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Good Ole Boy "OUTINGS"

To:  Lydia the "Good Ole Boy Gal Pal".....

At a party I was told NISSAN's VP of HR Mark Stouts Assistant Lydia was "Very convenient" for Mr. Stout"  I asked Why???   WOW!!  I needed to know more.  Last year about this time I then asked an assistant of Marlin Chapmans to give me a "tour" of the 10th floor.  I met Lydia who has a pleasant personality and is a black woman.  Huh...  It did not make sense that a man with Mr. Stouts reputation on "diversity"that he would have an African American Woman as an Assistant. 

Luckily my past life experiences "kicked in".   I knew she was a "shield".   In time I learned she was more than that she was an "accomplis".  You see Lydia worked for the VP of human Resources and at the same time was reading ALL of Greg Kelly's emails ( Greg is/was the NISSAN Global SVP who is/was also in charge of Mr. Ghosn office).  Marlin's staff let me know that Mark might be on his way "out" and that Greg Kelly was communicating directly with Marlin.  Another told me that Greg was in "bed" with Ghosn and that Tavares was on a different team.  OK...  That made no sense yet fascinated me.   I knew that Mr. Tavares was NOT on the team sponsored by the Good Ole Boys.  The French Fringe Feared him and after some late night googling I felt solid that Mr. Tavares was playing ball on Ghosn team.

Quickly I put Mr. Tavares on the Ghosn Team for if  I didn't he had NO team  that's not realistic.  

To be candid, last year  NISSAN's reputation was declining "fast" in AMERICA.   I had spent 3 years working with auto executives from different companies and had been around many "high" level corporate executives in the past. 
Something at NISSAN was NOT right.    

When I met Kevin Martin at a party I knew "not the brightest" were selected for the 10th floor.   That's when I started  getting "interested" in this IBC.   Puzzle Pieces were floating and I wanted to solve the puzzle.  

When someone "thought" I was aligned with Greg Kelly the information flowed. 

Years ago in politics I was taught how to do "loyalty checks"  and for "fun" I did them to various executives upon hearing in January.

Just like in politics everyone had a code name so people would not know who they were talking about.  The General and Prime Minister were my "favorite" characters in this International Power Grab.    

Most did not know before the announcement that I knew about Tavares coming to Nashville.  Although some suspected, I say that because I got some nice gifts of appreciation.  One day at lunch hearing about the "french devil" coming to Tennessee I thought about saying "correction he's Portuguese" yet I kept quiet and absorbed the information.   

One more "piece" of information.  One of the "French Fringe" Leaders told me upon "global leadership" change I would have the job I wanted (and that was to reorganize relocation).   Yet, I knew instinctively if Greg Kelly, Mark Stout and Marlin Chapman were on the "winning" team in this power grab.  I would NEVER have that job.  I had already questioned some "bad" "Corrupt" business practices and spending.   They WOULD never put me on their roster. 

After spending 3 days with Mr. Tavares I knew he was a "good" guy and I wanted to play ball on his team.   NISSAN I had NO IDEA it would be this  "Tough" to get a job working for that man.    :)  :)

Back to Lydia.  Nissan strategically got rid of performers and reduced the women in management roles by 30% in North America.  People could not complain to Greg Kelly about Mark Stout because if the did, Mr. Stout would retaliated.  In May I was told that teh Good Ole Boys were planning their victory party.  Roadblocks "manned" by Lydia succeeded and Mr. Tavares was failing.    My "thought"  Mr. Tavares was the only person who treated me with respect during his relocation by then I had given up trying to work for him.  I just wanted my reference calls returned and what HR had promised in making me "go away".   My "thought" Maybe I should tell him a "few" more things.  Starting with the fact that his VP of HR & the Global SVP were plotting against him 

Lydia,  My "thought" for you is that your a traitor to YOUR race and gender.  What YOU did was WRONG!!!

Have A Great Day!!!                    Sharyn
Love Cars~Love People~Love the Planet

Fred Standish  ??? Are You A Good Ole Boy  or   Did You Just "Play Ball" with them because they were the "home" team.   

FYI: A person that talked to YOU that did "not" work for Nissan called me a "spy"  and they did this  in front of MY daughter.  You Sir, Represent Nissan to people in Williamson County.  I find it disrespectful.

For the "record" I have not been "sued" for "my thoughts"  in fact I've proven to be ACCURATE.  

FYI ~ In June Good Ole Boy HR sent some "kid" from IT to tweak the computer of MR. Tavares so my emails could not get through.  He was told "not too"  by Mr. Tavares.  This was relayed to ME by a 3rd party,  also  that person told me My "thoughts" were WELCOME!!!  

I did send some "thoughts" to Mr. Tavares (hundreds).  I'm sure he did NOT read them all.  Most likely he forwarded them to a "trustworthy" assistant in Tokyo.   There were LOTS of problems at Nissan.   For SUCCESS Mr. Tavares needed to know them and have "team players" make change.

Mr. Standish.  I want RESPECT and I want YOU to apologize.

Have A Great Day!!!        Sharyn
Love Cars~Love People~Love the Planet

Good Ole Boy ~ Duane Leffel  ???  Did You Know that Families  forced to take "unpaid" vacation suffered.

Some Hard Working NISSAN Families Could NOT afford After School Activities Like Ballet and  Tak Wan Do.  

Had the "Strategy" Been SUCCESS NOW!!!   Maybe some Families would NOT have suffered.    

It Was SELFISH!!! 

My "thought".
If EVERYONE on a TEAM  has "Respect for All People"  They can work together  and as a team SUCCEED together!!!

Have A Great Day!!!                    Sharyn
Love Cars~Love People~Love The Planet

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