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Future New Website 
will be up and running soon...For Future Success that web site will be turned over to an "independent" party who has the best interest of the EV.....

Glenn Beck Your On My Radar...
Even Bill O'Reily fans say "You" make them think about becoming liberals.  Sir, educated republicans are starting to get embarrassed by your idiotic rants maybe you should "Think Before You Talk".   

The Road for a Better Tomorrow is Getting Rid Those That Create Roadblocks Today.   


Change does not happen with ignorance it happens with education.  GET IT!!!

Have A Great Day!!!      :) :)   Sharyn

Coming Soon:  this website is one woman's attempt as keeping her condo in Florida.   Banks won't let you take over loans without having a job or a reference.  I have a great tenant who loves living there and I want her to stay "happy" for a LONG time.     My story is for sale.   I have no choice.  It's a "TARA" thing.   Explaining the concept of FAILURE FOR POWER 

In Red the LEAF Looks "Special" Needs.

That "small" part of the eclectic design could be the reason many wait for the VOLT.

I'm going back to the concept of apology notes to taxpayers
You'll sell lots in niche markets.... this is NOT "mainstream".

Due to "Headlight Fatigue" no website today.

In the fall I sent this quote to Mr. Tavares I knew early on that HE could change the culture at NISSAN and my dream was that it would go beyond the borders of the building on NISSAN Way and into the community. 

The thing always happens that you really believe in;
and the belief in a thing makes it happen
Frank Lloyd Wright

Mr. Tavares,
???   I so want confirmation that you "did it"
(made change).   

Sir, One more thing.  Thank You for Being You.

Have A Great Day!!!      Sharyn
Love Cars
~Love People~Love the Planet  




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