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Leaf Update Below

I’m sending that to the press to try to release the Renault Three

???  Maybe
NISSAN I’m getting TMI….too much info.  


NISSAN  some of my readers are worried about bad decisions by Carlos Ghosn.  People in the the USA are starting to think that America is getting the Shaft from Japan in reference to chargers.  I told them to PLEASE give NISSAN a week to Shift_


I’m learning lots of stuff because hard working Americans who want NISSAN to succeed but at the same time they don't like "wasteful spending of taxpayer money.. A viewer called today and said Mubarak is gone  & now it’s Ghosn’s turn.    


???  Who was WORSE 
Ghosn at NISSAN or Nasser was at FORD

Hey BOTH are from Lebanon… Maybe they are slithering “twins”.

FYI- I have lots of Beiruit stories to share at the bar …  I LOVE the people and the culture from Lebanon and “if” people want to help the orphans in Lebanon please check out the SOS Village


Get This!!!


There’s a REASON Why Ghosn kept CFO Dominique Thormann

in Japan HAD to sell engines to Renault France at cost/below costs.

in Japan HAD to buy engines from Renault at SKY HIGH prices.  

Sounds like a “great” Alliance!!!


Mr. Thormann YOUR article in the Alliance blog has annoyed American taxpayers.   Sir, they want YOU gone.  One said Nissan and Renault should remain separate but have 1 accounting group..  that way the sleazy “cost center” issues won’t happen again. 

Note to Tavares:
  We need to think about an Alliance Shared Services Center for accounting. 


???  What’s the deal with the Leaf Battery.

???  How can Nissan do the warranty…

With lithium-ion battery
at around $450 per kilowatt-hour of storage, the 24 kilowatt-hour battery pack found in the 2011 Nissan LEAF ...REALITY CHECK!!!

 I heard  the battery packs are 28.8 kilowatt-hour  

The battery say’s it’s 24kw but it’s really 28.8%  to the Leaf capacity is REALY higher like 120 miles per charge….so there is a 20% slopp…on the front end and back.   The computer could shut the car down EVEN when there's battery life left and it could leave someone stranded on a freeway. 

Imagine if your gasoline car when the gas light turned on slowed down to unsafe speeds with NO notice due to the irratic range reader that looks "high tech"...
“turtle mode”….is what some call it.   Even when you floor the throttle the cars aero dynamics change and the car can get “dangerously slower…. Self preservation mode is a “good thing”  yet it can be dangerous…. When the range calculator quickly adjust which could also happen due to the batteries stabilizations process during the first year.    WOW!!!  TMI  Too Much Info....

 ???  Huh!!!  When the battery capacity shrinks due to degradation the consumer WON’T see it with the "larger battery that's really in the car"....???  how can NISSAN afford to pay for a battery that 28.8 KW not 24.  That's an extra 2k in battery cost alone.  

OK… I “think” I get it. 

Nissan will save on the 
warranty.  I was told by the way it's written 70% to 80% becomes 60% .
???  Does someone have a calculator.   By doing this NISSAN will ward off complaints.  Huh….. 

Recently Nissan engineers “tweaked” the dash so nobody would know this.  My viewers have told this to help “save the Renault Three”.    That is most likely WHY Ghosn said the “pricing” and NISSAN does not say how much per KW.  My “thought” this is WHY Ghosn is freaked out about costs associated with the Leaf.  WHY the Renault Three were “SET UP”…. For they knew the “truth” and were HONORABLE!!!

Masking the degradation curve of the first 6 months of the battery is a “good thing”  it take about 100 charges to a fresh battery to have it stabalize.  That's 6 months to a year.   Then it will degragate 10-15%  

If NISSAN wants to keep getting government subsidies for America likes products that work!!!  

???  Nissan if I'm wrong let me know.....  Sharyn 615-415-6675.   It's a LOT to digest.

OMG!!!  Here's MORE.    Lots of viewers are sharing their opinions......  The Wall Could Fall  :) :)

“ A viewer told me that ‘killing pedestrians’ with a crappy product  in Japan is not a good thing.” 
 …. Mitsubishi is expanding in America for it lost too much business when it got “shamed” in Japan.   The shame does NOT reach America and that is why they are expanding here NOT due to the yen.  That project might be a “flop”.  I hope Bredesen did NOT give away the farm  or “the ranch”. 

OUCH!!!      I have MORE!!!!

OUCH!!!I have MORE!!!!

???  Do you think that’s enough for tonight.

Have A Great Day!!!


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