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??? How many would feel comfortable flying knowing that the Air Traffic System was having an Internal Battle of Control.

Let’s “Pretend” The Tower management wanted to take control away from the Radar center leadership that currently dominated management.   The Tower leaders at a “Rogue” tower located far away from the HQ made “bad” decisions and gave bad data to the head of the air traffic control system led by both leaders from the Radar center and the Tower those in HQ made economic decision .  The bad data did NOT let them do their jobs properly and the “rogue” tower did this just to win long term success that benefitted a selected few tower employee’s.   The plan did not benefit the flying public who was paying to “upgrade” a facility to build new “technology”. 

Worse, What if the tower purposely let some planes “crash” just to prove the need for tower management to control the budgets.     

??? What would the response be from the “flying public”

??? Would YOU Want to Fly


My “thought” the issues with the
LEAF are the lack of concern about having an “attractive” design because so many In North America DID not believe in the EV.   The design is acceptable in Asia and Europe.  People in those societies have different “tastes”.   A car for people living outside of America is simply a form or transportation, in America a car is an extension of a persons “image”.    "Green adicts" want the car to look "unusual" so OTHER people will know they bought a "green" car.   I talked to Prius owners that purchased because of "fuel cost"savings and they don't like the look of the car but like the savings.  So when NISSAN runs out of "green adicts" that car will be attractive "economically"  when gas prices rise....

Here's My Point:

If North American executives had the companies’ BEST interest at heart and if they BELIEVED in EV success "long term"  someone would have made a statement about the design. Especially since the stated goal is to make a car for the “mass market”.
Had EVERYONE been on board in North America and they cared about “style”
NISSAN you could have had a BLOCKBUSTER.  Now Mr. Ewanick has a "challenge".

The NISSAN design could have had a unique style and showed it’s not a typical gas car but it became an "inside" joke.  Top executives in North America “laughed” knowing that their own company was creating what would eventually end up as the car equivalent of an undesirable toy like in that American holiday classic rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer and the “Land of the Misfit Toys”.   
NISSAN executives had “fun” knowing it was going to be a “flop”. Months ago on this website when I said Bill O’Reilly would be blaming President Obama for wasting over 1 billion dollars of taxpayer money showing a picture of YOUR happy blue car.  I cannot take credit for that “witty” statement I heard that comment from a NISSAN exec.  

When I saw the picture this summer.  I was mad.

??? Why do YOU think I’m so passionate?   The “cube” was to fail and so was your happy blue car. 

Seeing the BIG picture I knew that it’s not just
NISSAN that suffers since you’re the leaders in “pushing for EV adaptation and the only Mass manufacturer that is making these for mainstream America I knew that not only jobs at NISSAN in Tennessee would be lost but others too.   If the car flops the companies that make charging stations flop and infrastructure changes will be done for nothing.   The Good Ole Boys at NISSAN were disrespecting ALL of America and even though they don’t believe in Global Warming wasting taxpayer dollars is morally wrong.  Once NISSAN took that 1.4 Billion dollars they have a responsibility to want success. 

In Franklin Tennessee Global Leadership and Global design leaders were “mocked” by the Good Ole Boy leadership in Tennessee.  

They had NO respect for corporate leaders and they had NO respect for the corporate dollar.


When America “overreacted” to the BOYCOTT FRANCE issue in 2003-2004 the movement was in middle Tennessee was fueled by NISSAN employees. 

The Good ole Boys wanted to “rule” their world in Tennessee, no loyalty to the corporation.   Tokyo executives had  bad data and were lied to by global HR.   I spoke early on about discrimination and was bullied by HR leadership in North America and NISSANs sustainability report backed me up which came out after my website started.  Did you notice Good Ole Boy HR leadership gave it a double circle meaning that NISSAN was “on target” when it came to women in leadership.  We’ll if a 30% reduction of women in middle management and above is “on target” then it’s time to change the person that’s making the target. Mr. Buddendeck that’s why I want the CSR part of YOUR job I believe in accurate data.

NISSAN  Women buy cars from people they TRUST!!!  Not those that are known to discriminate..

Board in Tokyo, I put no blame on anyone not American.  Nobody could have foreseen this.   The HR leaders were “exceptional” at deception.   Remember they “interacted” with brilliant southern strategist, unfortunately those strategists had “extreme” racist views”.   The destructive corporate culture at NISSAN North America was created by extremist.

