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This "Skirt" is Speaking

Before I start this..... early on I gave Mr. Tavares some pictures.  I trusted Carlos Tavares because he "impressed" me with his business ethics.  Read on....

Readers: Sharyn Bovat was an undecover “airhead”
??? better word than "mole"...don't you think.

Using “valley” speak people “thought” I was NOT the brightest.

Below is an example of a conversation in the middle east.

“Like Wow....Fer sure..I’ve never met a ‘journalist’ with such a nice home”.   

???   “You like have how many servants”

My “thought” Maybe I should become a Lebanese “journalist".... it seems to provide a better lifestyle than American “tourist”.

???  Like ...I totally don’t get it... why did we like NOT go to Bagdad if Saddam is like so "monster" bad.


???  What’s like an embargo..I’m like totally confused...

Valley speak got me the answer on the embargo question.  WOW!!!

Gnarly...Like saying “you can’t like play on our playground.”  

???  Why would America like want an embargo.

I found out WHO “paid” for the war.....Americans were “mercenaries” for a mid east “turf war”.  One that had been brewing for generations yet never happened until the “Greedy Good Ole Boys” led by Dick Cheney  he “triggered” the shot that woke up a “sleeping giant”.

Think about this.... If the US government “banned” German cars from America then the price of luxury cars from Japan would increase.  It’s basic economics.. WOW!!!

??? Why did we get mad at the French after 9-11 and after our decision to go to Iraq.  ???  Could it be we didn’t want to blame our friends from Saudi and the "red" state ignorant needed a villan.  So they communicated it was time to Blame the French. Sadly many in TN did just that.   The wine store about a mile from the NISSAN USA HQ stopped selling french wines. We ate Freedom Fries.  

America -The Gulf War was a BIG GAME of Gasopoly.   

The cost....was teenage blood

I learned A LOT while being a tourist in life. 

Fer sure “my thought” I get it......In Central America I learned a lot more about “deals” making friends in the middle east & bartering is was a LOT to absorb.

All over the world I met great people...who inspire me to SPEAK today.

Bottom line and “my” opinion:  

Iraq “thought” we wanted them to “invade”....

Maybe when “W” became president he and his VP “needed Saddam to be silent so keeping  and eye out for the “tall guy” was not on the radar and money monitoring the “tall guy” was diverted to watching Iraq. This was BEFORE 9-11.

Then the towers fell and after 9-11 the Greedy Good Ole Boys got their ‘money making plan’ together one that created jobs for companies owned by their “buddies”.  

They strategically "twisted” the blame for the Attack on America to Iraq. They gave congress “bad” info.
Congress was desperate for “action” to show they cared to their constituents and they voted to go to War without UN approval.  The “Good Ole Boy Greedy” made money Sadly the jobs were in the middle east and lives were lost.     

For the record I was just did “low level” research in the 80’s & I believe in my heart Ronald Reagan was focused on ending communism and the “next generation leader (Bush and the boys from texas) started the “nasty” stuff.    The people from Texas LOVED oil & weapons.
They LOVED to make money.  ??? why not..It’s the American dream. 

Sadly their dreams came true using the “blood” of our troops and Iraqi children.  

Wow!!!!!   To “much” info...

Bottom Line:

People in the oil and defense industry profited.   Hundreds of thousands of innocent children died.  

The Clinton administration had a “difficult” congress to deal with after the Contract of America.  They could not stop the carnage in Iraq.  Saddam was “out of control”.  The "average" Iraqi people suffered under the Embargo.

??? Who helped get him there. “think Bush/Cheney”

??? Who could have stopped him in the early 90’s?  It’s all about money.... “think Bush/Cheney”.

Seriously   Think about this!!!!!

Had Bush #1 wanted success he could have gone to Bagdad.  The goal was a “long term embargo” to keep the price of a barrel high.  Better for the Good Ole Boys....Businesses profited and others were formed overseas at American taxpayer expenses to keep the back accounts “full” of those aligned with the “Greedy Good Ole Boy Elite”.   

In retrospect America would have been better off if the Corleone family ruled or using a more modern example think about “what if” Tony Soprano and his son were President. 

I put Haley Barbour and his cronies as lieutenants and his “values” he was a War Profiteer.  He was corrupt after katrina. ???  My god....didn't he have ENOUGH money already from.   Why take more take.  

AMERICA don't be ignorant....

HELLO do YOU see a trend...... 

America knows WHO “paid” for the 1st Gulf War.....& Dessert Shield.

Americans simply were “mercenaries” for a mid east “turf war”.  One that had been brewing for generations yet never happened until the “Greedy Good Ole Boys” led by Dick Cheney “triggered” the shot that woke up a “sleeping giant”.

Looking back President Clinton could have done “amazing” social programs at home that roadblocks stopped.  

It’s sad because our country could have been so much better. 

This “skirt” blames the underground communications network that the republican extremist created that tainted the minds of those that they called the “mindless minions”.  They used simplistic racist rhetoric to “control” red state (working class) America.  My opinion is that using "Jesus" and stupidity as a political tool to take "political" control and having people NOT christian pay for it.... is simply "disgusitng".  The "Greedy Good Ole Boy Elite" pretended to "be of faith".   and attacked people on personal issues.   Here's an example: A hypocritical member of congress wanted to "prove" he controlled my life and tried to scare me by slandering me he even talked to someone I was dating, he became a lobbyist.  
He did it becaseu I "knew" to much.                             Yes!!! I have some Republican Governor stories but 
I WON'T GO THERE. ...EVER      "thought" Luckily I want a job with a car company and not the Vatican. For the record I never broke a law and never did anything in my college days  "close to" what some people in did in congress today. The last 17 years my life has been nothing but "boring". 

