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Sharyn Bovat predicts 2011
is the "Year of the Skirt"  

NISSAN Happy New Year!!!
Over 1 Million Hits
from 6 Continents

This does NOT include stats from June- Late August 2009
???  Good Ole Boys are YOU ready for some FUN!!!

Sharyn Bovat was told on the executive floor at NISSAN North America that
"Skirts Don't Speak" and she still spoke. 

Because she "ranted" about a Good Ole Boy network that dominates the community about their bad spendng of taxpayer money and discrimination they swore out warrants and had her unjustly arrested *3 times*  

What they did was WRONG!!! 

What happened to Sharyn Bovat for questioning the spendng of taxpayer money should NOT happen in America.   That said:  

Good Ole Boys YOU Might want to buy a jock strap (figuratively).  

Bovat is back from vacation ready to kick and scream (figuratively) until her message is heard.

Thank You TN GOP for listening. YOUR fiscal responisbility encouraged Sharyn to go to DC this Sunday and she'll see if the party of Lincoln is accepting of fiscal conservatives who are social moderates. 

If they are not then this skirt might try a political party with "No Labels"

That said "my message" of wrong doing by the NISSAN Good Ole Boys WILL get out.  

Have A Great Day & Happy New Year!!!                :) :) Sharyn

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