Early on I said there are a lot of GOOD people in that building but they were “FEARED” the HR Good Ole Boy leadership and stayed silent to keep their jobs. 

My suggestion is mimic Bridgestone and bring more Japanese and add some French to America to manage “internal policies”.  Yet, for marketing you need Americans that understand OUR culture.  

Recently I read that Carlos Ghosn sent a bunch of Japanese to Mississippi years ago to help solve quality problems, smart move.  Still the Infiniti had to be moved back to Tokyo to ensure quality.   Let’s hope those vans are easy to build.

Lets bring a surge of Japanese efficiency and  “diversity” to the North America HQ.   Also, I want some French women to come to Tennessee from Renault.  The women in Tennessee need role models that are capable, confident and cultural.  

I’m not talking HIGH level workers I want those that would “integrate”  into each different department.  Become cultural “role models”.  When they go back they can take part of our culture with them.  It’s a win~win.

To save money on relocation cost I have a plan.  Let’s recruit “empty nesters” with lots of corporate experience and also those “newbie’s” that don’t have families to relocate that would appreciate the American Adventure.    There’s affordable luxury apartments close to NISSAN North America,   More later….

Imagine…..   With integration brings acceptance……WOW!!!!!!


NISSAN… Do my design challenge to create the “next” generation of the LEAF.  Make “everyday average” America part of the process and let’s educate those on the need for the EV during each challenge on the TV show.   America needs to feel like we’re part of the process.

We’re going to need a “normal” looking EV sedan for fleets for hotels If you don’t want to rebadge the “flu” then I suggest creating an “affordable” sedan quickly available before 2012.  One that looks like your “New Sentra” which I’m sure is going to be attractive.  




NISSAN Sedans are going to be “IN” again in 2011/2012

The crossover rage has peaked.  Americans have a “short” attention span and sedans look more sophisticated and after a bad economy people want that “look” of sophistication.


In reference to Infiniti.   The small infiniti crossover  DX is still a good idea yet the little ‘I’ will be your bread and butter if you want to make even more money in the future.   Having both would “complete” your line up.


The Sentra can be on the top 10.   Mr. Nakamura please tell your Sentra design the back lights need to have red on the outside the clear plastic looks “cheap” on the sentra’s on the road today.  Minor tweaks and the addition of the ipad dock and you’ve got a “winner”.    


NISSAN “everyone” loves the i Car thought.  That alone gets people “into” your dealerships and makes YOU fashionable to the next generation. WIN~WIN


A pulse check was done on the Micra.  It’s ATTRACTIVE!!!! 

For 14,900k a convertible Micra would be a “HIT” in America.  

You’d make the President of Mexico happy because they’d have lots more jobs if you made that car “cutie” for the US.


The Juke and its boxy cousin the “cube” will be OK.  Let’s just say … Everyone has “odd” relatives and those two cars are interesting members of the NISSAN family and they keep life fun. 


For Success NISSAN a “Mainstream Sedan Family”

Tweak with exceptional “quality” not creative design.   The feedback I’ve gotten from those NOT test driving or even looking at NISSANs as a contender for their next car purchase is poor quality, crappy customer service and “odd” design features.  Are what’s keeping YOU from being a car that “average” America would consider?  Good News most Americans think your engines are good. That’s just not enough to get some people in the door.  

~Looking Back~

When Mr. Tavares arrived things were going as “planned” on the "Failure for Power” strategy by the Good Ole Boys and French Fringe.  

Mr. Tavares did  “fast” tweaks like that added navigation system to the “commuter cars”.  He’s a product guy and he “gets it”. He understood that the Maxima needed to stand alone and not be considered in the same league as the Altima.  Sales at NISSAN increased because Mr. Tavares acted like a triage doctor and basically “saved” North America during the Internal Battle of Control.   Cars now are already in the process of being  “refreshed” for the economic comeback and that would NOT have happened if the 18 month plan succeeded.  

I think the Japanese board members and shareholders should be “grateful” that Mr. Ghosn sent Carlos Tavares to America.

~This says it all~

In June an IT person was sent to the office of Carlos Tavares so his computer could be “tweaked”.  He was sent because HR and NISSAN North American management did NOT want Mr. Tavares to receive my emails. 

