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Charge in the CIty

Educated Urban Elite…





???  Do YOU want to show the planet YOU care yet worried about the time to “charge” interfering with your busy life. 


Successful “time strapped” City Folk  let me help make your decision on “going Green” easier.


The solution:    

Blue Skies in the City
EV Care.

A not for profit partnership from

NISSAN Blue Citizenship and NYU……


Working with NYU we’ll have a team of



“Car Chargers”   Willing” do the task of adding Life (charging” that Lovely LEAF…..  (maybe for an extra fee well have car wash services to).    It’s expensive…. $38 an hour….yet you pay that twice a day for Fido to poop so the financially this expense is just “change”. 
I’m talking "two" types of Change…..Get it!!!


Successful urban people just think about the statement you’ll make  besides showing the planet “love” by driving a car without a tailpipe for the price to “walk the dog" you’ll be contributing to society because those taking care of you car are students who'll need the cash. Most of that money will filter back into the local economy.   Most likely the students will get $20 per car they charge (not bad for 1 to 1 1/2 hours doing a flexible job that helps the planet). At the holidays if they build a good relationship with their clients just like with typical 'dog walkers' maybe they'll get tips.  

After the small cost of the electricity the balance of the fee can go toward administration cost, insurance  and to promote the program.  They'll get to there destination in a donated EV one that will be like a "rolling" billboard advertising the Easy EV Lifestyle......

It's a

Have A Great Day!!!                    Sharyn
Love Cars
~Love People~Love the Planet

Private Dog Walk ½ Hour, 1 Hour
A loving pet care specialist will visit your home and care for your dog. This time is based upon the entering and the leaving of your residence. During this visit, your dog will be played with, exercised, and attended to according to your specifications.

½ Hour $21.75, 1 Hour $38

Social Walk ½ Hour, 1 Hour
We will find the ideal walking mates for your dog (maximum 3) to provide for a socially enhanced walking experience. This shared interaction provides an additional outlet for your pup’s energy and succeeds in reducing the stress created by being home alone.

1/2 Hour $21.75, 1 Hour $38

Exercise walks are the perfect answer for the overly energetic dog. Individualized and custom tailored, these walks can include fast paced walking, jogging, running, or rollerblading and will evolve with your pet’s progress.

1 Hour $43.50

Cat Visit 1 Hour
An educated feline specialist will visit your home and care for your cat. This time will be based upon the entering and the leaving of your residence. During the visit, a pet care professional will feed and care for your cat according to your specifications and maintain it's litter box.

1 Hour $38

Small Pet Visit 1 Hour
A pet care specialist will visit your home and care for your small pet according to your specifications. During the visit, our pet care specialist will provide fresh food and water, clean your pet’s cage, and provide it with attention and affection.

1 Hour $38

Walk and Train ½ Hour, 1 Hour
One of our trained obedience specialists will work one-on-one with your dog during a walk. Our trainers will focus on basic obedience such as sit, stay, down, come, heel, leave it, and go to place, using both mild and heavy distractions.

1/2 Hour: $45, 1 Hour: $85

Private Puppy Training
New puppies require special attention. Our Certified Pet Dog Trainers (CPDT) will help to guide you through the puppy training process. We will focus on housebreaking, basic obedience, socialization skills, and problem solving.

Introductory Session: $175 Follow up Sessions: $165

Clicker Training
Clicker training is a conditioning method that focuses on operant behavior. We introduce the clicker to both parent and dog and establish a reward based relationship where the animal receives a reward for making the owner “click”. We recommend this advanced training method to pets that demonstrate nervous tendencies or those that need to build confidence. It is also great for teaching fun skills and tricks.

Introductory Session: $175 Follow up Sessions: $165

Problem Solving and Behavior Correction
One of Certified Pet Dog Trainers (CPDT) will assess your situation and work with you and your dog, either together or individually, to try and correct behavioral issues using various forms of positive and negative reinforcement. We support gentle methods of training and will do our best to achieve the desired results.

Introductory Session: $175 Follow up Sessions: $165 & up

Walk and Play
One of our pet care specialists will come to your home and pick up your dog for a fun-filled hour of supervised and structured play in a safe and clean environment. We will pre-arrange the play-dates based upon each dogs’ individual characteristics such as size, energy level and age. Each Walk and Play will begin with a relief walk. Each Walk and Play Hour is Limited to 5 dogs per play session.
* All puppies must have their necessary shots before they can participate.*

75 Minutes: $43.50

If you are running errands, going to dinner and a movie or just having another late night at the office, arrange for our Pet Sitting Service. A trusted pet care specialist will visit your home to play and pet your four-legged friend(s) for as long as you are out. A minimum of two (2) hours is required.

Hourly Rate $32.50

All-Inclusive Overnight Stays
According to the American Humane Society, your pets are happiest when they're at home, surrounded by familiar sights, sounds and smells. Rest easy knowing that your pet is safe in its own bed with our around-the-clock sitting service. One of our carefully selected pet care specialists will stay at your home and tend to all of your pets daily needs including walking, feeding, playing, and cuddling.

Daily Rate (24 Hours) $110

The perfect for short haired breeds, this service includes a double shampoo appropriate for skin type, ear cleaning, eye wiping, and a towel dry.

$45 & Up

The ideal bath for medium and longer-haired breeds, this service includes a double shampoo appropriate for skin and hair type, conditioning rinse, blow dry and brush out.

$55 & Up

IADL Signature Bath
For our most pampered of pets, this service includes a double shampoo with massage, silk enhanced conditioning rinse, a leave-in hair moisturizer, complete blow dry with styling, ear cleaning, eye wiping, and a bow or bandanna.

$75 & Up
* Our service rates are dependent upon the size, breed, hair type, hair length, and condition of your pet *

Veterinary Visit
An experienced staff member in veterinary care will escort your pet to your veterinarian. The client is required to pay all transportation expenses for the pet and its escort.

Hourly Rate $38

We will feed your dog according to your specifications. We will adjust our rate according to the time it takes to properly administer your dog’s food.

Please Inquire

Administering of Medication
A trained animal care specialist in veterinary technology will administer medication to your pet either by injection or by mouth. Administering medication or performing any medical procedure to your animal is subject to our consultation with your veterinarian and with your signing of a waiver.

Please Inquire


Key Pickup and Return
Specific arrangements will be determined upon your needs

Key Pickup & Return $25

Nights, Weekends and Holidays
A service fee will be charged for all dog walking after 7:00PM on weeknights, all weekend days, holidays and unscheduled visits.

Nights, Weekends, Unscheduled Visits $7











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