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Nashville Neighbors 5K

The NISSAN Neighbors Foundation Family 5K 

While ranting about "chubby children" It got me thinking about fittness and I remembered years ago I was asked to organize a 10k race.  I said yes to doing it even before I knew what a 10K race was....  Oh minor details.  
Quickly I learned about the sport of running.  They have lots of clubs...and it's a sport for those of any age and ability.  

Good News my first time doing a race worked...  by networking with running clubs, community groups and sneaker stores  the event was a charitable money making success.  In fact the sponsors paid very little (that's how we got them) and got LOTs of exposure while the charity made money.  One sponsor provided water, another port a poties, we had about 10 sponsors.    All companies got there names on the sleave of a t shirt given to the participants  (which the runners paid for as part of the registraion fee).

5K (3 mile) races are easy for everyone.  It's a great way to raise money for the NISSAN Foundation which we'll use the proceeds from the run to make the community culturally aware.   All the NISSAN employees who volunteer will get a tee shirt.  We'll let the local dealers set up booths with some cars to show to the spectators.  Maybe NISSAN Blue Citizenship could have a booth with educational materials on the LEAF....  Maybe by doing such a Public Display of Affection for the community we might get som Lexus shopper to switch to the "home team" WOW!!!  

This is a WIN~WIN!!!

Have A Great Day!!!            Sharyn
Love Cars~Love People~Love the Planet


Below is from my school related web site.  Today I updated it for the first time in a long time.  I'm bored with this battle of human decency with NISSAN and hope that it's ending soon ???


One more thing.  Different Topic

While shopping at a Childrens store targeting customers ages 8-12 years of age I noticed that I could wear the clothes WOW!!!  they were made for children but go up to a size 20. 
Having "flashback" to having to wear matching moo moos with my mom every summer on trips to Hawaii for fun I got a matching outfit for a photo with my daughter.   Sadly while trying outfits on several children could NOT purchase clothing at the store for they were too big.  The sizes that I'll state once again go up to Childrens size 20.  Yes!!!  a twenty.   Technically an 8 year old should wear a size 8 and a 10 year old a size 10 but MANY American children under 12 are too big for clothing at this store even though they go up to a a size 20 which should be the size of a 20 year old.  (equivalent to a women's medium).    


Mr. Looney too many cup cakes and donuts at school.   Why don't you "downsize" the size of those tasty treats and starting next year implement a 'Mini donut or munchkin' policy and have mini cupcakes instead.   for all school events.   It's important  to show children and us parents  "what's appropriate" .  Just a Thought!!!!

Have A Great Day !!!   Sharyn

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