Mr. Tavares told the guy he not to do it.  Then I got a call telling me my “thoughts” were welcome.  

NISSAN- At that moment I knew that not only could I trust Carlos Tavares I knew that Carlos Tavares trusted Sharyn Bovat.

Years ago I was told when a left brained genius and a right brained genius “connect” amazing things happen……..lightbulb!!!!


I was also told not many people are capable of seeing the “big” picture and what makes me “special” is I see the big picture yet I communicate at a level “average” people understand.   I was raised to be a warrior and in this battle I was a reluctant one at that.  Remember I kept trying for months to hand over a list of unethical issues.  When Mr. Becker did not want the list and nobody assisted me with my 1099 form and even after Mark Stout was deleted from the web site I was still treated poorly by NISSAN.  I still kept seeing the guy in the black Murano.

NISSAN North America...???  Hungy....

I learned to make business success long term:

 “if you don’t’ get the roots the weeds will grow back”.

Here the “List” of Roots at NISSAN North America: 


I do have a “list” of Good Ole Boys but I want to give people the opportunity to change and become “team” players so “outing” anymore good old boys at this moment is not on my agenda.  

Exception:  Rob from Legal…..You’re “toast”.   Fred Standish and “Rob” crossed the line of human decency.  They “communicated” for the Good Ole Boys… Not for
NISSAN. Gentlemen:  You bullied the wrong Broad.

Good News!!!  The “issues” at NISSAN Design have already been taken care of….  Thank You!!  Mr. Nakamura.

Now some in Tokyo might miss their “beer” buddy….  I’m sorry.   For the record, I tried to save him.  I gave him so many opportunities to “not” go down with the ship.  I told Mr. Tavares in June that the “big fish” usually just get rearranged and I knew Mr. Saikawa would be OK.  I thought Mr. Kelly would be the “voice of reason”.   I saw that Mr. Saikawa got another 4 year term on the Renault Board so YES I was correct.   He’s a smart man and I’ve heard he’s charming from one of his indirect reports although I read he’s called a “whipcracker”.   I want to hear why.  Mr. Saikawa, I drink beer but prefer Vodka. ???  Maybe someday  you can tell me how you got that nick name.

NISSAN- When the storm is OVER Lets Grow Some Flowers.

???  Do YOU want to make some $$$$ and have YOUR cars on top of the charts.  

???  Do YOU want the EV to succeed Globally.

It can happen!!!

It takes TEAMWORK. 

It takes a 100% commitment from every employee each having to be focused on success for today, loyalty to the team and having a strong belief in ones abilities.

1st It takes your charismatic business leader who has courage and is willing to put his reputation on the line by saying 10% of the cars by 2020 will be electric. 

He’ll have to “sell” this new road to political leaders and be the global spokesman for society change. That’s not including his “day” job of running Renault~NISSAN

2nd It also takes another high caliber NISSAN executive
that “gets the big picture” capable of juggling so many multi lingual pieces of a puzzle.  Each puzzle piece must be perfectly placed together by a leader who’s brilliant “driven” & has a "no excuses” attitude. 

For success they must trust their teams that that are leading the global “troops” handling each task.

3rd Finally it takes “glue” which we’ll call a "global hall monitor one that preaches “Respect for All People”.  

That’s CQ & CSR: My goal is to keep the puzzle pieces from “falling off the table”.  Using a system I learned at the Air Traffic Control Academy it’s a simple “to-do” list that is used when the radar fails.  

At NISSAN we’ll have a team of people that can see the “big” picture and can make sure “crashes" do not happen.    This system I’m proposing does not micromanage and is not invasive.  In fact it gives people the “freedom” to fly with limited interruptions as long as they’re obeying the rules of the “road”.  That's the official NISSAN corporate code of conduct.

Getting to my Point:  

The top two people at NISSAN both named Carlos have said that the EV/LEAF is the direction of the company.   
FYI-Those that fought against it and did not want success for
Mr. Ghosn and Mr. Tavares sorry YOU lost. 

My “thought” time to eat the BUNNY.

Mr. Tavares knows that the EV needs “1” team to make success happen.

