The Original Blog of the NISSAN Whistleblower 

The Court Report

The DA's motions to have my bond forfited failed.

My motion to change the venue failed in General Sessions court,I can do another if  the case gets to a Grand Jury

The charge of harassement was dropped.  This was my victory today.

The trespassing charges based on the warrant Rob "swore out" continue, I was not able to "state my case" in this court , this was JUST a preliminary hearing.  So for the moment at NISSAN Skirts that Speak are NOT welcome especially me,  At court it was mentioned by Rob that I was a security risk to NISSAN.   YES!!!  A job security risk to those in a Good Ole Boy network.    Oh well,......

My battle for human decency continues.   Let's hope word gets throught the "Iron Curtain" that Respect for all People is not just a concept but can be a reality.  

Have A Great Day!!!


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