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 Why Some People Won't Buy French Cars

On Mar 9, 2012, at 10:57 AM, wrote: My ****** told me that the french were WHY we got into Vietnam: Then I found out the cia had a relationship wth Michelin back then. In Southeast Asia people hate the French  It makes sense why tbey could NEVRR use the renault name

Answer from my friend:

That all happened when the British had colonies all over the world, 
places like Hong Kong, Singapore etc.  France also had a bunch of 
colonies, but they ruled with an iron hand and exploited the natives. Much like the Spanish Conquistadores in the 15th (???) century.

That region has been under french influence for a long time.  The 
vietnamese had enough and started to force them out.  We started 
aiding the french, but there was a massacre of french forces and the 
US stepped up it's involvement big time after that.

The flip side of all of this is that Japan committed many atrocities 
in China during that time frame and during WW2.  So that makes 
Japanese cars a harder sell in China, than say, french or german 
cars.  That is partly why there is such a big push from Renault for 
China and not much effort from Nissan.


Now Ya'll know some of the history & WHY it would be difficult for a merger of the two companies.  

It's like the Turk/Greek thing or in America getting a southern Good Ole Boy to be kind to a "skirt that speaks" from California.

In different parts of the world different countries have different reputations.  Last time I was in DC a guy told me what countries I could be executed in: YES!!!

 Because Carlos Ghosn's HR decided to make me the #2 Security Risk for NISSAN Americas they basically "outed me" they made me unemployable I had to blog about WHY they were slandering me and there's NO WAY a relocation consultant could be the #2 security risk.... it was the fact I could "out the CEO for doing deals with Iran"   and that was becasue I did research work for CIA operatives. 

For OVER 17 years I've been silent and I had NEVER before spoken about it  .... ONLY because of being jailed 3 times on "trumped up charges" and the harassment & humiliation that I received did I do it.   In court I found out that in June 2009 HR identified me formally as the #2 risk.  NISSAN -that was morally wrong!!!

NOW I can't travel to certain countries and I love to travel... I like to visit different cultures.  Because of the executives of Carlos Ghosn did to me I'm MAD!!!
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