Back to "The Greedy Good Ole Boys" they  said  *$%#  California politically they did not want moderate republicans to get elected in California.  They preferred democrats to win.   They wanted control of the $$$and sabotaged any “credible” moderate that ran for high level office.  Read “Sharyn and the Z”.

In  California we had their own “internal battle of control” many saw the “writing on the wall” and teamed up with the “Good Ole Boys”.  Dirty tricks became the norm.  

Many reasonable “thinkers” in California became
democrats.... Even me.  Then I  got "recruited" back to the GOP.  
Even got an all area's "backstage" tickets to the "Battle for the heart of the Republican Party" in 1992 in Houston at the RNC convention.  Somebody wanted me to "check things out".

???  Senator Mitch Mc Connell of Kentucky would you like to meet for Coffee.   I’d ask Senator Corker from Tennessee to join us but I hear “he’s expensive” to have a meeting with.  

Sir, I’ve decided that after I work really hard in the auto industry and help leadership create “1” corporate culture. I’m going to retire to NYC and become a HISTORY professor.   Maybe I’ll commute once a week to work with students at “elite” schools.  Maybe Yale.... 

??? Some of the teaching techniques at Yale are “different” I would like to have a discussion with the head of economics over cocktails.  

???  The Bush Team really did believe War is good for the economy.  I want to know where they learned that. 

Very Important!!!  It seems like the “educated elite” need a better understanding of the mindset of “average” America.  

I remember spending a few days as a houseguest of a family in Iowa.  We even watched the Price is Right together -funny memory-the grandmother was upset I did not know what “mop and glow” was and I had confessed that I never used a vacuum.   The Iowa experience taught be about “respect for the dollar” it’s for those hardworking Americans that clean their own homes and find happiness in having a “fridge” full of food that I communicate to.  In Iowa we talked about Midwest “values”.   They LOVE America and vote for politicians with integrity. 

Mitch Mc Connell...

??? Tell me what you think about war mongering and racism. 

Oddly... in 2002 when Dick Cheney spoke in Nashville he “thanked” someone in his remarks with the last name of “Stout”.  Coincidence...... Also, I found an “interesting” connection with someone last named Jett and Stout in Senator Mc Connells land of Kentucky.  People marry their cousins in the south... To keep the “bloodline pure”. I won’t go any farther with this “thought”

This is one “twisted” part of America and Senator
Mc Connell I want to hear from YOU a well respected member of the Senate what your “thoughts” are.  Fort Campbell is in Kentucky and lots of “boxes” came home.

Sir, ???  Do YOU want a 3rd war for oil.

My “thought” maybe it’s time for some Freedom from relying on volatile nations for oil, job creation, and maybe your grandchildren would appreciate “breathing clean air”.  

???  Why Don’t you support AMERICA and the energy bill that will create possible PEACE...... the “thought” of my child living in a world without war and racism is a dream. 

I believe dreams can come true.

Senator,  Call me 615-415-6675.

OK....Those of my “thoughts” on politics. 

I’m DONE!!!  I just wanted to “prove my point”.


USA it’s time to Shift_

to “Reasonable Leadership in America”.


NISSAN is lucky to have 2 good leaders.  Mr. Tavares leading NISSAN and Mr. Ghosn leading the Renault NISSAN Alliance.  

I've seen too much corrpution in politics and in corporations.  Both the good ole boys in 1992 and in 2009 threatened me...they wanted me to be silent. They made my life miserable but using "my past experiences" I talked.  What helped me decide to "pick this battle" was connecting Mr. Tavares to team Ghosn in the "Internal Battle of Control 2009" I knew Ghosn had the ear of former President Clinton together they could make "change" in America and Tennessee.   To be candid I had to fight for my "soul"  I started to wonder if "I" even mattered as a person.  I needed to know if an "average" person could simply tell the truth and make a difference in America.  Knowing about so much I questioned for years if my life mattered.  My country broke my heart.  That experience made me "tough".

Remember the movie Fried Green Tomatoes and Kathy Bates ran into the car of the "mean" girl.  She yelled out "I'm older and have better insurance".  We'll i had my "Green Tomatoe" moment and decided to fight back and speak and play "hardball".

Luckily Mr. Tavares Listened and then so did Mr. Ghosn and people in Arkansas...NOT Huckabee.  The "good" guys cared and we need America to Wake Up!!!

I'm feeling the "electric energy..... it's time for America to take a "new" direction. It starts by removing roadblocks.  WOW!!!!


Sir, this "warrior" is tired of politics. 

I’m happily looking forward to Shifting to cars.

Thank You once again...for listening!!!!


Have A Great Day!!!      Sharyn

Love Cars~Love People~Love the Planet 


Iraq sanctions

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The Iraq sanctions were a near-total financial and trade embargo imposed by the United Nations Security Council against the nation of Iraq. They began August 6, 1990, four days after Iraq's invasion of Kuwait,[1] and continued until May 22, 2003, after the fall of the Saddam Hussein government in the US-led invasion earlier that year. Their stated purpose was at first to compel Iraq's military to withdraw from Kuwait and after that to compel Iraq to pay reparations, and to disclose and eliminate any weapons of mass destruction, and to do certain other things.

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