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Good Morning Japan!!!

??? Where's Waldo

Above is a Japanese Auto Executive Gathering.

WOW!!!    I guess at NISSAN & in Japan Skirts Don’t Speak.

Mr. Tavares,

"If" I get the CSR/Diversity/CQ job can I please live in NYC & commute  to Japan for meetings…. Seriously!!!

Let’s be real.  I don’t think that crowd is ready for “this skirt that speaks” 24/7.   Let’s break them in slowly JJ 

Have a Great Day!!!                      Sharyn

Mr. Shiga,

The message you delivered at the JAMA celebration was very nice and you're right about consolidating the technologies for it gives Japan a "unified" image in reference to technology leadership.   Sir, I respect the Japanese culture and although I see NO skirts in the picture I understand that it's due to society. One that will change when it's ready.  

As you know multi national companies must do business with ALL types of people.  My thought is to not step on toes in the Japanese culture but to open the "eyes" to those that design and market your cars that are built fo people in many different societies. 

NISSAN will make more money once YOU have a "new voice" that listens to a demographic that is 50% of the worlds population.  

Sir, I believe 2011 is the year of the Rabbit
and also the year of the SKIRT.

Have a great day!!!            :) :)   Sharyn  

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