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Las Vegas Review-Journal - News   Tuesday  Jun 22, 2010

………..In addition, Angle is getting help from a new GOP-backed group, American Crossroads, whose advisers are Republican operatives Ed Gillespie and Karl Rove, the political strategist behind President George W. Bush’s successful campaigns that led him to the Oval Office.   The Rove group, which set a $50 million fundraising goal for a dozen races nationwide, began running an anti-Reid ad in Nevada last week. It blamed Reid for the state’s dismal economic situation, including the highest unemployment rate in the nation at a record 14 percent for the state.

To Leading Democratic Leadership & America,

My name is Sharyn Bovat and  I “believe” that the BEST and the BRIGHTEST people should lead our country.

That said….   The “greedy good ole boys” on the republican team  created an environment in Washington DC that does not encourage “the best” business leaders that understand a free market society from wanting to enter public office.  (Read  on my website Harvey Milk or Sharyn and the Z) They have an “extremist elite” communications team that “twist” the facts so either “average” American people are mislead or they can’t understand/comprehend what’s going on.

The above is “why” good people vote for self serving political legistlators.

Candidly, we have a minority party run in part by the extremist that’s a “solid” roadblock.  On the other side we have a party that appears to the “average” American as a dysfunctional family.   They have unrecognizable rhetoric that’s all over the place.  They can’t seem to agree on much and what does happen is watered down to make everyone happy which in the end makes NOBODY happy and progress does not happen.   Worse, the dysfunctional democrats  need to entice a few of the republican “roadblocks” to join to make anything happen. 

 Truly the political system in America is largely responsible for the recession that we’re in today.

If you ‘d like I can tell you how we got to this economic state that is showing its wear and tear. Quickly stated…. The politicians might have had “good intentions” but many on “both parties found ways to profit individually.  It’s simply how the system works.  Years ago I was told I’d be a “great lobbyist” my response.  I like to sleep at night.   Lately I think the lobbyist have more power than the politicians so “maybe” I should have gone that direction.   In reference to the American political system and the inefficiency happening in DC I’m like most of “average” America and that’s simply DISGUSTED!!!


 Our roads and infrastructure is falling apart.   I remember being in communist Russia and oddly some of their facilities were in “better shape” than our own today.   For Success in America and for our children’s future a jobs program MUST be put in place to get Americans working one that creates jobs in America.  When people have jobs they can buy things like “cars” are built by people and serviced by “good news” MORE cars purchased more jobs are created.   It's simple economics that "average" people understand.

Jobs programs are "normal" in our society. In memory of Robert Byrd….take a look at some of the Bridges in West Virginia that “not a lot” of cars travel on yet it took LOTS of people to build them.  Architecturally there beautiful so let’s call the successful senator the master of “pretty pork”.  Reagan created American jobs building American weapons and people bought LOTS of BMW's and other luxury products and our economy was "good".   The Bush people "twisted" the jobs strategy and sent the workers "troops" overseas. Profits only went to a "select" few.   Bankers got greedy and gave credits cards to people that were "less than qualified".  Thus increasing the fee's to those of us that pay our bills on time.   The government will bail out business.  Whose bailing out Average America. 

"Thought"  Let's get some jobs programs going congress ...  remove the "roadblocks".


Back to the Greedy Good Ole Boy Elite and Bush War #2:

People never understood why the Iraqi’s did not welcome us as Dick Cheney described when he said   … it will be walking through the streets in Paris after WW2.    Many of the Iraqi people felt “betrayed” by America for misleading them ( read this skirt is speaking)    Both Bush wars lead to the deaths of American boys and girls serving in the Middle East and today many are mamed having to adjust to the fact that their country “lied to them” too.   

Recently I saw a license plate on a brand new Jetta that said “Operation Iraqi Freedom” The driver in his late 20’s looked mature for his age.   My ‘’thought” is when the story of “The Stealth Skirt” gets out he’ll change his plate.    Remember Vietnam.   Those brave soldiers felt betrayed by America and sadly soon history could repeat itself.  

Understanding Afghanistan is a “must win” yet in reference to the Middle East it’s time for America to use its money at home.   I KNOW Pakistan has access to nuclear technology.  That needs "diplomatic" response.    Still i "get" why we need to be in Afganistan Yet most of America does not......   It's Vietnam ALL over again.   We need to "remind" America Cheney pulled the trigger.

History and Possibility:
It was Ronald Reagan who gave America back its sense of pride in the 80’s and he created “jobs in America”.  President Obama has the same opportunity.   The challenge is having a “unified” democratic party backing him up.   NOW!!!!!  

For decades those connected with Reagan’s VP have pillaged and profited from 2 unnecessary wars.   Worse they are “now” using his name to win elections.  America is taking us on the “wrong path” if the “good ole boys” succeed this November in the mid term elections  & President Obama will accomplish NOTHING the next 2 years. 
The odds are in "favor" of the Good Ole Boys.....  it's scary.

