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"E" + "E" = Success


My Mind Was in a State of Dormancy until HR "Turned Me On"  :) :) Without a Key  
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Thoughts on "E"

- Wheels are "round" and move forward.  Some might think I've suggested "reinventing the wheel" since

That social media tool is a fantastic one. Problem, The Good Ole Boy Leadership would NOT let it be utilized to it's fullest potential. They were NOT transparent and I  was told by the
HR VP Mark Stout
that information flow to higher  leadership had to be "contained".   Employees  "feared" retaliation if they made the "wrong" suggestion.  

NISSAN North America  THANK YOU!!!!

Years ago my mind was "tampered with" but your corporate culture in North America was so bad and reminisent of communism it triggered the opening of "departments" that could have been closed forever  Now I'm free to BE and succeed.  

NISSAN Let's Create a Social Media tool that people trust...  One that inspires and respects the opinions of all people.   One that encourages people to be good global "green" citizens.  One that acknowledges those that volunteer in their communities.  One that becomes a source of Pride.  One that is monitored only to promote "open" discussions and let's people express their "thoughts" with the confidence that it won't jepardized their careers for suggesting improvements or  "change".   

Have A Great Day!!!    Sharyn

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"thought” March 16th 2010


Doing research I found something FANTASTIC!!!!    Look at the article below

The goal is to apply it to “Cultural Intelligence’ Since CQ is slightly new I think if NISSAN could be the “innovator” in creating a roadmap to global corporate cultural creation.  This map includes “diversity, transparency, CSR, teambuilding.

Emotion Energizing Efficiency 
The software I’m proposing would be somewhat like an “internal” LinkedIn.  Imagine an informal venue for connecting people in India with those from Japan, UK, and the USA in a way that’s informal.   The Goal…… Teambuilding and cultural understanding.

Having book clubs is very important and each week globally we would have internal “blogs” .  Recently I asked a professor at Vanderbilt for assistance in books that will help “me” understand the “language” of those that make decisions in leadership positions. 

The GOAL is using strategies that are familiar to business and applying them to the standardization of the “E” factor in the “everyday” corporate culture.


The 5 E's - Effectiveness, Efficiency, Economy, Ethic and Environment

By Roland Carriere

……..this is just an excerpt.  I found this article today, was “attracted” to the “E’s”

A) Mission control

Most organizations have clearly stated their mission in their last strategic plan and/or annual report and a majority of their executives thought that it was mission accomplished. But, the work was just starting. Adopting a mission statement is the easy part. Every member must believe in that mission and adhere to it. It is the only way for the organization to attain its targets. To succeed, the organization needs a real mission control like the one from NASA. Remember, perception is different to everyone. Every member of the organization has its own perception and understanding of that mission. It is important that they all interpret it in the same way. The organization meaning is expressed mainly through its mission statement. The mission statement is what gives a sense for the organization to be there.


B) Culture Management

The culture comes as a result of a strong identity, a set of values shared by the majority and a particular way of doing things which characterizes the organization. And having a strong culture is essential to the success of the organization. It is what makes every member go in the same direction. In a world of objectivity where it is believed that there is one reality for all, we do not see the necessity for adopting a process identified as "Culture Management". We believe that the culture can easily be imposed from the top down to all levels of the organization without any special effort. But, we now know that we are not living in an objective world; rather, we belong to a subjective world where everyone forges his own reality. Perception is unique to each observer: it is through perception that individuals create their own reality. It depends on what the observer is interested in. It can also vary substantially from time to time for any given observer or between different observers depending on the emotions of the moment and on the time invested to the act of observation and process in use: Stereotyping VS True cognition. So, perception and culture are interrelated forces that need to be managed.


C) Creativity Empowerment

Members must be invited to develop their creativity and to put it to the service of the organization. "Imagination is more important than knowledge" said Einstein. "Imagination rules the world" said Napoleon Bonaparte. Life is mostly about creation. Living organisms innovate all the time. Not only does it allow them to survive but to create new species better adapted to the environment. Could humans pretend to be alive and not be creative? To copy on others is not sufficient. In a fast changing world, those who are not imaginative and creative enough may not survive for a very long time. Creativity is certainly one of the most important elements of life because it is the one that helps us most to fashion our future. It is, in fact, one of the most powerful survival tools that exist.


Have A Great Day!!!!             :) :)    Sharyn
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March 15th 2010
We Need the "E"
Efficiency Energizing Emotion

In my "Quest" to create a corporate culture that encourages people to "think outside the box" and cares about diversity working in teams from all around the planet I'm working on a strategey calling it
 "Global Warming in a Good Way".

Understanding that in a manufacturing industry:

Efficiency is the "driver" therefore it's a balancing act like Yin and Yang.... 

Efficiency and Emotion must be a perfect "blend" kind of like a "Kir Royale.

Now I have an "update" on the  "bad" Global Warming.  A mom told me that some schools in Nashville have extented hours do to the excessive "snow" therefore proving once again Al Gore is WRONG there is NO climate problem.  
NISSAN.... they don't "get it".  

My "thought" Gas prices are sneaking up again...
The "E" Factor (described in a book strategy in De Kare-silver)
is what's going to "drive" reservations in

Another lady saw a picture of the LEAF and used the  "U" word to desribe it. I asked ??? and at the time I was wearing my favorite footware and I asked what do you think of my boots?  She loved them.   VOILA!!!

LEAF Marketing ...  We must  empashize the power of  "E"  Remember... many things that are "fashionable" are not necessariy pretty.

Based on the popularity of PUGs and UGGs I think if worded well your "quirky" green car can be the "next" fashion trend.   Research tells me you have to acknowledge it's "different" and be Bold!!!Identify the car as the next trend....   

Have A Great Day!!     Sharyn
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