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??? EV Technical People

EV Technical Accessory Experts:

???  Can we have 1 quick charging system with 5 cords…or more cords connecting multiple cars to 1 quick charge machine.  Lets create
an "attachment" allowing for "limited" anxiety when multiple car owners want charging at the same times the cities and office complexes.  

Invent a special “attachment” and it would charge the first car then
shift to the 2nd car and so on….So up to 10 cars can charge in a 5 hour time frame without disrupting the owners work or sleep.  Basically the cords commmunicate to the machine than when the 1st car is finished fueling then it switches to electrify "fuel" the next car and keeps going until all cars are charged.  Allowing for new cars to "attach" and then they  would then join the "que" to charge.    So no people are's done automatically while happy “Leaf” or other EV owners sleep in their "city" apartments or even at work...
Then they get an email when charging is complete.  Hey, maybe we could have this at malls.   YES!!!  this would work.  At christmas time shoppers would love a preferred spot to charge their lovely Leaf or EV.   It will give EV owners preferred parking.  OMG so many uses for this "attachment" accessory. 

Basically we’d have “electric” parking spots reserved in apartment buildings?offices in the cities….  Here’s the deal….  Quick chargers are expensive and  especially apartment landlords will “gripe” if they have to buy more than one.  Realistically their tenants can do “typical” charging overnight but it's good they have a quick charger for "community needs during the day". & many tenants won't need to charge everyday in the city.   They can make their "reservation" to charge via iPhone or do below:

To “get this EV party started”  have the owners of apartment  buildings  fund  1 or 2 chargers making the EV more “attractive” and let’s get the government to give “tax credits” to those landlords that install them in urban residential communities.   My view is soon they will find their building more attractive and will want to pay for more chargers as demand grows & they'll find the technology is attracting new tenants.   WOW!!!!   Then no government assistance is needed.

You could also use the special cords offer "effortless" quick charging at office complexes in California.
That way employee's are not running back and disrupting their work by having to get up and move their cars that need to be charged.   WOW!!!  It’s a win~win.

So from midnight to 5 am when electricity is “cheap” theoretically you could charge 10 cars from “1” charger with that special attachment.

You might have already done this.  If so … Fantastic.

I think this would work in cities and office complexes with “limited” space.  

Have A Great Day!!!                             Sharyn                                                            

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