALSE.   He said that Renaults Electric Car program was compromised and that China was “stealing” technology.  Soon that changed to China stole “the business” model.  

A Reuters Article said that “China denied involvement”. 

SPECIAL REPORT-Renault's spy scandal   Fri Jan 28, 2011 2:15am EST

China has adamantly denied any involvement in the Renault case. "We have noticed the relevant reports," Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei told a regular news briefing on Jan. 11. "We think that some people saying China is behind this case is totally baseless and irresponsible. China cannot accept it."

I’m the first person to say that China has “issues” with violating America’s copy write laws BUT I know the Chinese are a brilliant society and “stealing” Nissan’s technology from the 90’s made absolutely NO SENSE.  Also, my daughter is from China and it hurts the reputation of those of Asian descent & I was told that one of the men accused of being spies worked in Tennessee in the early 2000’s he was an engineer type and NEVER would have spied.  He was “loyal” to Renault which HR did not like because they considered themeselves “NISSAN”.   So the global alliance at Renault/Nissan is not 100% peachy ...  at least in Smyrna in 2004.  I have a friend whose husband is an engineer in the auto industry has a high moral character that was described to me of the French engineer.

Also In January 2011 I paid for a press release saying I “thought” the men accused of being spies were connected to me & I feared they were innocently accused, and encouraged a quick investigation.

Had I not been 100% accurate I would have had “egg on my face” & NISSAN & Renault executives would have had me discredited.  Instead MORE people started telling about “issues” of fraud happening at NISSAN.  I got “credibility” from knowing they were innocent and people at Renault contacted me “thanking me”.  Nobody wants to have their company “falsely” accuse people of being spies.

Nissan Whistleblower Sharyn Bovat is Speaking About: Carlos Tavares, the NISSAN Leaf EV, the Renault Spy Scandal  Franklin, TN (PRWEB) January 31, 2011

Obviously I had good “intelligence” that was connected to CIA sources my knowledge that men were innocent was correct.  A French diplomat contacted me and “verified” that my concerns were valid.

In March 2011 the police in France immediately found out that the Renault/NISSAN CEO did not have “multiple proofs”.  The men were vindicated in late March and were quickly offered settlements to be quit (I did another press release)

NISSAN Whistleblower Speaks About: Vindication of Accused Renault Spies, Carlos Ghosn, Leaf EV....

AFTER the police discovered the men to be innocent the French Government let Renault do an “internal” investigation.  

They did NOT act like a government should (After all French ministers and the CEO of a company that the France has ownership had accused a foreign power of spying). 

In March 2011 A few days later after the Renault spies were vindicated in a judge in Tennessee set a “trial date” for my 1st time misdemeanor that was “sworn out” by the NISSAN executive.  At that time I had endured over 8 months of malicious prosecution.  Now it’s almost 20 months.

People that are connected to the CIA do not like seeing the bullying of a former research worker.  Carlos Ghosn was involved in the Iran Contra era but that should not give him the right to “abuse” the American taxpayers or an American.  Carlos Ghosn’s executives have used the Tennessee judicial system as a tool to discredit the whistleblower.  Had this not happened TWO federal budgets could have “allocated” resources differently.   I guess “that’s” why it happened.

Carlos Ghosn did do deals with Iran and to many foreign policy hawks that’s scary.

Maybe NISSAN CEO Carlos ghosn served a “useful purpose ”for CIA operatives in the past.  But times change and so do alliances.  Here’s an example:  The French President Sarkozy and Tony Blair were “close to Gaddafi” and the Libyan leader “funded” Sarkozy’s election.   When the French & British did the “fly by” of Gaddafi’s death that was “telling.”

The fact is that “some” of people that the NISSAN CEO communicates with are TERRORIST & President Obama’s administration gave a DOE loan via the Treasury bank to a foreign company currently doing business with Iran.

The fact is the French are sometimes “bad allies” and until America gets a better relationship with France our foreign policy problems will continues. 

The French have sold arms to Iran and currently sell & build cars that help out the economy of America’s biggest enemy.  Lebanon is NOT America’s friend and President Obama has NOT been tough with sanctions. 

Maybe it’s NOT President Obama’s fault.  He’s a busy man MAYBE all the problems with DOE fraud and the corruption in government are the fault of “a few staffers” if that is the case then I think it’s time for “change” to help stop the hemerging of American tax payer money.  


Years ago I worked with operatives people connected to a modern day “Tea Party leader” & back in the early 90’s they were doing “research” on Michael Huffington.  FYI- I got to meet Arianna Huffington a few times and I admire her’s:  So when I saw the article on the web today about the IMF guy that was “framed” by “most likely” those connected to French President Nicolas Sarkozy it confirmed that the operatives that I worked with in the 90’s have “switched teams” and are doing deals with people connected to President Obama’s administration. 

Strauss-Kahn’s Wife to Edit Huffington Post in France  By ERIC PFANNER  Published: January 18, 2012

“Those charges prompted Mr. Strauss-Kahn’s resignation from the I.M.F. and dashed his hopes of being named the Socialist candidate for the presidential election this spring, when President Nicolas Sarkozy is widely expected to seek a second term”…..

Sarkozy to quit if he loses poll

By Hugh Carnegy in Paris                                                        January 24, 2012 8:04 pm                    

A poll on Sunday said his approval rating had slipped to just 32 per cent. Another poll published in Le Parisien newspaper on Tuesday – taken before Mr Hollande’s performance on Sunday – put the president well behind the Socialist candidate on key issues such as the ability to deal with unemployment and the public debt, although it showed Mr Sarkozy ahead in terms of fulfilling the stature of the presidency.

The fact is I KNEW the Renault spies were innocent.  I’m innocent.  The men in Paris are lucky that the press “wrote the story”. 

It’s time for America to “get healthy”.   

What NISSAN did by taking the DOE money without the technology to build the product promised has hurt the green industry.

All I want is to have my life back.  I've worked hard for over 2 years proving the fraud and NOBODY cares.  

It looks like Gannett and Tennessee Wants to have the French keep working with NISSAN execs on a car with outdated technology.  Tennessee is letting NISSAN continue the “gift” of  IDB bond money  & DOE money-  

So let’s let  NISSAN North America keep discriminating against women, gays and minorities.  keep the corruption- keep the ‘good ole boy’ network-keep misleading people about "how much"  NISSAN is doing for the community & America.

Reporters PLEASE write the story so NISSAN will "end this".... Some of these guys get a “perverse” joy at seeing me miserable.  I have a child who has suffered having a mom that’s a whistleblower.  She was 7 when I first spoke of discrimination and wasteful spending of taxpayer funds and now she’s 10.

If Tennessee & America wants to let those that wasted taxpayer money keep their fancy life style and big "taxpayer funded" bonuses…..FINE. 

If people in America don't mind being taken advantage then there's NOTHING I can do about it. I tried.   I wish EVERYONE a good life. NOW just give me "mine" back. I just want FAIRNESS & NISSAN needs to "make a decision" about the whistleblower:

Nissan is paying a former TN DA named Joe Baugh to keep "trumped up" charges going.

I'm DISGUSTED by the fact that my constitutional rights have been violated: in Tennessee & ALL I want to do is move back to America.

Thank you for reading:


Please call Maria De Varenne and tell her to “REPORT the NEWS”











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