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To Rupert Murdoch

America Deserves Fair and Balanced Batshit!!!!

I’ve combined my comedy set from last night with a letter to Rupert Murdoch of Fox News.

I want “out” of Tennessee!!!

This is yet another “out of the box” final approach.

Have A Great Day!!!

J J Sharyn


My name is Sharyn Bovat I’m from the San Francisco Bay Area Born in the 60’s.  I wasn’t raised by a “touchy feely” liberal NO I was raised Feisty-Feminist Bitch.

My activist upbringing has gotten me into trouble in Tennessee.

At work I was told “Skirts Don’t Speak”  & I got mad…went into overdrive, started a ranty blog ….Called it my Quest for Human Decency, some say I braved a new Frontier, some say I went Rogue, then a Titan loving HR Good Ole Boy network got mad, swore out warrants and their buddies threw me in a cube…..oh I mean cell. 

Now I’m inmate 062136-062156-062724.

Evidently in Tennessee YOU’RE not allowed to be a bitch

I’m the new “Susan Mc Dougal”  

I’ve been railroaded so many times my middle name is Amtrak.

3 times in jail NOT once given the UT inspired orange outfit…  Thank God!!!  It’s a bright orange….similar to the color of that republican guy taking over congress …John Boehner…. The same color as his FACE.

3 times in jail and not 1 cavity search
???  Maybe it’s true …. they don’t have dentist in Tennessee

I’m stressed…..  I’ve now got PTJD….Post Traumatic Jail Disorder….. At night when I take off my earrings and watch I no longer put in on my bedside table….  I put them in a numbered manila envelope.

I’m 45 years old I want more out of my life.  I want to Shift_ from convict to cougar (look at young guy….growl).

???   Maybe not, Young boys aren’t my style (wink….walk to older guy).  I’m simple give me a man my age with a job, vasectomy and a prescription of Viagra (wink wink).

I want excitement….  The best I’ve had is a police pat down.  Act out…..remind officer he missed a spot. 

Oh ….I did have a guy contact me for a date a few months ago….  He worked in management at Nissan…  Google Sharyn Bovat and you’ll get the humor/irony.


Read my blog….   My life is more than just this Prisoner Cellblock TN drama.

I’m a former republican opposition research worker.  In the 80’s I worked for Reagan’s people I was undercover...  had a code name …. Friendly Fixture….  When Bush “1” became president I got upgraded…new code name ….  Brainless Bimbo.      I learned a lot….

Ever hear about the Bush Dirty Tricks team….  I was a 3rd party Vendor..

Last week my little girl asked me how to spell congress I told her C_O_R_R_U_P _T.

I could “rant” about The George Bush era’s ALL Night Long.

What does “W” mean to many southerners…. Preferred Race.

Yeah…. To this California Conservative that Tennessee turned into a Red State Refugee the “W” means “Wrong Way” ….    “Wrong War”  ….

Last night I thought if Glenn Beck has another rally to have Texas succeed from the Union…  President Obama should say… OK…  &%$# Texas… Fire them…  They’ve done enough… They gave America 2 Bushes, 2 Wars for Oil and they don’t want to pay taxes….   My “thought”   BYE BYE Texas…..

President Obama it’s time to create the Friendly 49….  

America should cut a deal with China and give them Texas to offset our debt   Think about it…   The Good Ole Boy Governor Perry calls everyone a socialist..  “If he reported to WHO GIN TOWE”  his rhetoric would finally be the truth

…..My blog has gotten some press…  and if you Google the word Batshit Babe … you’ll see my name.   If you Google just Batshit you’ll see Glenn Beck… Wow, what a surprise. 


Fox News YOU need Fair and Balanced Batshit….

I want to work for you  J J

Traditionally to be considered “batshit”  you have to be a right winger.   Sarah Palin was the biggest batshit babe a few years ago.   

My thought….   Maybe if I’m a success my child can grow up to be on a reality show…  WOW!!!  Who needs talent to be famous in America when the country loves you for having a mommy that’s a total loon.

Two of the biggest Batshits in 2010 are:

Nevada Senate Candidate Sharon Angle; that woman spoke to a group of Mexicans and she thought they were Asian…. OMG   I know the difference between Hispanics and Asians… When I eat Mexican I’m not hungry an hour later.

Christine O’Donnell; That former Witch, who was “unofficial” president of the anti masturbation league, won a Senate primary.   Yet her star fell fast.   She went down faster than a women in Amsterdam who just turned on the red light.

For the record I admire …. Palin, Angle & O’Donnell they are “Skirts that Speak” It’s the constitutional right of EVERY American to speak

My “thought” Batshit Can be Beautiful.

A mother of triplets always knows “who is who”.    

I believe those tea party female politico’s & Glenn Beck classified as “Batshit” are using the language (mainly on Fox News) that I Sharyn Bovat created in the early nineties. 

For the record it was “innovated” in 1992 while I was working undercover in Houston at the RNC convention.  I spent a few weeks before the convention with a team from Texas and Mississippi and got frustrated. 

Never did I imagine the ridicules style of rhetoric would be used by “real” politicians.  It originally was a “joke” a wild concept (kind of like the Quanza) the “thought was to create words that woke up the less educated demographic, words that would get them to pay attention during a boring political speech.   It was called originally called Sharyn’s Simple Speak for the Stupid States and I created it out of frustration. 

This year when I heard “wingers” spout off tough rhetoric like “Man Up” and “Put Your Big Girl Panties On” it followed the formula that has worked successfully for so many aspiring red state politicians. 

Now this MOM of “words” whose brain created the technique wants to Fight Back against the damage done by her past thoughts.

Rupert Murdoch…..  Hire Me!!!!

Everyone knows that a bat has two wings…. The right and the left.   In politics the liberal educated elite “word wise” have ignored the mainstream masses.  Blue state women are considered BORING.

America pays attention to batshit rhetoric for it gets their attention. 

I think the left wing on the bat has been a “little lonely”

Not anymore.   My name is Sharyn Bovat   

This Skirt that Spoke is using her love of high quality Russian vodka and turning her Nissan lemon into ELECTRIC Lemonade.

We have a saying in America “Payback is a Bitch” and to those in the  Greedy Good Ole Boy Elite that have given America Cheney Chump Change its payback time and the Bitches name is Sharyn

Thank you…. That’s my time…

Peace and Respect & God Bless America

Mr. Murdoch.,
Call Me!!!
Sharyn 615-415-6675
& Have A Great Day!!!!

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