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Palin has RESPECT

On wednesday Nashville saw the 2nd coming.... 

No NOT Jesus

Sarah Palin
in 2010 visiting Tennessee   

???  Remember she was here last winter for the Tea party convention.   The Tea Party is a "grass roots effort by the 'little' people that want fairness"  "people that are mad at Bush and his pro business policies" "people that want a christian as president in America"  YES!!!  most do NOT think Obama is christian. Tea Partiers are "angry people that want less government, less taxes, no money for the EV subsidies or infrastructure" ironically "those" people had a convention organized by high profile
"operatives" connected to powerful lobbyist.
   I don't get it!!!! 

A Mississippi education not needed to "count" how many Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, & Jewish people in line waiting for the opportunity to meet Sarah Palin.

I went to costco in Brentwood just to see the people that waited for hours to have a book signed by Sarah Palin.  One lady let me "touch" her book.   WOW!!! I felt the Power of Palin.   I now want a Palin American!!!!   Just kidding!!!

While sitting in a massage chair at Costco that cost more than most of the cars in the parking lot
(except for a bunch of Nissan Murano's and G sedans with Rutherford plates,  I took license #'s....just kidding :) :)   I chatted with a lady who waited 41/2 hours in the cold just for the opportunity to be near Palin. This lady was proud of her weight and said that Sarah Palin said:"It's an American right to be fat". OK... wow!!!   I guess Sarah Plain knows her audience. The 200lb + lady was truly a "mama grizzley" fan (Palin's nickname) & told me the book signing was the best experience in her life. wow!!!   

???  Could the birth of her children have made it to the top of her "Best in Life" list or her wedding day. 

No she confirmed to me it was seeing Sarah Palin in person.  Get this,her husband and children were standing right there and they were not offended.It was the best moment in their lives too.   

Back to the ALL white crowd:
VERY Important Message
to Palin handlers:
Haley Barbour in 1992 hired a guy to be "black" and I remember his name. & RNC donations paid for buses for "mindless minions" to gather minorites to "add color" to the convention.    

???  Sarah Palin, YOU should think about doing that too.  It gives the "image"" of being mainstream.  
Just something to think about.  Yes!!! There are MANY talanted people in America that are NOT white.  People in "Good Ole Boy" states have yet to accept that. They believe Obama is a Socialist~Muslim~Foreigner
and one lady at Starbucks told me last week those at her church "The Church of Christ" pray that he'll find Jesus. I just want President Obama to find Osama Bin Laden.

What I will say about the conversations I had with
many struggling Americans
at Costco is that they "want" jobs.  They are mad at Washington DC.

In the Costco parking lot in Brentwood, TN many Americans from the "bible belt" made their "thoughts known about the state of Americas economy  & you saw lots of commentary on President Obama's future.  It's Typical Tennessee

Many people commented to me that Sarah Palin is a "real" person. 

Men that served in Vietnam, the Gulf, Iraq, & Afghanistan LOVED her, she showed them RESPECT and for that I'm a Palin fan.
NOT a Palin for President but just a "fan". 
Still I claim to be the FIRST to "Go Rogue" in the republican party but Sarah Palin is truly unique, capable of something and the uneducated masses and America's military foot soldiers LOVE her.

FYI- There were so many police at the Sarah Palin event this Nissan Whistleblower had  "fashbacks" to July 7th 2010.

What Happened in America on that day was wrong.

ALL American deserve RESPECT!!!!

Even "blue state" liberals living in Tennessee.

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