The Original Blog of the NISSAN Whistleblower 

This Skirts Speaking

Williamson County

I've proven that a Good Ole Boy network lead HR and discrimination~Corruption~wasted taxpayer money
NOW my mission is to END the ERA of Good Ole Boy Greed. We're gonna make the "wall" fall. 

I must now Speak LOUDER.....  If NISSAN did NOT make change and Good Ole Boys are in the NISSAN North American office then I have "yet" another roadblock but I'll "crush" it.   The emperor now knows the "clothes" are not real......  :) :)

People that "thought" a year ago I would fail have told me now they see me succeeding. 

Fighting a Good Ole Boy network is TOUGH...  

Middle Tennessee when YOU solicited & recruited companies/people to move to TN to help build YOUR economy you  opened the door to citizens loaded different cultures, religions, life experiences, and  those that have "little" tolerance for exclusive "greedy" prejudice  behavior. Some of your new residents see what you lack....& that's RESPECT for ALL PEOPLE.   I was one of the top relocation consultants and I've witnessed to much discrimination and racism.   That's why I'm speaking so loudly and it's from my heart. I have a little girl born in China and she deserves the BEST of America.  That is why I want change..

Even those BORN in the south that are the mothers of little girls want their children to be "Free to BE" and are telling me to FIGHT!!!  They say they could never do what I'm doing by speaking up they would be scared.   To them.... I get it!!!!   It's easier in life to be a spectator and just watch.   For years that's what I did (just watched Good Ole Boys control) ....Until I met someone that I knew could MAKE CHANGE and then I "pounced" and I Told Tavares.

"make change" and fighting for what is morally right is in my DNA I was raised to "speak up"  When the words "skirts Don't speak" were said to me at NISSAN on the executive floor when I was questioning bad behavior it was like someone pressed the "red" button.   

A lady from Brentwood told me years ago she "prayed" that Tennessee would change when NISSAN moved here almost 4 years ago and this community would become more accepting to diversity.   She was sad "nothing" happened   ....   Nissan never reached out to the community.. 

THOUGHT....  It's good to pray for things..... and I believe that....  and secretly cheering someone who's working to make that change is FANTASTIC....and greatly appreciated.  Still one woman is NOT enough to make the "wall" fall. 

Once Mr. Tavares "cleans house" at NISSAN it's time for the community to EMBRACE change.
???  maybe "cultural" festivals in Franklin.

I'm asking society to Pray and Participate.
Accepting ALL people for simply being Human......

Peace & Respect


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