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My Plea to WCS Board

Sharyn Bovat 615-415-6675 I'm fighting for "human decency"

Williamson County School Board
What is happening in Williamson County, Tennessee in reference to “herding” a majority of the diversity is morally wrong.   People need to be exposed to ALL types of cultures for a healthy community to succeed economically in a globalized society.


A Year ago I wrote an “open letter” to US Senator Corker telling him I got a tour of the LA Riots, a big donor in the republican party arranged it. 

I flew to LA from Oakland and it took a while due to the smoke in the city only the runway over the ocean was open.   I had a reputation for “finding problems” and then highly trained experts would fix them.  That experience was “truly” the only time I’ve had NOTHING to say.


In the mid/late 90's I lived in New York City & met a woman named Pat Jones who was very successful in the banking industry.   She lived in the Upper East Side but purchased a home in Harlem and invited me to dinner.   She said she moved to connect to her black roots.   We talked about racism and I told her I understood it’s tough to be a minority.


She harshly said “No you can’t understand what it’s like to be black”.   She asked me this question:


???  When you see a policeman how do you feel.  


I told her “safe” she said “that’s the difference, black people don’t feel that way.”      


Well Pat Jones from Harlem, I get it!!!


Two weeks ago I dropped my child off at a gymnastics parent’s night out and went to get dinner, in the parking lot were 3 Franklin police cars and I started to feel tense.

Then I went and ordered my food and one of the policemen stared at me (who knows he could have been one of those that went to NISSAN on July 7th, after all they had over ½ dozen cruiser there). My appetite was gone so I took the food and later ate it in my car.  

On my way home I stopped by Walmart and my blood pressure was 141.     


It was a horrible what the police had done to me emotionally by arresting me “twice” for “questionable” I believe my arrest are "politically charged".  For the police to accept the “sworn out” warrant from a Good Ole Boy who I have documented harassing me for OVER a year (whose going to lose his job….trust me) & for the local authorities to not let me tell “my side” of the story before hauling me away in handcuffs.  For the first time I understand how minorities feel about the police.

“I GET IT”.  

For the rest of my life when filling out an application I have to check "yes" in the box that says "have you ever been arrested" .  The longterm damage done to me by the Franklin police is large.  They did this because ???  Why.

Check this out…..An article was in the Tennessean about the City of Franklin paying money in discrimination lawsuits in reference to a black firefighter who alleges retaliation.  The article says the city has paid out 700,000.00 in claims, yet the court dismissed “a bunch”.    Huh....

The “sad” fact is that the judicial system in Tennessee favors those in the “Good ole Boy” community for the judges are politically appointed and/or elected by conservative members of the community.  So for 700,000.00 to be granted shows a “true” problem.

A court in this state let a Grand Jury hear a case about President Obama being charged with Treason because of his birth certificate.     Well in Tennessee I've got court papers that the "court" officers used "whiteout" on.  Yes!!!  On my grand Jury notice the other case was crossed out using "whiteout".  I can't even get a document that "clearly" states the case was dismissed.   I need BETTER documentation. 

Justice in Tennessee is NOT the same as justice in higher educated states.  It's WRONG!!!

Also, the local media is CLUELESS or CORRUPT choose One!!!

That's why I’m going NATIONAL with my story for the local paper "The Tennessean" has yet to do my story after 4 press releases & they cover A LOT of stories that are less important.    


???  for WCS school board

Do YOU think wasting taxpayer money and discrimination is wrong.


My name is Sharyn Bovat and
I believe in Respect for ALL People

WCS Board, Please Vote for a Healthy Society!!! 

Below are from my "other" website 

Mr. Corker posted in the fall  2009

For full letter to to

Dear Senator,

I flew to LA the day of the riots started and even got a tour.  Many people were confused and looking for explanations. It was an uncomfortable time for Californians.  Many in affluent suburbs lived in "bubbles" kind of like that of Williamson County in Tennessee.   Some wanted a quick fix……. It was out of control.  It needed experts and a community dedicated to change.    

Recently Nissan found a problem that was "out of control"   and they have to bring in experts to make change.  

Sir, You and I have something in common.   We both LOVE America.

That said....  I did some research and you sir have LOTS of friends. 

I know some of them. 

I went to a BBQ in Dallas in the early 90's and sat next to a guy who's dad was in charge of the FBI and he became a member of congress.... WOW!!!  

