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Creating Roadblocks

After Kuwait was invaded by the Iraqi’s America was riveted to the TV

We were able to watch a war from the comfort of our home and better yet we knew we were gonna win this one.   Vietnam Vets that had been shunned by many people in society (Americans don’t like to remember wars we lost or retreated from) the soldiers were able to “come out of the closet” wear their camouflage and say “I fought for America” and people finally cheered for them in hometown parades. Better late than never….In the early 90’s anyone connected to the military was “cool”.   

Funny memory one memorial day I was at a luau in Maui and the MC for the entertainment for the evening wanted to recognize war vets.   We’ll he asked for people who served in WW2.  This man proudly stood up and he was Japanese.  The Master of Ceremonies asked him “which side “he fought on and YES!!! It was for Team Tokyo.   Those of us in the  mai tai infused  audience were overly quiet then laughed (smiled) and we applauded the Japanese gentleman maybe just for having the courage to stand up at that very moment and be included in our celebration of war hero’s…FYI- those that fought in Vietnam applauded too.   Maybe that shows that “after” an Internal Battle “families” can move forward and create a Better Place…..   Just a Thought.. 

~Back to the Gulf  War~

In California some of us congregated in bars to watch scud missiles and artillery fire.  WOW!!!  Every night on TV it was like the 4th of July.  Like 99% of America I was decked out in my “red white and blue” team colors to show America I cared about the troops.  At that time I drove a Chevrolet Cavalier for it was not fashionable to drive Japanese cars.   That American compact taught me about “unexpected expenses”.   Maintenance was nothing I worried about when driving my Sentra.   Years later when I moved to NJ I got a Geo Prism…. For it was American but made with a Japanese motor to me that was a Win~Win.   Odd moment when moving to the Netherlands I wanted to take MY car so I put the prism on a container yet it was stuck at the port.  The Dutch Customs people would not clear it. Back then if you wanted an automatic instead of a manual car Hertz only had “big” cars.    I was so frustrated with my luxury rental I wanted my car that was small and easy to park.   When the “corporate” relocation people couldn’t figure out a way I said “give me the number and I’ll take care of it”.  I called the guy said my car was being held because it was NOT on the list.  ???  What list?  We’ll the Dutch did not have Geo Prism on a list of cars (it was exclusively an American/Toyota blend sold only in the USA).  Finally the guy said they were doing an “investigation” and it could take months.  Holland does not like it when expatriates bring over ‘Luxury” cars.   I said “You’re holding my car hostage because you think its LUXURY why don’t you look inside the container and check out the car” He did that and called me immediately.  My car was given to me that afternoon. 

NISSAN by asking the “right” questions problems can be solved quickly.  That’s my specialty.

~Again Back to the Gulf War~

That War Invasion of Kuwait just “popped” and caught most of America off guard.    ???  Think about this.

With communism being “wrapped up” defense companies needed job security and a reason to keep building arms.  Some people have theories. I’ll stop there.

Interesting - California was a land of defense contractors so most of society found the war more than acceptable.  Still some of the “intellectuals” from the bay area showed their concern in protest.   I was told the people  in NYC had a different perspective and one day I was handed an envelope with keys to an apartment  just so I could see what the “people were thinking” .

What a surprise those in the city had a lot to say about the war.  One man a grad student told me that “We woke up a sleeping giant.   Future generations are going to suffer.  America will be terrorized for decades”   

At the end of the day Business and Politics are “entangled” in America BIG TIME.  YES!!!  I told Mr. Tavares this. 

America-This EV is not "just" about the planet it's about $$$-Jobs & Control.  My "thought"  Republicans that voted on "funding" for the EV need to "follow through on their commitment" or their proven "pork" providers.  :) :) 

The first Gulf War image wise to the "average" American was a Victory and Success. 

The educated elite know they were “misled” Generations from now the history books will tell that story.     The Good Ole Boys play ball using a playbook that discriminates and bullies.   Worse they actually "pressed" the war button. 

Ronald Reagan threatened to “pounce” yet except for Grenada did not.  

Those in the Bush family actually pressed the “buttons”.  Remember the video from genesis “The Land of Confusion” they used “puppets”.  Sadly after the millennium unethical “puppet masters” ruled our country.  They used religion as a tool to get mindless followers from strategic states.  Those that followed blindly today have pockets that are NOT full of cash” maybe some will start to talk.  AMERICA- Literally for YEARS the republican dirty tricks team did their jobs just so certain politicians (chess players) could be placed in strategic areas.     Bottom Line lower level people from the Bush 2 administration will start to talk.   Maybe then it will FINALLY be known as the “Greedy Good Ole Boy Era”.    

Oddly I believe the Bush Family did not intend to create this I think they just like power and it was the ONLY way they could get it.    Jeb Bush is not a bad guy.  In fact up until recently I saw him as the only voice of reason.  Although I’m truly disappointed on his non support Governor Christ in Florida.  WORLD Republican "extremist" don't believe in working with members of the "other" party.  That's  how they "create roadblocks" and NOTHING happens in America.  It can also be called government "gridlock".     
Jeb bush….What happened    ???  Did YOU drink your brothers Kool-Aid


In the mid 90’s while the country was “regrouping” for success under moderate presidential leadership then in 1994 congress was taken over using those religious zealots and uneducated masses that did not understand that economic change takes time.  The right wingers then used the “Failure for Power” strategy created by a southern based socially “extreme” faction of republicans.  Roadblocks became the insider’s buzzword.   They were plotting the takeover.    Sadly they won and we got 8 years of inefficiency. 

This was so similar to the 18 month plan at NISSAN.  So when people in power were working hard in the 90’s to get America out of debt.  People the last few years have worked hard at NISSAN doing their jobs trying to make great cars.  Bad decision were made "on purpose" to stall success while the French Fringe planned victory and takeover of Renault.   Last February they got the "gift" of a Roadblock from leadership.  The French Fringe in Tennessee were a little "freaked" when a certain "skirt" got upgraded. 

Bottom Line:  If Carlos Ghosn gets a 4 year mandate to lead Renault some of the NISSAN North American “roadblocks” created by the French Fringe and Good Ole Boys did NOT succeed.   WOW!!!


Mr. Ewanick let’s do some product placement.  So The Cube Conspiracy… is my new “thought” on a movie.  One that will educate America on what happens when “mindless minions” rule.

More Later…..

Have A Great Day!!!                                 Sharyn

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