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Segregation in TN

WCS Integration
Creates Segregation

“When the important puzzle pieces are identified then experts can find solutions to the problems.”…..#$@%

Years ago one of the best American minds told me to gather data and then “somehow” a lot of  !%#@ would be thrown in the fan, experts would watch to see what would come back.   

Most of the economic/racial/cultural diversity in Williamson County will be “herded to 1 school under the rezoning plans created by Edulog.  

I asked WHY.  

When doing the maps Edulog was “forced to put in the lines for FSSD.

Due to legislation passed in Tennessee 1986 the FSSD lines cannot be “touched” thus creating permanent economic segregation.   

This is from the Achieves of the FSSD:

In 1962, the original Franklin Elementary School, which was located at Five Points, burned down. In 1965, students were integrated in Franklin Special School District schools. The Charles C. Johnson School no longer served only black students and Franklin Elementary School was no longer for white students only.

Up until the 1960s Franklin was a very small town. Its population in 1940 was 4,100 and by 1960 had grown to only 7,000. Between 1940 and 1980, Franklin maintained a growth rate of approximately 32 percent per decade until the mid 1980s when the city’s population exploded.

Logistical and political problems were anticipated with the influx of new students as Williamson County was forced to build new schools. In order for both school systems to plan for student growth, the existing FSSD boundaries were frozen as they existed on September 1, 1986 by House Bill 1236 of the Private Acts of 1987, Chapter 53.

Turn the "EYE" of the storm into a PIE, diversify....

Bottom line a non bias “think tank” of socially responsible intelligent people (w/ NO economic interest) needs to be created in drawing the rezoning lines.
That is the only way the WCS board can make a “wise” decision.

Cool Springs East was originally zoned for Centennial, but was rezoned due to plans for new subdivisions that would be built in Cool Springs and Centennial would exceed capacity (at the 1600). 

Communities built in the mid 2000’s were sold with the “tool” of having Brentwood Schools.   Developers never would have gotten the price for those homes had they been zoned for Centennial High.

Had the “count” of Centennial capacity been accurate back in the 2000’s at 1800 NOT the 1600 (reported by WCS administration) the Cool Springs community would NOT have been “ping ponged” and from day 1 that community would have “clearly” been identified as Centennial.   Some money was made by this “mistake”.

My “thought” some people “knew”.  

WOW!!!  I guess I need to learn how to “change” laws in Tennessee. It’s time to Integrate from the post segregation Integration, it’s confusing.

Extreme Thought:
Williamson County it’s time for ONE school system that allows for “socially responsible” zoning lines.  This way “no child is left behind’ also 1 system will be “cheaper to administer” thus allowing more money to be spent on the children.

OMG!!  I’m fighting to end Segregation ……   Scary!!!

Suggestion for Mr. Looney…  Let’s create a “Coalition of the Capable”  to examine even a “bigger” change.  One that will create long terrn success for  ALL students and to create a society that is culturally aware, and Respects ALL People. 

Sir, please postpone the rezoning 1 year so The Tennessee General Assembly can look at changing the law that created "economic segregation" in our community.  When looking at "hard" data too much diversity (racial, economic, cultural) are all being herded together.  That is a serious problem that needs to be addressed.  It's the only thing that makes sense.

Many hardworking Tennessee taxpayers deserve  to have a serious look at  consolidation of the WCS and the FSSD.  Economically it makes sense.  The benifit to children and the society is the "FREEDOM" to draw school zoning lines that include spreading "diveristy".  For long term success it's a Win-Win.

Have A Great Day!!!



The local newspaper is “biased” and their reporting has been “slanted”.   I can prove that later.   Good News I’m getting “inquiries” to my other “issue” and I’m passing the info along

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