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The New Road

The New Road
 written by Sharyn Bovat
 June 15th 2010

"Kyo to iu hi wo egao no kinen bi ni shiyo"

Let's make today a stellar day.

At Nissan the word "value" has 2 meanings.   We believe we add value and contribute to society by creating jobs and offering high quality affordable cars.  

Each day we encourage our technological experts to create new inventions that will ensure safe, reliable cars globally.  Also, ensuring that the long term transportation needs of a growing world are environmentally friendly protecting our planet but most important is were developing cars that are good for the air that we & our children breathe today.  


NISSAN believes the hardworking employees that build our cars and interact with customers create the foundation of the company. 

It’s our goal to take care of our employees the way we would like our customer taken care of and that’s with Respect. 

At Nissan every opinion matters.  We are all on the “same” team.

Today, our ears are “open”. 

We want to hear the voices of our factory workers, those in the offices, our dealers, suppliers, business partners & shareholders. 
It’s important to us to hear from the communities that we do business in.  

We want to know how we can make things better. 

At NISSAN we believe that a multi national corporation needs “1” corporate culture based on simply "respect".  Understanding that to thrive in today’s fast paced global economy we must encourage every employee to become open minded, more productive & good "global" citizens.  

Becoming apart of the united corporate culture at NISSAN is in a way becoming a member of a global family/community, one that we take pride in being a member. 

A family with one common belief that thats "a job well done".  We want those members of the NISSAN family to take their paychecks and build happy lives. We'll encourage employees to give back to the community and share our NISSAN Values. 

Diversity is no longer an HR term it's part of CSR & our new corporate culture.  Our new road clearly has room for everyone to succeed.

Every employee (even if they were a “skirt”) has the opportunity to become a role model within our organization and maybe that positive energy will shine and inspire the cities we do business.

Our passion for excellence motivates us everyday to become better. 

Our focus is to be better in customer service, better at cost cutting yet still providing a better quality product. 

We understand different societies have different design styles and we want to be better at delivering the most “attractive” product to each location we cater to globally.  

We know our products are already good and our mission today is to create a future of long term success steered with inspiration that’s determined to get to the destination:

The NISSAN CSR Philosophy 2010  

More Cars Sold = More Profits = More NISSAN Jobs Created


More money to enrich the lives of People and the Planet



This is a "work in progress"   I think it's finally coming together..   ???  Any suggestions or tweaks.  Below is a preview of "coming attraction"  The preview was inspired by the act of kindness shown on the global website...

Have A Great Day!!!!                    Sharyn

Love Cars~Love People~Love the Planet


  Shin Setsu = Kind

“Egao wa chikyugo"
Smiles are international


Living in Europe during the Mad Cow era a learned a little about these outbreaks. Like many travelers I had to walk through a chlorine bleach mixture just so Switzerland would let me in the door.   During a national crisis in the US those of us that lived overseas during that era were not allowed to donate blood.  

Those memories make me appreciate what NISSAN is Japan did today.

These social issues happen everywhere globally and this one was in the backyard of NISSAN and in the same generous way NISSAN supported victims of the floods in Nashville and reached out to Haiti and the earthquake victims in Yushu the Nissan HQ is taking care of the people living in their back yard.  It's fantastic.

This is why we need to work hard….. To give back to society.


June 15, 2010

Nissan Provides Support for Damage Caused by Foot-and-mouth
Disease in Miyazaki Prefecture

Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. announced a financial donation of one million yen to the Community Chest of Miyazaki Prefecture for the support of the areas in Miyazaki Prefecture affected by foot-and-mouth disease.

Nissan expresses its heartfelt sympathy to the local affected cattle farmers and sincerely wishes the earliest possible termination of the disease.


Foot-And-Mouth Outbreak Prompts U.S. Ban on Japanese Beef

The U.S. government recently banned shipments of beef from Japan following an outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease in cattle in the southern prefecture of Miyazaki. USDA banned imports of boneless Japanese beef on April 21.

Beef valued at $6 million was sold by Japan to the U.S. in 2009.

All pigs, beef cattle and dairy cows in areas where most cases of the disease were discovered will be culled, raising the figure by about 205,000, from 118,160 animals as of yesterday, Agriculture Minister Hirotaka Akamatsu told reporters in Tokyo today. The government will vaccinate them before slaughter to slow the spread of the virus, he said.

Foot-and-mouth disease is a severe, highly contagious viral disease of cattle and swine. It also affects sheep, goats, deer and other cloven-hooved ruminants. FMD is not a threat to people and no human health risks are associated
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