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"thoughts"March 11th

March 11th NISSAN "thoughts" to, Canada, the global EV Team and Infiniti... 
Lets start today with my attenpt to "push the buttons" of the Good Ole Boy HR Network.   We'll call this approach EMAILS to woman's creative way to fight for fairness and communicate that "Performance Matters" 
My name is Sharyn Bovat and this is my Quest for Human Decency at NISSAN North Ameriica.


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"Most of the Important things in the world have been accomplished by people who 
have kept on trying when there seemed to be no help at all".....
Dale Carnagie

Good Afternoon Executives,

At Starbucks reading a book called Hardball for Women the emphasis is on 
leadership,  building confidence and 
Team  building....mainly for executives.

For the most part I think I'm assertive and confident when dealing with men in 
business.  Even so I keep trying to improve, so new idea's don't scare me.

The issue in the book that made my eye's pop is that many women in the workforce 
have GREAT idea's to save cost and re organize but most women don't know how to 
express themselves  and they take a "back seat" approach.

Your gender demographics  are Horrible.  You make cars so it's somewhat 
understandable.  Still.... I've heard some things that make me ???
The lack of female leadership.  

I'm  inspired now ....  Over 2300 have been to my web site in the last 6 
days....I'm being heard.  I'm NOT alone.

Maybe some of your female employee's at the lower levels would like to become 
more  active "team" members and share their idea's??? 

I will draft a proposal to do brainstorming for "just" the women of Nissan.   
Let's hear what they have to say.  Maybe there's been a "great" idea locked  in 
a drawer.  

I understand Six Sigma (value added)fundamentals.  I'm not good at the 
statistics.... but I can get those cost saving "thoughts" out of people and make 
them feel like their a part of a TEAM.
I'm getting a check from Nissan so how about letting me DO something?  Each 
month I've offered to do something for the money I receive. I'll  just keep 

Have a Great Day!!!!


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To A Canadian:  Nice Quote” it’s well worded and welcoming to many types of luxury buyers…

Gotta love this 'body glove'  (about the new M)

Slinky new performer becomes an extension of the driver   By Bob McHugh, The Province March 10, 2010

…….."The vehicle was designed around an idea we call 'organic body glove.' We wanted to build a vehicle that's adaptive to the environment, different road types, different styles of driving and fits so well that it becomes an extension of the driver," said Ian Forsyth, director of product and corporate planning for Nissan Canada Inc…………….

/Infiniti ~





This is Luxury with a little bit of “spice"  very attractive

                                Nice Lines......

The Little "I"

OK~ NISSAN with the understanding that “performance” in engines is your “thing” and that most men and some women associate performance with the “engine” I GET IT.

Just an “idea” there’s a lot of people that want luxury and want good mpg and many do not see the “engine” as the “IT” factor.   If they trust a brand they’ll assume the engine is good.  Plus you have all those warranties.

A few days ago  I did some research and spoke at length to a salesman from Acura (I give him the award for best at bonding with a customer.  His instincts on what “motivated” a customer seemed spot on. This is his 2nd career prior he worked for a French company based on Bordeaux,

he grew up in Chicago and speaks a few languages he’s culturally aware of
differences.  He became a car salesman because the economy “drove” him away from his last position.  The affordability of Tennessee  was attractive.   Back to my point:
 This guy was fantastic (although he did accuse me of asking questions “like a man”…what did that mean???) In reference to cars he had an arsenal of “thoughts” and he was able to confirm my ‘opinions/thoughts’ on why people in the middle east prefer Japanese cars to German and how that market is rich in "mining" if given the right product.  From his life experiences he could identify traits of different customers in which types of cars they would prefer.  FYI - I was the only customer in the lot so he had lots of time to chat.

With Confidence I can say  when it comes to purchasing a car women want “choice”  &  they/we want it all…. Yet if their/our budgets forced us to choose between interior luxury (The bells and whistles….fyi- moon roof, navigation/leather seats/heated seats/great stereo/DVD player) or a V-6 engine many women would choose the interior luxury.  For that is visible, enjoyable and touchable.   

NISSAN Some smaller engines are “peppy” and many other companies do NOT include powerful engine when they define a car as "luxury".  

It seems like EVERY automaker has a different interpretation of “luxury”.    For women safety reports are very important if torn between 2 cars and the feeling that they/we will be taken care of. 

~FYI~ Acura has a 24 hour # to call with any questions so I called the number last night and a “live” person answered after “1” ring.  I think he was in a call center ½ a world away yet he answered my questions on my button.  Curiosity had me call the Infiniti # and got an electronic system finally after pressing a couple buttons a real person who then told me to call my dealership….  They asked me a lot of questions (like zip code) yet THEY COULD NOT ANSWER MY QUESTION>….  Which was a simple one?  

Infiniti “Idea”…call your 24 hours line your “car concierge connection”…

Acura has gotten rid of something that is going to upset some shoppers..  On the TSX they’re relying on“voice” activated navigation and got rid of the touch screen.   Many people hate those systems for they cannot recognize some “words” that are spoken by the drivers ……   Many people LOVE the touch screen.  

In reference to sub compact “luxury” BMW has “Opened Eyes” for the 20-30 aged “luxury” demographic with the “sub compact” luxury cars.  

The fully loaded TSX for less than 35k gets 36mpg on the highway with only “1” driver. VERY IMPORTANT Working (educated) Women and those upper middle class boomers on “fixed” income care about mpg for it’s a comfort feeling in case of rising gas prices.

NISSAN/Infiniti - Your “G” Coupe and sedan are designed beautifully and your cockpit is fantastic,

Infiniti to beat an “incumbent” (Lexus) you need to reach out to all the voters and offer “choice”.  

Imagine a “new” luxury compact designed with DNA from Essence with “choices” that accommodates the entry level luxury customer who needs “range” you’ll be guaranteed a WIN.

How about in reference to engines offer choice
The “Fantastic 4” option to a new luxury sub compact…
make the moon roof standard...


Regular w/great mpg and a lower price

V-6 (Infiniti signature powerful engine)

Diesel for the European markets.

You can call this car

The Infiniti I

My “thought” the next generation will say

I” Want That..

Get that group as customers.  WOW them with customer service and make them loyal.   Their next car will be a G.

Have A Great Day!!!                           Sharyn

Love Cars~Love People~Love the Planet


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