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Why this happened?

Many times in MAY I asked for help with references, wanted training information, but the HR leaders were too busy to get back to me.  HR did not follow up on what they promised me to "help me go away".  For months I kindly requested what we had agreed to.  I had told TAVARES "issues" and I  wanted to make change quietly.  I have it documented that I wanted to hand over a list and walk away.  There was NOBODY to hand a list over to.  They were a TEAM.  Their actions were wrong.  I knew too much and then I saw too much.   They abused me because of their misconduct.   Nashville is a small economic zone and it's a small town...everyone talks. Once I was told a women who they fired was a casualty of war.  It was WRONG!!!  I was NOT going to be a "war" casualty.   I had to keep talking until someone listened.  

On June 3rd I sent this last plea for help to an HR consultant working with the SVP.

.........I'm frustrated with the situation.  That's why I'm reaching out to you.  I've had friends tell me I need to expose the corporate greed/waste and make some of their actions accountable.  Especially since Nissan is getting access to government/tax payer money.  My thought is to keep quiet & I want to be apart of solving problems internally and that's what I told Mr. Tavares.  What I've seen is morally wrong.  Change has to happen & it will be because of the economy.  When I had 3 days face time with the new leader and I saw how scared human resources was with his arrival I decided it was time to talk, I talked & emailed.   I've been threatened by a couple people at Nissan that are scared of me and for a while it was so difficult to keep up the fight.  Something clicked one day and Instead of fading away I'm stronger, I got proof to back up allegations and I'm ready for the worst. I do NOT want to do anything public but Stout told me if I told Tavares things he would make sure all references about me would go straight to him and I would be unemployable.
  That scared me.   ..............

His response was:

-----Original Message-----
From: HR consultant
Sent: Wednesday, June 03, 2009 8:12 AM
Subject: RE: One more comment



I empathize with your situation and at the same time I am not in a position

to assist you in this matter.

I strongly urge you to contact your Human Resources or Legal department for

a confidential meeting.



after reading that, I knew if change was going to happen it was ME....OUCH!!!

America, On the day after that reponse 6-04-09 I started this website!!!

NISSAN    "I'm Strong and I've got the TRUTH".


Maybe Next time you'll remember to

Treat Others the Way YOU Would Like to
be Treated!!!

This "SKIRT" has SPOKEN.


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