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This "thought" is "under construction"  yet could be on of the MOST powerful.
For is shows....Lack of humanity coming DIRECTLY from Mr. Ghosn.

Mr. Morton the right hand man of Mr. Ghosn has been identified for being responsible for MOST of the issues I've uncovered.while I've been trying to make GOOD "cultural" CHANGE at Nissan. 

Mr. Morton is why an elaborate HR system was created by those affiliated in the Good Ole Boy network to simply "cover their tracks" so their "bad behavior would NOT be exposed.

Good Ole Boys ??? Maybe YOU should have done a "better" background check on your relocation consultant :) :)  

Now "after" Mr. Morton left Nissan large donations from Nissan were made to a South Carolina charity.   I'm researching to make sure it was Nissan USA and not the local dealership. But IF is was Nissan USA then obviously Mr. Morton still has a "voice" under Nissan's Ghosn's leadership.

Also, Mr. Morton was made of a member of different corporate boards of "conservative" companies, some that profited from the Iraq war and Hurricane Katrina.   ???  How did he get those "cushy" positions  ???  Ghosn.

If you have information that you want to share with me so I can "investigate" and want to share info with me in a confidential way go to Wal mart buy a "Go" phone with cash.and call me at 615-415-6675.

During this "battle of human decency" I got death threats.   I was told they're HARD to trace due to the "above" technique.   Good News for "this skirt"   I believe the "Good Ole Boys" didn't cover their tracks 100% and at least 1 threat will be TOTALLY exposed if this goes to court, civil court that is. For the record I prefer to "work" and move on.  My heart tells me I want to is work on "beefing up" Blue Citizenship and lead CSR. 

???  Why do I want to work for a company that has harassed me and I've fought with for OVER a year. 

Answer:  I see the "bigger" picture and I like challenges.  My "thought"  team Tavares could make "history" for turning around a company that was turned around then started "spinning out of control".  Also, CSR does corporate governance and I've talked to so many former employees and I want them to know that I will make sure what happended to them by unethical HR does NOT happen to any future employee.  For success in Tennessee "energy" needs to be directed to the "future"  

Have A Great Weekend!!!!                      Sharyn

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A viewer told me the picture below is TRULY the direction NISSAN should go to show the world that NISSAN a Japanese car company is leading the way in reference to greener/healthier "gas free" mobility.

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