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Loyalty is Important!!!!

After all the scandals in Central America I visited. 

My name is Sharyn Bovat & I’m an American “tourist”

I got to visit the places that Oliver North met people for meeting when “deals” were made.    It was like OMG cool sitting in a bar/small casino in furniture that looked liked it was originally from the Flamingo hotel in Vegas…???  Maybe when they remodeled in the 60; s they sold it,

In Central America I even got to spend a day with a man who a few days later was charged with torture and corruption.   That was “odd” seeing his picture on the local news one night. He seems like a nice man and he was being kind spending the day with me instead of working.   I loved the place we went to breakfast.  It had the best coffee and pastries that tasted like flavorful scones.  OK I’ll admit having a guy with a machete standing by us all the time was a little strange.    


In 1991 I was a democrat then asked to become a republican again because the party was having an internal battle of control.    There was a fundraiser for something and I was asked to help organize the volunteers.   The member of congress whose office that was in charge “hated me”….. Yet I was asked to be there.   I had to go to my car to get something and as I walked up the driveway of this big home in San Ramon or Danville Oliver North started walking up to me.  I said “Hello” and then he asked me for an opinion.  I said “I don’t have one and told him he should go talk to the people at the brunch “that cared about what he had to say, I did not.”   YES!!!  That was a bold and somewhat rude comment but I really had no respect for him.   Mr. North then talked to me for a while and I learned about loyalty to country and to those that you work for.   Mr. North made a difference in my life.   I told this to Mr. Tavares is July 2009. 

When I look at this scandal at Renault I’m skeptical.  I’ve seen too much in my life. 

Let's just say NOTHING surprises me.

In the Middle East in the early 90’s I learned about Lebanese arms dealers and they’ll sell weapons to anyone.   I was told by a military leader they slither and have no loyalty.

Viewers I believe in the EV for I think America needs energy independence and have blogged about that for a long time.   I also believe that America needs to create good jobs in the green technologies.    

From looking at data for over 18 months I think that Mr. Shiga wants the EV to succeed for he wants Japan to get credit for the technology.   The Japanese are proud people.  

I believe that Mr. Tavares is loyal to Europe and to his country Portugal and he truly wants the EV to succeed and he wants jobs created.  Mr. Tavares is VERY loyal to NISSAN.  During the time I spent with him I saw his character and that is why I launched this “battle of human decency”.   He’s someone I respect.    

It’s in both the hearts of Mr. Tavares and Mr. Shiga to want success in their homelands.  .  

This is “my opinion” and I believe it’s the heart of the problem.

Mr. Ghosn is a Lebanese Brazilian he has “no” loyalty to Japan or to Europe.  Thus the problem.   I believe to him “it’s about the greenback”.       

I’ve seen the character of executives that reported to Mr. Ghosn.  I’ve seen them lie and twist facts to benefit them.  I’ve seen them abuse hardworking people.

I’m disgusted with what I saw at Nissan North America.   I believe the Mr. Morton “after” he left Nissan was an unofficial negotiator/lobbyist with those in the American political system.   The “Good Ole Boy” network at Nissan North America is real and it’s BIG. 

Oh and I don't think NISSAN can afford to sell too many of the Leafs due to the cost of this generations battery.

Viewers have told me the battery is considered a "dinasaur" and is basically the same technology that was used for the Altra in the EV used when The California Air Resource Board required companies to make EV's. 

This warranty that Nissan has offered one that competes with the Volt will bancrupt Nissan if it sells too many Leafs.  Nissan PLEASE call me if I'm wrong!!!  I believe in the EV and I have NOT said anything negative until NOW!!!  I'm saying this becuase America is giving Nissan a lot of money.


Sadly it looks like the American taxpayers have been taken for a “ride” by Nissan and this one cost the average hardworking citizens of MY country a lot of money.  Nissan needs to succeed for the Tennessee economy..  GET IT!!!!

After seeing the “shabby” efforts of the Leaf team I believe that Nissan does NOT want the leaf to be successful.  YET!!!  Mr. Ghosn wants the EV to be a success.   It’s called Failure for Power.   Some peole are making a lot of money on creating EV success. 

I’ve got more.  My fear is that some of It’s FRAUD!!!  1300 jobs will NOT be created by “the happy blue car”.  Thus Nissan has a problem.  THOUGHT  Let’s make the Rogue in Tennessee.    It’s time to treat America with RESPECT.  You’ve taken our money.   China is going to profit from “all the partnerships” that were created.   

The Leaf is a joke.  One that will be Ghosn legacy. 

Ford might be the 1st “true” mainstream car to succeed. 

I think Mr. Tavares and Mr. Shiga have played “triage” too much to the wounds of Ghosn.  It’s time for Change!!!!

Again, I’m loyal to my country and who I work for.

 ???  Who do I work for.


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