Most likely if they succeed there will be no more money for EV infrastructure, keeping the pollution in the air, good jobs will NOT be created and more money will be spent going to Oil and big Business & into the coffers of those extremist thus giving them MORE power and that would mean in “my” lifetime I would watch America deteriorate to a “2” class society with NO middle class.  America I understand “average” and I’m fighting for those hardworking Americans who are in a sense followers of a “Jonestown” Guyana movement.  It’s time to take the “kool aid away.   Glenn Beck must be taken on….and “outed” as an idiot posing as regular guy who’s just a mouth piece for big business.

Truthfully this website is about NISSAN ….It  was NEVER my intent to speak as much as I did on the  website for fear the “good ole boys” would win in 2012.   Congress… Their tough & I’ve been to some of the “extremist” training camps in America run by the “greedy good ole boy elite” and they use racism and stupidity as a tool. They succeeded!!! 

Yet I see a “crack” in their wall.   The reasonable people in America have a chance for change.  The door is open NOW!!!  
 It’s because while at Starbucks today an “idea” popped” that I’m writing this letter today.

Senator Kerry…  I met you on the executive floor of Warner Music group while you were waiting for a meeting with Michael Fuchs who was the President of HBO and Warner Music.   The meeting was supposed to be about “gangster rap” but honestly I have NO idea what you were talking about.  Sir … YOU’RE very educated & articulate.   I knew when I heard you say the word “holistic” in Ohio in 2004 that your chances of becoming president were “toast’.  

For Success: America NEEDS an “average” guy to be the spokesperson for the energy legislation.    People do not connect with you.  Sorry….it’s the truth.

???  Maybe you should have coffee with Brian Carolin at NISSAN.  He’s got the same problem…too articulate and cannot relate to "typical" America.  

EXTREME success can happen for NISSAN when those communicating to the car buyers/customers and relay that information back to product planning, customer service and design.  

NISSAN  needs to  understand the “typical” American car buyer and respond “quickly” to their needs. This new "global" economy leaves little time for "Great Debates"  and  Teams must communicate "openly" and share information for success to happen.   No More ducking decisions or hiding.  Make decisions and "move on" also remember ....Transparency is "in". 

My “thought” the new roster looks like good things are happening and that company will Shift_ for  “long term” success.  ???  July 1st.

It’s all about “Connecting with People”  in business and in government.

EV infrastructure is important to NISSAN so I’ve come up with a strategy to get it:

“Take America Back”:

Think Before You Vote

It seems “odd” that the political party “in control” would have a strategy called that… Yet, Lots of things don’t make sense in America.     Get this.   I’m working on a “concept” to market cars to emerging markets  made by a Japanese company that is largely owned by the French using a strategy of “The American Dream”.     TAD.  In my “heart” I know it will work too.    Thus giving me “my dream” which is making a “difference in society doing CSR and also on the “selfish” side I want to be on flights out of TN.   Yet be here 2 weekends a month to enjoy my daughter and work on creating a culture in this community that is “accepting to all”. 

Back to Politics:

I can’t put the “political” strategy on this “website”

????   Maybe you already have something similar planned.

If your curious  call me 615-415-6675.

Bottom Line:

The Greedy Good Ole Boy Elite plays by a different set of rules than most of humanity.   I think “many” fiscally conservative republicans “get it” & it’s communicating to them that will get us “lots of wins/save some seats” in November.

Congress:    It’s time to get to the ROOT of the problem.   The democrats need to “unify” as one team NOW or your “toast”.

The “thought” is I will offer my “ideas” and step aside.  I DON”T want to work in politics my “new” thought is cars are different than politicians in many ways…many are more attractive and reliable.   I believe in a “free market society” one that’s responsible to society and the planet.  Every person has a different definition and that’s what confuses Americans.   The EV will need “temporary support” but it will develop into a healthy self sustainable existence.

In reference to politics and free markets overall they generates quality.  The Good Ole Boys took away “choice”  “free markets” with their “dirty tricks”…. Giving republicans only right wing options in general elections.  Many of those people are “roadblocks” for good legislation.  It’s destroyed our country and like “chucky” from the horror movie “They’re Back”  It’s time America Woke Up!!!!  

 Have A Great Day!!!!





Rove-backed group goes on the attack against Reid in Nevada

By Michael O'Brien - 06/29/10 08:24 AM ET

A Republican campaign group founded by political guru Karl Rove went on the attack on Tuesday against Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.).

American Crossroads, the 527 group founded by Rove and former Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairman Ed Gillespie, released a new TV ad in Nevada targeting Reid on a gaffe and his record on job creation.

"Harry Reid says, ‘No one can do more’ than he can. Really, Harry?" the ad asks, pointing to a Reid gaffe in which the top Senate Democrats praised a monthly job loss, which was relatively less than previous months.

The ad is going up statewide in Nevada with an initial $120,000 buy. It makes no mention, though, of Sharron Angle, the Republican candidate against Reid.

The attack on Reid is part of a concerted effort by American Crossroads, which organized to aid GOP candidates' efforts to unseat Democrats like Reid this fall, to affect races nationwide.