Let’s make that happen and unite...Those that find “eating the bunny” unattractive.  Don’t worry I’ll work hard to make sure the LEAF is a bit more “digestible” in the 2nd generation. 
One that America will want to “eat” after a new “entrée” is offered long term success selling the EV to the masses and finding out what will make AMERICA happy is part of :

The NISSAN CSR philosophy 2010:


More NISSAN Cars Sold

~More Jobs Created~More Profits for the Shareholders~

More $$$ for NISSAN to Enrich the Lives of People & the Planet


Have A Great Day!!!!                          Sharyn

Love Cars~Love People~Love the Planet


Read what an independent expert wrote on the LEAF below.

Nissan's Leaf is highly important, a true milestone in automotive history. Essentially, it's the first electric car from an established manufacturer that is ...


By Design: 2010 Nissan Leaf January, 2010 By Robert Cumberford

Nissan's Leaf is highly important, a true milestone in automotive history. Essentially, it's the first electric car from an established manufacturer that is seriously intended for imminent production. Yes, I know about General Motors' EV1, which was our 1997 Design of the Year. But you couldn't buy it. You could only lease it and, ultimately, had to give it back to be scrapped. Most of the electric cars I've seen in fifty years in the automobile business were funny little Renaults stuffed full of lead-acid golf-cart batteries, which transformed nimble four-door sedans into heavy, slow two-seat city cars. A few electric conversions are available now-Peugeots and Minis-but they're basically existing small cars that have been clumsily repurposed in half-hearted gestures toward being "green."

Asked to characterize the Leaf in Tokyo last October, Nissan's head of American operations, Carlos Tavares, thought for a moment, then said, "It's a real car." That's a powerful statement-and one I'd like to believe. Driving a test mule with the Leaf's systems for a brief moment, I thought it quite nice, but it was hardly a defining experience. What concerns me about the Leaf is its crushing visual banality. Many surface details are excellent, but others are just awkward. It's often said that a camel is a horse designed by committee. The Leaf, alas, looks like it was done by a committee of committees. It's not ugly, but neither is it striking nor exciting. Perhaps that's understandable. It wouldn't be a good idea to give it the "this is a hybrid" Kamm profile of the Toyota Prius and the Honda Insight, however efficient that is, nor should it have been an electrified version of an existing model. But surely it didn't have to look quite so . . . ordinary.



By Design: 2010 Nissan Lea


1. Bulging, transparent headlamp covers are visible even from far behind the car   BIGGEST EYE SORE...FOR MOST I’VE SURVEYED

2. Another curiosity is this blackout triangle behind the door and side transparencies. The upper point draws the eye upward and makes the car seem even taller.

3. This awkward line is puzzling. It peaks a bit ahead of the wheel centerline, so high on the body that it makes the side panels seem enormous.

4. After its peak, the side crease line becomes three flattened segments joined by disparate radii, for an odd and unpleasant effect.

5. The trunk sill isn't too high, but it is very narrow.

6. These under-tail ribs recall diffusers on race cars and lead one to ask, "what were they thinking?"

7. Not exactly a head-up display, but the speedometer readout is close to the driver's down-the-road sight line.

8. The information on current usage, on the other hand, requires a considerable shift of focus.

9. The central control panel is clean, simple, and legible.

10. Nissan claims that this hatch over the recharging plugs clearly identifies the Leaf as an electric car. It doesn't.

11. The hood's very rounded edge visually shortens the front of the car.

12. The base of the windshield is considerably less rounded than the hood, leaving a big black void.

13. The windshield is sloped back at an extreme angle, more like an Italian GT coupe than a typical economy car. If only the whole car were this dynamic.

14. The nearly flat roof panel elegantly runs under the transverse spoiler/CHMSL at the rear.

15. This is not a radiator grille, but it has the outline and inset surface one would expect to see for one.

16. This rib that dips below the air intake beneath the grille shape in the lower front fascia is crisply executed and leads nicely into a surround for the foglamps.

17. Sculpting of the entire front end is quite elegant, with a soft radius across the nose above the "grille" and the side crease turning back toward the wheel opening.

18. For all the visibility it provides, this leading quarter window might just as well be opaque.

19. The tall, featureless sides provide a good base for the Zero Emission graphics, but one hopes that not every Leaf will wear them.

20. Tall vertical taillights are well integrated to the upper structure, but less so on the lower body.






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