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LA Auto Show Review

NISSAN Why compete w/the “attractive” G.

It’s In the same “price range”.   

Let’s use this analogy:  ONLY 3-5% of Americans prefer dating “fat people”.  Is that YOUR demographic.

 “The Girl in the Black Honda viewers say NISSAN should give it some kibble and send it to the National Dog Show”

One viewer asked this question:

??? Why are there NO pictures of this “puppy” (the cross cabriolet) with the “soft” top up.  Adding  The “G” has a lower base price has a “hard top” 


Have A Great Day!!!   Sharyn


Tomorrow "The Girl In the Black Honda" writes about the Ellure.   Her "first" thought on the new direction for NISSAN and sedans is for Mr. Nakamura and it's "Bravo Maestro".


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