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Court Update 10-25-10

Hello from Sharyn & as of "now"
I'm not in Jail:   

   Save the Date

Arraignment postponed 
until December 6th, 2010 

The judge asked me if I had a lawyer & I told him mine quit & I’ve had problems getting one and therefore I was representing myself.  I asked for an extra week to get discovery and instead he gave me till December 6th & then postponed the formal arraignment until then.  

The Best News!!!!     NO NEW CHARGES TODAY!!!!

Research tells me it’s obvious after the 3rd arrest their "railroading" me and YES it's political, the NISSAN Good Ole Boys linked to Haley Barbour and also to leaders in the community are trying to discredit me in retaliation for whistle blowing.   It's terrifying!!!

For the record I told the truth about bad spending of taxpayer money and discrimination at
NISSAN.   My web site showcasing all the problems has been up for almost 17 months.  I think that says a LOT.    


Most likely the “new” charges from last week (using evidence from the dismissed case…Good Ole Boys it wreaks of DOUBLE JEPARDY).  Most likely they were filed to embarrass me in court & were meant for today to happen in front of the judge and all the lawyers in the courtroom, another attempt to discredit me.      

The arrest today did NOT happen because I went to look at the docket on Friday & they were required to take me to jail then (great way to start the weekend).  I messed up their plan.  Which actually I suspected, it’s scary.


NISSAN I’ve been set up for failure by YOUR unethical HR. 
I HAVE A CHILD!!!!  Becker, Please STOP this from happening. 

???  Did someone get the video tape from security of my 1st arrest.  I heard it's MIA.  ???  Wonder why.  If someone finds it Please send me a copy.  It will be subpeonaed when my case gets to trial.    

Viewers, I’m scared since I know how innocent people get rail roaded in America for political or racial reasons. 


I have to be VERY careful in choosing a lawyer.  If I got a bad lawyer or one that is connected in the Good Ole Boy community I could be pushed into taking/accepting a plea, simply to get the police to STOP arresting me over and over again.  

These unjust arrests and visits to jail are stressful and not “humane” so if I wanted to stop them from happening and “cut a deal”  that could be dangerous.   In Tennessee the judge does NOT have to accept a plea and I could end up in jail for over a YEAR.  It’s sadly our judicial system in America.

FYI-Judges in America are political, either elected or appointed.  I've made "bad spenders" in Tennessee nervous.  ??? Do you see my problem.   

For the Record:   My opinion of the judge today is that he's fair.   

NISSAN, America, & my Global Viewers I'm innocent.   Yet, I was told that 1000's of innocent people are in jail today & are victims of being "railroaded” by the courts & many are women.  


Now I'm going to have to fight for MY FREEDOM with everything I have.   Using a biblical reference I'm David and the Tennessee Good Ole Boys & their buddies that participated in my arrest in the community is Goliath.  


People are WAKING UP that David is going to “win” in Tennessee and that will ONLY happen if the public knows for then they can't sneak in a “trumped up” conviction.  


Transparency & Publicity is the key to my freedom. 


Bottom Line:  I have to get press.   


Also, if the Franklin police continue to harass me by sending me to jail I'll have to leave Tennessee or fear at any moment I can be hauled away. 
3 times is ENOUGH.   I have to get a criminal lawyer I trust and if a viewer can help I’d be grateful 615-415-6675.  

My mission for good representation starts tomorrow. 


Side Note:  Today I was asked for my autograph.   Huh, maybe people are figuring it all out and that RESPECT FOR ALL PEOPLE is “in” in Tennessee.   


Williamson County DA it’s time to END THIS!!!            

Call me I’m a “reasonable” person. 


Have A Great Day!!!




Arraignment  from the Free Dictionary from Farlex

A criminal proceeding at which the defendant is officially called before a court of competent jurisdiction, informed of the offense charged in the complaint, information, indictment, or other charging document, and asked to enter a plea of guilty, not guilty, or as otherwise permitted by law. Depending on the jurisdiction, arraignment may also be the proceeding at which the court determines whether to set bail for the defendant or release the defendant on his or her own recognizance.

Although the initial appearance of the arrested person before a magistrate is sometimes referred to as and arraignment, it is not a true arraignment, which only comes after the defendant has been both arrested and formally charged. In all but extremely rare cases, arraignment also takes place before any suppression hearings and the trial itself. The interests at issue in an arraignment are the defendant's right to know of the charges against him or her and the defendant's right to have adequate information from which to prepare a defense. The state also has an interest in having the defendant make a plea so it can prepare accordingly.

The Sixth Amendment to U.S. Constitution guarantees that defendants shall "be informed of the nature and cause of the accusation against them." But the Sixth Amendment does not guarantee defendants the right to be informed of the charged offense at an arraignment. Although the Supreme Court has ruled that arraignments are a necessary pre-condition to trial under federal law, the Court has also ruled that failure to arraign a defendant is not a reversible error where the failure is inadvertent, the defendant knows that he is the accused, the defendant is apprised of the charged offense, the defendant is able to assist in preparing a defense, and the defendant is not otherwise prejudiced by the lack of an arraignment. Thus the importance and necessity of being arraigned before trial varies from case to case and from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. The law governing arraignment procedures is spelled out by statutes and court rules at both the state and federal levels.


The court rules in some states only require that arraignments be held for felony-level charges, but not for misdemeanor-level offenses. Other states require arraignments for felonies, gross misdemeanors, and misdemeanors punishable by incarceration or a fine greater than a certain amount. In addition to requiring that defendants be called before the court, informed of the charged offense, and asked to enter a plea, several state jurisdictions also require that defendants be informed of certain constitutional rights during arraignment, including the right to trial by jury, the right to assistance of counsel, and the Privilege against Self-Incrimination. If the law of a particular state makes the arraignment a critical stage of the prosecution, such as when the court rules require the defendant to raise any defenses to the charged offense at the arraignment or waive them, then the defendant must be afforded the Right to Counsel under the Sixth Amendment. Hamilton v. Alabama, 368 U.S. 52, 82 S.Ct. 157, 7 L.Ed.2d 114 (U.S.Ala. 1961).

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