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This fight for human decency was provided by Sharyn Bovat.   A woman who believes in her heart that good people live in Tennessee and real jobs need to be created using the best candidates for each position filled.   For "long term" economic success that is the recipie.  

NISSAN can succeed when people work as a team and I hope I've proven by my blog  that Performance matters & that people need to show Respect for ALL people.  

Mr. Tavares trusted me for OVER a year to do this website for "change".  

FYI- I kept emailing asking for "this" to be over yet he let if continue.   I trust Carlos Tavares and will keep this website up until he tells me to take it down.   That said:     ???   Do YOU Get It!!!!!

It took a well oiled machine to get the "wall" to fall years ago and similar tactics were used in this fight for human decency.   Luckily a good team is working hard in Yokahama. The auto experts in Japan seem to have "innovated" a strategy for success.  My role was simply to be an agent for CHANGE. Showing the problems.  Now with the door open for new ideas and inspiration Mr. Tavares will have the chance to create the company "he wants".   Sir,  I know you'll "Make it Happen"  making change keeping the valuable Japanese NISSAN DNA.  

Because I was raised by parents that lived in Tokyo that taught me about the richness of the Japanese culture.   When I say Sharyn was "Inspired in Japan" it's true because that's where my parents met.  

My grandfather worked on peace treaties in Korea and he got frustrated years ago he said "If success is not the goal, what's the point".  to my grandfather that taught me diplomacy and told me that "after a war EVERYONE  on BOTH sides needs to work together and form "healthy" alliances"  To my grandfather Karl Frisbee THANK YOU for YOUR wisdom.

My goal is to "end this" and work toward UNIFICATION & I look forward to meeting those that have assisted me in my "data" collection THANK YOU!!!   

NISSAN, during this battle my "navigation system" seemed to work well now let's "move on" taking the "new" road to success.  

Enjoy YOUR day!!!


Infiniti is sponsoring the Primetime Emmy's this sunday so I guess it's officially the "Award Season".  
FYI-  Some people at "Lifetime" TV have been checking me out so maybe my QUEST for human decency can be made into a television movie.  That will get the word out about discrimination at NISSAN in TN.   WOW!!! 
Mr. Brancheau why don't we call the movie "The CUBE Conspiracy" and go for product placement.   win~win  :) :)  

This Sunday LIVE from a conjunction with a press release I'll be "webbing"  
Girl In the Black Honda Awards
showcasing my battle for human decency and highlighting issues of bad spending of taxpayer money. 

he big award of  Best Thought of the YEAR is NOT a runaway winner.    Jim Morton might bounce to the top w/last weeks page  ???  Morton the Godfather.   Yet, Carlos Ghosn's connection to the Good Ole Boys has lots of "lookers".   Still many viewer LOVE Ewanick and enjoy the "thoughts" on "odd" cars.  The girl/girl issue  (it's getting Juicy) is no longer a contender, people in (most of) America have now gotten the point that business needs to hire the BEST worker & decent people do NOT slander.  

The Biggest "thought" from those outside of  the AUTO industry is that America needs to cut back it's dependence on OIL.   I've heard that my "Undercover Airhead" thought (below) made the most people THINK.    Those that live in "Swing States" understand MY words and they "GET IT".    The Good Ole Boys in politics were greedy and America went to 2 wars for "questionable" reasons, worse troops came home in boxes.   War profiteering needs to end.   Jim Morton aligned himself using money from NISSAN to make deals that hurt NISSAN globally . Also the US taxpayer paid  to pamper  NISSAN
executives When I questioned having to find a spa for a VP to get Oxygen facials I asked for America.
Because "Rob" from legal was able to "swear out" a warrant in Tennessee I was arrested and NOW I can't trust TN for a fair trial.   My Cousin Vinney was a big movie hit YEARS ago.  Sadly that mentality is true today.   America needs to understand that the person that bullied me wrote a warrant against me.   This is NOT the America I want to live in.  I've heard from viewers on both coasts and they agree, because I spoke out against a corrupt Good ole Boy network Sharyn Bovat is a Red State Refugee. 
Sunday, We'll also have a "Viewers Choice" award so if you have a favorite page email me include the name of YOUR faovorite page or a "Thought to Tavares".

Have A Great Weekend!!!              Sharyn 615-415-6675

Love Cars~Love People~Love the Planet

Would LOVE to have this Internal Battle of Control OVER

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