Win/Win Corp. Culture
again from fall 2009

NISSAN....This whole experience has been a puzzle.  When I think the puzzle is solved new pieces emerge.  

This website started by my frustration by not being respected as a woman and not respected for the quality work I had done for Nissan in the past.  When I started this web site my original "thought was someone at Nissan would call me and finally I could tell people about the problems.  Instead I was harassed and bullied.  That was OK for me for it helped prove my point that change needed to happen.  

To my surprise my previous life experiences surfaced and the inner warrior went into "overdrive".  For years I had done work for the greater good wanting things like freedom and prosperity available to all.  My contributions were small but I did what was asked just because I wanted to be a part of an intelligent machine with common goals and beliefs.  

Similar to the Good Ole boy attempt to takeover at Nissan, the company "party" I worked for had a “change in
management”. The change was unacceptable to me.   Having respect for all people is not something I just say it comes from my heart.  An example....George Foreman (a boxer who designed a grill to make a great hamburger) was supposed to speak to the youth at the Internal Battle of Control (RNC convention 1992) but canceled because of racist comments made by some young republicans.  I was asked to come up with the "excuse" of why he would not be there.  Then tell the youth delegates.  One kid heckled me and made a racist comment and I barked back.... "That book you’re carrying around has a message.....why don't you read it".    When a convention official complained that the convention crowd was too "white" and they needed some color for the camera's that night the Good Ole Boy team of 1992 went into action.  They rented buses and future mindless minions were sent out to poor parts of Houston with food vouchers to collect “token" diversity to attend the convention.  

America....My opinion, The LA riots happened because of lack of respect for all people.  When a government  or a company has to spend time and money fixing a problem that's less money for health care and other important items.  

Those mindless minions that collected "diversity" learned how not to treat people with respect.  Those people that wanted the food vouchers that I saw were treated worse than cattle. My mind is like a tape recorder and the inhumanity and hypocrisy was overwhelming.  One more issue that relates to "performance matters".... My "pink hat” team had a member that was black.   I asked him to help me on a project.  He said "no" he was paid to be black.  YES!!!!  The only diversity on the pink hat team did not do anything.   Paid for by a special interest.  Those that hired him learned to hire diversity that did not perform I know there were qualified diverse people that would have taken the job...happily.  The Good Ole Boys back then wanted someone that would follow blindly.     What I saw at Nissan parallel my experience in 1992,  




Claims of racism in Franklin workplace resurface

Original plaintiff files new lawsuit alleging retaliation 

By Josh Adams • THE TENNESSEAN • September 30, 2010



FRANKLIN — A spate of civil rights claims against the city's fire department are again coming to the fore as two separate cases appear headed for trial.


This is somewhat familiar territory for the department, which faced federal lawsuits from six firefighters in 2006.

One of the plaintiffs from the original batch of cases, Lt. Ricky Cotton, is again suing the department. Cotton, who is African-American, previously alleged that years of racial discrimination kept him from attaining various ranks, salaries and privileges, and in 2007, the city paid him $250,000 to settle the case.

Now, in a similar claim filed in March of last year, Cotton says the department's brass continues to single him out. He says because he filed the 2006 suit, he has been subjected to a retaliatory and hostile work environment. Cotton also is claiming he was unfairly denied a promotion because of his involvement in the 2006 case.

A federal jury is slated to hear opening arguments in Cotton's suit on Oct. 5.

In 2007, the city paid $700,000, including legal fees, that year to settle lawsuits brought against the fire department.

Four of the six claims were dismissed, but Cotton and another firefighter, Greg Baltimore, received settlements.

The city earned a partial victory in Cotton's latest case when U.S. District Court Judge Thomas Wiseman Jr. ruled this month that several allegations would not go to trial. Those claims also centered on supposedly discriminatory practices at the fire department but were dismissed.

"In retaliation for filing a previous charge of discrimination … I was passed over for promotion to captain in December 2007," Cotton alleged in his 2008 filing with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, a regulatory body where such allegations first must be vetted. "Less qualified, younger white males were promoted."

The judge dismissed a racial discrimination claim tied to the sought-after promotion and ruled "no rational jury could find that racial discrimination motivated the decision." However, Cotton's parallel claim that he was denied the promotion out of retaliation still stands.

………fir full article Google the Tennessean


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