Complicating the group's efforts, though, was a report with the IRS in May showing that it had only raised $200 in May. The president of the group, however, told the Associated Press last week that they had secured $30 million in pledges to support the group, over halfway toward its goal of raising $52 million this fall.

Reid has been among the most sought-after Democrats by Republicans this year, and has shown new signs of life in the polls after trailing several GOP candidates badly earlier this year. The majority leader also has a massive campaign war chest he'll use to hold onto his seat, meaning that the assistance by groups like American Crossroads could be crucial in pushing Angle to victory.

"Unfortunately, Senator Reid’s record of taxpayer-funded bailouts, government takeovers and spiraling debt has not helped the hundreds of thousands of Nevadans who are out of work or losing their homes,” said Mike Duncan, chairman of the board of American Crossroads and himself a former chairman of the RNC.  “Nevada and the rest of the country deserve something better than Reid’s tired Washington formula of taxpayer-financed pork and attack politics.”…

New GOP group plans to spend millions this fall

By CHARLES BABINGTON (AP) – 3 hours ago

WASHINGTON — In a campaign season of anti-establishment ferment, some of the Republican Party's best-known insiders are building an ambitious fundraising machine for the fall elections and beyond.

They started with a bang in April, cashing a $1 million check from a Texas oil magnate. After a quiet May, friends and foes are watching to see if the new organization's core group, American Crossroads, can reach its goal of raising $52 million by November.

Karl Rove, who was President George W. Bush's top political strategist, and Ed Gillespie, a former Republican Party chairman and White House aide, modeled their network on successful operations created by Democrats several years ago.

American Crossroads is a 527 organization — named for a section in the tax law — that is exempt from limits on campaign fundraising and spending that apply to party-affiliated groups. It can tap rich conservatives, such as Trevor Rees-Jones, president of Dallas-based Chief Oil and Gas, who chipped in the first $1 million.

But eyebrows rose in political circles when the group filed its next monthly report with the Internal Revenue Service, showing only $200 raised in May.

Steven Law, a former U.S. Chamber of Commerce lawyer and now president of American Crossroads, said the group has about $30 million in pledges that Rove, Gillespie and others secured during recent trips to various cities.

"We feel very good about the progress we've made," Law said, predicting a strong fundraising report for June.

He said the idea for American Crossroads grew from talks last fall involving Rove, Gillespie and other conservatives who feel liberals outhustled the GOP after the McCain-Feingold campaign finance law in 2002 and subsequent court rulings set new limits — and opportunities — for political activities.

The goal, Law said, is to build "an enduring and robust outside organization that can, in the long run, compete with the very successful groups the Democrats have built."

Pro-Democratic groups that Law and others cite as role models include, Democracy Alliance — founded by liberal billionaire George Soros — and Democracy Corps, founded by Democratic strategists James Carville and Stanley Greenberg.

Conservatives are hardly strangers to 527 groups, which must act independently of candidates and their official campaigns. The organizations are exempt from paying taxes, but donations to 527 groups are not tax-exempt.

In 2004, a 527 group called Swift Boat Veterans for Truth ran ads attacking Sen. John Kerry's Vietnam War record, damaging the Massachusetts Democrat's bid to oust Bush.

The Swift Boat group stirred lots of controversy, and many people called its attacks untrue. American Crossroads undoubtedly will rile Democrats, but its founders and leaders are mainstream, well-regarded Republicans with experience in the White House, Congress and national campaigns.

Four affiliated political groups, some of them several years old, are working closely with American Crossroads. They don't hesitate to admit they are trying to catch up with Democratic rivals.

A Gillespie-founded group called Resurgent Republic "seeks to replicate on the right the success Democracy Corps has enjoyed on the left," it says on its Web site. The group focuses on political research and messaging.

The other affiliated organizations are:

_American Action Network, which will conduct polls, place TV ads and provide other services for conservative candidates. Its officers include former Nixon White House aide Fred Malek and former GOP Sens. George Allen of Virginia and Norm Coleman of Minnesota.

_American Action Forum, a related "policy institute."

_Republican State Leadership Committee, a 527 group that helps Republicans in state elections.

The blue chip pedigrees of the groups' leaders may seem somewhat at odds with the anti-establishment energy coursing through conservative communities. Led by the tea party movement, the fervor already has cost a Republican senator and two House members their seats in party primaries.

American Crossroads, however, seems to have no qualms about backing tea party favorites. Among its first actions was spending $360,000 on TV ads in Nevada criticizing Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, who faces tea party-backed Republican Sharron Angle this fall.

Law said his group also will try to oust Democratic senators in Arkansas, Colorado and Washington state, and to help Republicans win open Senate seats in Florida, Illinois, Kentucky, Missouri, New Hampshire, Ohio and Pennsylvania. He said American Crossroads will get involved in about a dozen House races. Some Republican insiders want that number expanded.

Buying TV attack ads is the splashiest way for a 527 group to draw attention. But many GOP operatives hope American Crossroads will spend heavily on voter turnout efforts, an area where they feel Democrats and their labor union allies have excelled.

Law said his group will engage in "the full range of political activity," including advertising, mail, phone banks and get-out-the-vote efforts.

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