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Now my child is MAD


My child has watched her mom fight for human decency during that time she has seen her mom sad & mad.

She was left alone when "Rob" sent her mom to jail & then she saw the bruises on her moms arms left over from her moms July 7th experience.  She watched he mom tell the police last summer about NISSANs circling the home and was in the car when being followed too closely by Titan trucks.   She's been through "a LOT".  My child has suffered and she is WHY I will continue fighting for human decency.  I want her to grow up in a society that's a LOT less racist. 

Last spring her dad took her to Graceland for spring break and she fell in love with the music by Elvis and then wanted to do her showcase for skating to one of his songs.   We bought the CD and she picked her favorite.  Then I hired a choreographer and had a dress made by a lady in Atlanta.  She has performed the Routine in Ann Arobr, Colorado Springs and Alabama.   Winning 1 gold 2 Silvers.    She LOVES that routine...  Well....Not anymore.
NISSAN is using that song for their new Altima Ad.   She does NOT want to think about NISSAN when she skates.

I Don't Blame her!!!   ???  Of ALL the songs...  Why Devil in Disguise.......  I Don't  Get it!!!!

Last week a Black Electric LEAF was circling the neighborhood and NOW this.  

NISSAN I've been followed/monitored for too long and my "nerves" are getting warn out.  Too many "odd" coincidences.

FYI- I'm telling my daughter that NISSAN probably chose this song because they knew she liked it.    
EVERYONE that she skates with knows that she skates to this song and they know about my website. 

NISSAN this is  "creepy". but for MY CHILD I want her to "think" this is a  compliment. 

This little girl who was born in China knows that her mom is fighting for people that are "different" in Tennessee and she's seen the worst of the Good Ole Boys.... She needs to feel like there's hope so lets turn this "odd" coincidence into something positive.

Thank you!!!!    

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