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I have "2" Lawyers that "belong" to Team Thormann.
??? Do YOU want them.

Jerry Brickett- You wear a Pittsburgh STEELERS jersey on the weekends.  NEVER did you wear one at NISSAN North America for Team Tavares. 

Sir, YOU looked panicked when I was waiting in the lobby for the assistant to Mr. Tavares.  That was "telling"

Jerry Beckett you played "ball" on Team Thormann.
??? maybe that started when you lived in Paris. 

My "thought"  possibly YOU  were you the "link" to Greg Kelly and arranged for the "extra alliance" 

Donald Trump wrote the book "The Art of the Deal".  Maybe you could write "Deals Gone Bad".

Mike Steck- You're on MY radar.  To be candid I see so much "ROT" in Purchasing and Procurement that I truly believe for the "better" of NISSAN  and the RNPO  it's "cheaper" to tear the whole house down.  I'm a big fan of "long term profits" if the Renault~NISSAN wants to build successful alliances with others they have to be built with "TRUST".  I think the "shareholders" would agree with me.  The American taxpayer too.  

Ironically the "link" between HR and those divisions is built with Steel.    I'm a bulldozer.... One that crushes "steel"

Bill Krueger- I saw the "new" org. chart if the French Fringe and the Good Ole Boys succeeded and YOU were NOT on it.   Catherine Perez was Going to be sitting in YOUR chair.

Bill you were voted OFF of "NISSAN island".  

One of the many reasons why I fought this battle of human decency with full force -  I met many  families from NISSAN over the years including that of Erich Marx and Christian Meunier.

FYI- Last February a marketing leader laughed when talking about Erich getting "the cube" and that was to be his LAST assignment.  The Good Ole Boys and Marketing leadership knew that car was not going to be a "blockbuster" in America they wanted him GONE.   The cube sales would hurt the #'s and that helped with their goal of having Mr. Tavares fail.
Didn't happen.    ??? Wonder Why  :) :)   

Today Erich still has a job & even got upgraded, he's talented and deserved it.  WOW!!!
Christian who was "dismissed" by "the Fringe" is now running a country.  I think BRAZIL is lucky.  

Bill Krueger
- Carlos Tavares listened to me when I told him who were "team players" his listening to me made me happy and I continued this battle and I continued to email him "ideas" to make success happen today.  I knew cars were NOT being refreshed "on purpose" & marketing was not "the best" for a reason. 
They wanted NEW Global 
Leadership and a plan to take over in 18 months.

What they were doing to hardworking employees, shareholders and taxpayers was morally WRONG. 
Bill, I want YOU to Fight w/Me.   Loyalty to the corporation with new guidlines on conduct is mandatory for success.  

TODAY-  I ask those that are "doing well" to suport me and my effort for building a corporate culture at NISSAN North America one that cares and has "RESPECT FOR ALL PEOPLE".

Have a Great Day!!!   Sharyn

Love Cars~Love People~Love the Planet

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