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Williamson County DA #2

Williamson County DA…
When Dominique Thormann went back to Paris I “thought” the problem was OVER at NISSAN.  I was WRONG!!!!   
Rob from legal harassed me just a few days after I sent an email to legal about MORE  bad spending of taxpayer money.
Tennessee will be VERY embarrassed if this continues.   
Maybe we need to “talk”
Sharyn Bovat
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Sent: Jul 18, 2009 4:53 PM
Mr. Tavi,
Yesterday I was contacted by a vendor I used to recommend to my clients.  I was 
told of ongoing "extreme" spending that ended a little over 2 weeks ago.  This 
person wants to help me in my quest for ethical change and offered to pull 
invoices if needed.  I said thank you but my hope is that change has happened 
and we won't have to dwell on negativity.
My "thought" is that my issue of  bad spending has been heard and you can't 
change the past.  Bringing up new issues will only hurt Nissan.   It's time to 
make things better. 
If you want the information I can get it to you.
Have a Great Day!
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To: Greg Kelly
To: Dominique' 'Thormann
To: Mark Stout. --- email
To: Marlin Chapman
Sent: Jul 22, 2009 11:10 PM
Subject: My Security
Nissan Human Resources,
Yesterday "Rob" from legal tried to intimidate me.  He had his boys standing 
near their trucks all staring me down.   I did something Bold and their (your)  
mad.....I get it.   I've become a tourist attraction at Starbucks by a few  and 
that's OK.  I did this I take responsibility.  
That said....
I do NOT want any more drive bys of my home.
I do NOT want to be followed when my daughter is in the car.
Word is getting out about the "Girl in the Black Honda".  Today I had to show 
the website to a guy to explain why I did not get a letter.
People have warned me that going against a Good Ole Boy Alliance could be 
dangerous.   I get it.   Actually I visioned this a month ago.     
Do not give out my address and promote this behavior. 
FYI.....If those with Rutherford plates continue I will call the REAL police.
Sirs, you don't want that.  
I think I've told you before....I'm strong and I've got the truth. 
Have a Good Night,
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Sent: Jul 5, 2009 3:10 PM
Subject: Sharyn Bovat
Mr. Berger,
I need a favour.   Either &%$# or %#@& from &%$#@ &%$#$ apartments will be 
calling you soon  to check my "work" reference.   I told them I was a consultant 
and was going to be paid by Nissan till August.   If that is not the case please 
tell them so.
Future checks can be sent Fed Ex (I'd prefer a 42 cent stamp.....but tired of 
trying to make that point) to: 
Sharyn Bovat
C/O &^&^%$
Franklin, TN. 37067.
I have found someone to take care of &&%%#$#%  & I'm going to 
have lots of time to dedicate toward changing the corporate culture OR restoring 
MY reputation (dealing with a "possible" legal action, that you have indicated 
in your letters).
Again, the web site is ALL my Thoughts.  I take FULL responsibility.
Hope you had a great holiday!
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Sent: Jul 9, 2009 12:03 AM
Subject: Your letters to Sharyn Bovat
Mr. Berger,
Going out of town tomorrow.  If you want to fed ex me please call my cell 
615-415-6675 & I will tell you how to find me.
You never returned my call from over a week ago?  
Paragraph 2 in your initial letter is unreasonable.  Therefore if you do not 
return my call & email request  discussing the matter I will act accordingly & 
take your silence as a nod to rescind.  
Clarification,  If I do not receive an email, fed ex or call from you by July 
15th I will consider all letters received by Nissan legal to date deemed void.   
Have a Great Evening,
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Sent: Jun 29, 2009 3:34 PM
Subject: Recinding paragraph #2
Mr. Berger and Mr. Tavi,
Good Afternoon Nissan Legal.
If possible can you please rescind paragraph 2 before the holiday weekend?
I'm back in town and available for litigation.  I want MY reputatuon back so 
your lawsuit could be the best thing.
Have a Great Day!!!
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