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??? NISSAN is "change" happening.

??? NISSAN is there NOW Respect for ALL People

NISSAN Board in Japan; Your hardworking employees that KNOW about my battle understand what I'm fighting for. YOUR employees understand the "vision" of treating people with respect is a good one. 

The fact that so many people have "verified" discrimination and mental abuse by HR at NISSAN North America tells me that I was arrested and harassed because some "big boys" got scared.  

Years ago I learned that the only way to make change was to fight back at "their" level.   At NISSAN it looks like Someone finally stood up to the bully.   

Hey Mark Stout   ???  Do YOU think you should have returned my reference calls.
Marlin Chapman ??? Do YOU think you should have paid my invoice and responded to my request for training.  OMG!!!! NISSAN HR is run by clueless idiots.   Had HR been "humane" & wanted me to go away silently all it would have taken was what they promised to me.  I have it document MANY times that simply I wanted to had over a list on unethical behavior.   Marlin and Mark 
???  How many times did I try to get training in May 2009  ??? How many calls did Mark Stout NOT return when I needed reference help.   ??? Marlin Chapman had YOU paid my invoice and did what was "humane" and provided the training that would transition me to a new career.  ??? WHY did YOU do this.   ???  WHY did YOU abuse so many others in the past.   

NISSAN HR Your actions should be criminal!!!
I HAD BRUISES!!!!  My child was left alone while I was detained!!!  3 Times MY AMERICAN Rights were taken away.    

My fight to change the culture happened because of YOUR poor treatment of me AFTER I became a whistleblower in spring 2009.  This website started June 2009.   EVEN with ALL the bad spending I knew about at NISSAN issues of discrimination & corruption maybe I would NOT have done "this website" had YOU let me "move on" with my life.  Since I could NOT get another job I did "this" because I realized that ONLY "if" Mr. Tavares leads NISSAN then I can simply "work and enjoy my life".  OMG!!!!   Getting "my point" across to Japan and France has been a "challange".    

Mr. Ghosn and Good Ole Boys ALL I wanted was RESPECT!!!! 

???   FYI--  During the 1992  RNC Internal Battle of Control Haley Barbours people paid me "quickly"......Huh.... In fact I got paid "twice".  Guess thats the ONLY good part about playing on "two teams".  :) :)       

NISSAN my bruises healed but the stress still exist!!!!   That said: I'm ANGRY!!!

What the NISSAN Good Ole Boys did to human beings is MORALLY WRONG!!!! 

Carlos Ghosn ???  Is this HOW you want YOUR company to function.

Can someone "End This"..... it's the Holidays!!!

Have a Great Day!!!   Sharyn Bovat  615-415-6675
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