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??? 55 Buttons




I hear your  NEW  Infiniti M has 55 buttons….  WOW!!!


That “inspired” a “thought”.


A decade ago I decided to become a photographer and did a special program through a  NIKON education program.  I joined 40 other students from all over the planet to learn from World class  photographers Eddie Adams and Steve McCurry  Jay Maisel and Jill Ensfield.  We spent an entire week with them  learning about  how to “take picures” .


Some in the class had  camera’s that looked like they could be used on the space shuttle….too many buttons.  I remember Eddie Adams telling this guy “that’s not a camera that’a a computer”.   


Steve Mc Curry who took the famous picture on the cover of National Geographic (and on the banner of this page) took the famous photo of the Girl in Afganistan  he taught me that the connection between the photographer and the camera are very important.  "They MUST feel comfortable with each other".  He’s camera would be considered a “top of the line” ” yet I do NOT think it had 55 buttons.  


??? Who’s my favorite photographer.   Answer: Ansel Adams.


In 2001 I went to Tokyo and tried to capture the beauty of the gardens in black and white.  I can’t find the slides… You’ll see the best when I do.  Japanese Gardens perfectly exemplify the “simple elengence” concept.   They represent another form of balance like the Chinese philosopy Yin & Yang.  


??? Did I ever sell any of my pictures. Answer:  On ly once.  I took some pictures of a “young” golfer in Pebble Beach at the 2000 US Open.  Got up close and you could see the determination in his eyes.    He was very polite.  Sadly,  I’ve heard he’s had some problems lately.  He’ll come back. My “thought” he never looked good that  Buick.  Yet, a GTR  WOW!!!


For my Dutch Viewers Below is my “attempt” to try an Ansel Adams style photograph. Black and White photography is definiatly NOT as easy as it appears.




Over 20 years ago  I knew people in the computer industry and some would want to make products that their technologically “gifed” friends/ competitors would be impressed by.  The reality is that those  customer forking out their cash to buy the product want something that;s “user friendly” .   I gave a guy some “advice” today  he might be living on a private island ? 


???  What kind of “computer/software” advice could I give a technical genius.


I guess I was his “wake up “ call.  He was mentally “trapped” by living amoungst the brightest minds in the world at an east coast technical school.   I told him to “tone it down” for “everyday America”.    Nice guy… bought a few “condos” from me in the late eighties  J J


NISSAN….Very Important!!!  Those wih high incomes that  LOVE quality cars, they also like to “drive”  they like “feeling the road” and “shifting” they don’t want to play around with BUTTONS.  My understanding is they “appreciate”  SIMPLE “high quality” ELEGENCE!!!


You better have a 24 hour cutomer service line ready.   People that can afford your top of the line M do NOT have the time to read a manual the size of  the book War and Peace to figure out how to use their car.   


Bottom Line…..People that have the “extra” time to figure out how to use 55 buttons most likely cannot afford the car.   If they get “too” frustrated with the “gadgets” they might not purchase it.

 GET IT!!!!     Just like the Camera……  Those that want the “best” want to “feel” comfortable and be “connected. 


 Just a “thought” suggestion  for a remedy of button fatigue….that  24 hour quick answer customer service line that can be programed into their cell will be perfect for “quick” anwers.  



Have A Great Day!!!                    Sharyn

Love Cars~Love People~Love the Planet

I will never be a professional photographer. 

Although, The time I spent in the attempt has given me some of my happiest memories.

Being around world classs photographers I saw their passion, creative instincts,  and determination. 

NISSAN In every field that is needed for success.

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