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“He who is not

enough to take

risks will

nothing in
Muhammad Ali

Amnesty International Forget Gitmo and Guantanamo the Girls Need You in America.

In Tennessee my American Rights were taken away I need help.  Amnesty International  I need YOU.
???  Maybe you can stop by Mississippi 1st.

What’s happened to those black women in the State that
NISSAN built “2” plants is WRONG.  Racism is WRONG!!!


???  Why would you “expand” a plant when product quality in the original plant is an “issue”.  Answer: Kickbacks and Special Deals

Some people filled their pockets while shareholders and hardworking employee’s suffered & NOW all Infiniti’s have to be made out of JAPAN and that hurts the company with the high cost of the YEN.     (CODA is smart to build cars in Benicia)

???  Who did benefit from the Mississippi Plant Expansion?  

Answer:  My readers say Haley Barbour's buddies INCLUDING Jim Morton (& Ghosn) they also say a LOT of Good Ole Boys benefited/profited from Nissan’s move to Tennessee. I have NOT named that many names.  Simply for I WANT THIS OVER.

Back to Haley Barbour and his background as a political “player”

If you put the name Haley Barbour in the same category as Ed Gillespie one would be Mohamed Ali & the guy from Mississippi is Mike Tyson. Both Mike Tyson and Haley Barbour do NOT play ball by the rules of AMERICA or humanity keep reading the analogy will make sense.

 My name is Sharyn Bovat and I’m fighting back.

I’ve been bullied and harassed by a Good Ole Boy Network and during this “Battle of Human Decency” I’ve had LOTS of data from my website.  When I punch Jim Morton the Good ole Boys seem to retaliate by “playing dirty”.  

When the so called Bush Dirty Tricks team was ramping up in the early 90’s, Sharyn Bovat was a “water girl”.   I know their “plays”.   In the 90’s I watched California get #$%@&* by people that wanted “control of the campaign cash”.   Business and Politics in America are entangled.  I GET IT & I respect it. 

That does not mean I like it.   For EV/America success EVERYONE needs to get along.
???   GET IT

That said:   I’ve been arrested 2 times.   My lawyer QUIT because the Good Ole Boys called him and said MORE warrants were being issued and I would be taken BACK to jail.  My lawyer was told that a special prosecutor was called.  He could not understand WHY since my arrest was a FIRST time misdemeanor.   I had to represent myself.  LAWYERS in the community ignored me.  One made a nasty comment. 

The warrant sworn out by a man I spoke to the police about for harassing ME.    
What happened to me was morally WRONG and RIDICULAS.

I do NOT want to spend this weekend worrying that Tennessee is going to have me FORMALLY INDICTED.  I do NOT want to become a political prisoner just for talking about corruption and bad spending of taxpayer money at NISSAN.  The DOT connect “clearly” to Mississippi.

If Carlos Tavares Can’t stop this stupidity happening in Tennessee than I ask Mr. Ghosn to do it.     YES!!! I’ve bashed Mr. Ghosn on this website and he deserved it (Have you seen his salary….people that make that much are USED to words like mine, they’re TOUGH & he can "take it")

YES!!!  Carlos Ghosn has proven to be greedy my question today:

???  Is he at least human?

???  Does he want Decency in Tennessee?

???  Can he tell his “buddy” Jim Morton from South Carolina to tell Mississippi THE PARTY IS OVER and to PLEASE release those women?  They are Prisoners for simply being BLACK.  That should NOT happen in America today.

In reference to ME Somebody END THIS!!!

Have A Great Day!!!


Love Cars~Love People~ Love the Planet
There's something that smells "fishy" in Mississippi & it's NOT the shrimp.

Some people need to be indicted NOT inaugurated

………….In contrast, Governor Barbour has been quite willing to hand get-out-of-jail-free cards to men who unquestionably committed shockingly brutal crimes. The Jackson Free Press, an alternative weekly, and Slate Magazine have catalogued these interventions by Mr. Barbour. ……….. All, as Mr. Balko pointed out, had been enrolled in a special prison program “that had them doing odd jobs around the Mississippi governor’s mansion.” ……..



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