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Letter to WCS Mr. Looney

Nissan "Voices" 
The Tennessee Transplants (newbies) of Cool Springs need a "voice of logic" to deal with this:

I'm NOT going to complain about the Williamson County School system "herding" MOST of the diversity to one school.  Luckily other parents are taking on that task and are contacting Civil Rights lawyers.  I'm going to talk about the "non" emotional side and that's the economic loss to the Tennessee Transplants.  Many who came to middle Tennessee to work for Nissan.  

Happily in the "new" plan those in the neighborhoods to the right of Governors Club that were "truly" abused (some children attendng 3 different elementary schools in 4 years) by the Good Ole Boy community NOW are able to "stay in their schools".  Thank You WCS school board.

The BIG problem is the Cool Springs East community that's home to MANY newbies now has an "unfair" feeder system. 

As I say in my letter to the head of the schools I'm OK with the community being rezoned (someone has to move and I knew years ago what the Good Ole Boys had planned for "my" community to move) I've had YEARS to deal with it.  

The issues is the UNFAIR feeder #'s of only 17% in the plan.  The children from Woodland middle that will go to Centennial high is so "low" and in a few years will get even lower.  ???  Who would want to move to a community knowing their children would have to leave long term friends in high school.  Thus decling the value of homes. 

Please read and SPEAK Up for the Tennessee Transplants.   Ask for a 40% feeder.

Sharyn Bovat   615-415-6675

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Mr. Looney,
A 17%-20% feeder proposed is going to harshly hurt the home values of those living in Cool Springs East section of Franklin. 
Most of the homeowners living in that community are transplants to Tennessee and some communities have endured numerous rezonings. 
Realistically I see that some children will have to go to a different high school and I'm OK with that.  The problem is ONLY a 17%-20% feeder for people looking at moving to Franklin/Brentwood will NOT consider purchasing a home located in an area zoned with that percentage.  
???  Who would knowingly move to a community knowing that their children could not attend high school with a large majority of their classmates.   The home values will be affected unless a "fair" percentage is in the feeder system.
A realtor has already sent me an email soliciting business, thus an example that people in the community understand that many families in the Cool Springs community will have to move to keep their children in a school with "long term" friends they have made.  
Sir, this proposal is NOT fair economically to the homeowners in Cool Springs. 
Sharyn Bovat
AKA  The Nissan Whistleblower
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