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To the French Consulate,
Hello my name is Sharyn Bovat and I have a "unique" situation.  I'm working on getting publicity for my "fight for freedom" in Tennessee.  My issue involves a company that the French own a large percentage of.  Please forward this to the appropriate person.  If someone would like to meet with me I'd be more than happy to come to the Atlanta area.   Alpharetta is one of my favorite places to shop.   
Thank you for your time
Sharyn Bovat
Below is a press release I'm working on.  ???  What do you think.
Nissan Whistleblower Asks French Government for Help in Battle with the State Tennessee
Sharyn Bovat the relocation consultant for Nissan board member Carlos Tavares was arrested in July for what she says was retaliation for whistle blowing.  Bovat says during the relocation process for Mr. Tavares employees told her of problems at the Nissan USA headquarters and she relayed then to Mr. Tavares.  
Bovat says that the Nissan North American headquarters is located in middle Tennessee and the charges against her are “politically charged” saying that members of the community ostracized her in 2003 for drinking Bordeaux during a time of war.
Originally from California Bovat is a big fan of cabernet but still enjoys “diversity” in her life.  Bovat feels that in America people should have the Freedom to choose which type of beverage they prefer.  The wine store that was less than 1 mile from the Nissan North American headquarters stopped selling French wines after the Iraq war started. Because of the closed mindedness of local merchants  people that were used to a global selection of wines living in the Cool Springs community in Franklin Tennessee suffered.
Bovat says it was communicated to her that Nissan only kept her around because the French liked her and was called a “French sympathizer”.  Bovat says Tennessee is a region in the US that allowed a case to get to a Grand Jury in which a resident was seeking an indictment against President Obama for Treason & for not being a “valid” US citizen.   
At Nissan Bovat was arrested and taken to jail.  She was then arrested again after admitting she “texted Mr. Tavares”  Both times she was taken in hand cuffs and the warrant was “sworn out” by members of the “Good Ole Boy” network that Bovat has complained about and she whistle blew against for over a year.
 In America usually a court order is needed for an arrest of this sort but NOT in Tennessee.   One of the charges against Bovat has already been dismissed.  She is battling one more charge.   
The local media is ignoring her case even after 3 press releases and over 500,000 hits on her blog   Bovat says she named her blog after the car she drives saying it’s an appropriate title because while working for Mr. Tavares I had to use the corporate Infiniti but members in the Good Ole Boy network on multiple occasions had security escort me out of the Nissan HQ building.   This was while Bovat was working for the high level leader.  Bovat says this happened when I went to get the keys to the Chairman’s Infiniti M, it was so bad I ended up meeting the assistant to Mr. Tavares in the Embassy Suites parking lot but after a while I finally told Mr. Tavares we’d take my car (a Honda CRV) and his response was "I’ll drive"  Bovat can’t understand why someone working the 2nd most powerful man at Nissan would not be allowed in the building, "obviously it was retaliation for my whistle blowing”. 
Bovat says the “Good Ole Boy” network at Nissan is “deep rooted” in the local Tennessee community and that is why she has legal problems. Bovat was told that until Carlos Ghosn goes Mr. Tavares cannot fire those that have created this unnecessary “drama” and she is reaching out to the French government that owns a large percentage of Renault and is asking for a message to be relayed to French President Sarkozy saying  “It’s time for Ghosn to go and end the era at Nissan North America  of Let Them Eat Cake, Tennessee needs Nissan to succeed and Nissan can’t without some sort of common sense generated intervention.”
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