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To:John Schroer (mayor)

Hello Viewers and Franklin Mayor,

Today's Topic:   Time For Change

January 2010 I met my daughters coach at Puffy Muffin, a well known luncheon spot for ladies in the affluent Brentwood community.   The coach had to get back to the rink and while I was waiting for the bill a lady approached me and asked if I had a moment.  She told me her “Good Ole Boy” story.  She was married to one and for years she was treated like a “princess” living in a beautiful Brentwood home and always had a new SUV to drive. She had the “best” life, they were pillars of the church community and people admired them.   One day he left her for a “thinner & younger woman”.   A lawyer from the church did the settlement and she did not do very well but she said at the time “I trusted him”. 

The man she’d been married to for over a decade got almost everything.  She said the lawyer and members of the church mislead her to believe that after the divorce she’d have a “home & friends” and a new life in that religious community. 

After she signed the divorce papers immediately people at the church ignored her and she knew instantly she was no longer welcome at that house of god.   She’s not educated and has had to work minimum wage jobs to support herself.   She joined a small church in a different community and is trying to get a new life.  Medical insurance is something she lacked and when she said that we “immediately” bonded.   America does not take care of those in “transition” mode and women like her and I have paid the financial and emotional toll for the road that has let the insurance companies (not the doctors) fill their pockets.  Think about All those NISSAN contract workers that HR mislead into believing they would be “permanent” employees with benefits and years later they are “still” temps.  It's SAD.

The lady at Puffy Muffin then said she wanted to talk to me because she “prayed” that Jesus would punish those that treated her so poorly; adding that on many days she felt life on earth was not worth living.  That day someone at the restaurant told her about me and my fight against Good Ole Boys.  She told me that Jesus sent me to Puffy Muffin for a reason (that freaked me out a “little” but after living her for 9 years this type of talk is normal).  About 45 minutes into the conversation she told me about Good Ole Boy “kickbacks” and construction contracts done on church expansions.   That people gave to the church to help the “needy” but instead a lot of it went to those “connected” with the network.     WOW!!!   My “thought” it’s a way to launder money and worse that money donated for the construction projects is TAX FREE.     That lady was not educated, but she was “smart”.    

People that tithe 10% of their income need to ask more questions.

 Interesting, some churches expanded “before” Nissan moved to Tennessee and were ready for the “influx” of people.  I got a copy of projected revenue from the “plate” after the “Nashville Newbie’s” arrived and the plan on converting them to the church.     To those unaware about the culture in the south, Tennessee churches are like “clubs” they are a place to go to worship but also to “fit in” in a community.  This is how most people make their friends and have a sense of "belonging" to the community.   

These churches get some members to join because of child care and "education".

Pre K is not offered in Tennessee (except for special programs Bredesen  started)   I learned years ago the churches lobby those legistlators to NOT have Pre K mandatory and for a “late” cut off age for kindergarten to start (some children are almost 6 years old in Tennessee before they start getting educated).  The churches lobby for “control” of the marketplace.  They get too many members based on their childcare programs.  Sadly, many children are just dropped and watched at these Pre schools and when they walk into a classroom when they are almost  6 years old they have NONE of the basics including social skills needed to “sit” and learn for a full day.   It’s tragic and I believe WHY the teachers are playing catch up from day 1.    A childs mind is like a sponge and at the age of 4 without a qualified teacher giving the student a "good foundation" some children will NEVER be capable of catching up.  


In 2002 I met the future Mayor of Franklin a developer who kindly told me of the economic future of Cool Springs.   I have a memory that stores info like a computer
.  In fact last night the words of “Rob” from July 2009 played back in detail and at 3am I woke with a question.   ???  Why did he have “dye” in his hair. FYI-  In July 2009 I put on my blog that if I did not get the reference letter that I needed from HR I would stop by to pick it up a few days later.  I guess that gave “Rob” the chance to line up “his boys in trucks” in intimidate me (which he admited in court that they were there "lined up") and get his hair colored.  Just by changing his hair color he "must have" known what he was doing was WRONG!!!  In court last week he said the “real” police were there, but that day in July 2009 I asked an officer for the City of Franklin who looked at the logs and he said NISSAN did NOT call in a request.  I’ve learned the police in Franklin do NOT take full reports.   I tried to do a report about my arrest and was told by Mr. Bateman there was no form.  Mr. Bateman was kind so I must believe my email to him about my "issues" is OK.   If not, Mr. Schroer can YOU have someone from Franklin call me 615-415-6675.  Bottom Line: The Franklin police do NOT document regularly.    ???  WHY. 

Last month I was pulled over by the police and questioned about my “blinking techniques” my daughter sat in the back seat.   The police man said “Is there an ‘outstanding’ warrant out for your arrest” My daughter got upset.  I was terrified because this was “after” I went to jail “twice” for questionable reasons.  While I waited for the police man to get back I texted my child’s coach asking her to come get her in case they were going to “take me away”   About 10 minutes later the police man told me to “leave”. 

My blood pressure since then has been high.   I’m truly terrified of retaliation in this community. Worse my child is seeing this abuse. What happened to me was WRONG!!! 

Getting back to the topic,maybe it’s the fact Mayor Schroer's told me about his wife’s work in the adoption community that makes me want to believe that he’s open in Franklin for “change”.

Mr. Schroer I need you to step up and make a statement of cultural acceptance for the community.   I want YOU to ask for transparent government and tell people were moving forward.   Sir, by my battle of human decency continuing only exposes the “bad” and that’s NOT good for Tennessee.        

Last night a lady told me “not to trust anyone in local government” and said “there’s a reason the local press won’t tell your story” I was told to go for national news & the local paper the Tennessean has many aligned with the Good Ole Boys.   Oddly, Last year I was given the name of a former reporter with the paper who was “pushed out” for questionable reasons and was told that reporter knew about Nissan deals in reference to local politics.  To that lady, thank you.  I GET IT!!!! & that is WHY this letter today.  This has GOT to end!!!


One more thing:  “Rob” if YOU want to color your hair again CALL ME & I can give you the # of the lady that does mine.   She’ll make the color much more even.   

FYI- "Rob" you did NOT want to give my your name that day and I pressed for an answer.  Also the words YOU used were unacceptable.  America, I believe that People are Products of their environment and the one at NISSAN has to change.  Intimidation and Harassment is NOT ethical.  
ir, it's about time YOU read the “updated”  NISSAN Corporate Code of Conduct.
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