The Original Blog of the NISSAN Whistleblower 

Court Transcript Page 51

So What Restaurants are You Dining at in NYC?
NISSAN Lets NOT Put the $400 bottle of wine on the taxpayes tab.
I'm proving the FRAUD committed by NISSAN it's taken awhile.....
It's starting to look like the Tennessee Waltz was just the warm up.....  What has happened to me might become the Tennessee Twist.... a "vicious solar racketeering" case.

Either I "move on" wiht my life or I spend my time trying to get criminal charges brought against NISSAN executives that ripped off America.   Also I'll spend my time asking for a statewide investigation on HOW the Whislteblower got jailed 3 times all based on a 1st time misdemeanor.  Reagan Farr  who worked for Bredesen's ECD is proving to be what Jack Sayed said he was.   Actually Jack is Tennessee's 1st Middle Eastern Decent Good ole Boy.   The Yashima charade is looking like MORE taxpayer fraud.  Too bad Catherine Perez is headed to Japan. I was told she's a "prop" to show that women are being respected in Japan.   Is that true.   Evidently after the Tsunami the issues with the nuclear power plant are BIG.   America wanted a 30 mile containment but Japan insisted on 10 miles.  Lots of people are gonna get tumors.  It's sad.  Humanity matters.   Also Japan was "most likely" working on a "possible" nuclear weapan.... ouch.  Is that why the Japanese government was NOT transparent wiht the people of the nation? 
Where's Brian Carolin going when Mr. Munoz arrives?   Does he need a relocation consultant? 

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