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NISSAN:  To raise money to continue this "fight for fairness" using the American courts I need subpeonas.....I'm going to get Thormann & Morton to answer questions "under oath"
America will agree with me & what happened to the American TAXPAYERS was WRONG!!!! 

Thinking "Out of the Box" for a "new" career... since Stout did not return my calls of help & for references because he was mad at me for Whistleblowing NISSAN I'm going into stand up comedy and I'm gonna speak about  NISSAN Good Ole Boys~The Play Pen~ Tennessee ...Maybe I'll mention the "cube".  
Brancheau  think of that as "product placement"  :) :)

Hey, maybe I can sell some "shirts" the latest edition :)

Sharyn Bovat does NOT remember the 80's
Sharyn Bovat LIVED the 80's

Born and raised in The Bay Area, California   Sharyn Bovat had spent her early years "traveling" and falling in love with each adventure.  Her parents wanted her to be a rocket scientist but Sharyn wanted to be a member of Charlies Angels.
Ever since her earliest days, she was fascinated by new experiences and lived each one to the fullest.

College started at the age of 16 for Sharyn.  She was BRIGHT and sadly to her high pressure parents Sharyn was The Wild Child.  The daughter of a former democrat mayor~activist~lobbyist she disappointed her mom for she cared more about the "flip" in her hair than taking the torch to fight for feminism.  

At 18 her parents "fired" her from college.  With justification her grades were not the best ??? maybe it was spending her book money at the arcade playing Pac Man and that experience of "going on the road" with the drummer of a heavy metal band.   

When Sharyn tired of wearing leather pants and wished her "country club" life back she became a  Reagan Loving Young Republican   forget about fighting for feminism Sharyn became a fighter for Freedom.  Speaking out for oppressed people is what she did..This is what Sharyn loved. 


Sharyn's mom known in activist circles was proud of her little girl for having a "brain"....that opened doors.  

Aware of Sharyn's "on board computer" and her "love of adventure" at an early age a political genius  took her aside and Sharyn  "pretended" to not be the brightest so she could gather data. wow!!!   

Her identity "Friendly Fixture" " Effervescent Airhead" and during the Bush years "Brainless Bimbo".

Ever hear about "factious Political Dirty Tricks team Sharyn says it was REAL and she was a "3rd party" Vendor.....  

When asked to wear a pair of panties for an hour so then they could be planted in a politicains hotel room this savvy skirt asked questions..... OUCH!!!

Those "extremist" were a little to "sleazy for Sharyn and she packed her bags like Harold Ford and fled to NYC.


It took Sharyn 17 years to get her college degree she could not escape the allure of "travel" learning how to listen and ask the "right" questions kept Sharyn on the road of discovery.

Sharyn Got her degree in 1999 in honor of man from MN..

NEVER did she "think" about getting in the middle of another HOT  "Internal Battle of Control" until:
As fate would have it.   This former pair of "ears" who was a freedom fighter matured into a carpool mom working in Middle Tennessee as a relocation consultant...

On the 2nd wednesday in February 2009 she picked up her  new client Carlos Tavares #2 at NISSAN  (globally) and knowing of "discriminating, corruption, and wasteful spending of taxpayer money at NISSAN North America Sharyn realized she had the "ear" of a man who could MAKE CHANGE & this ACCIDENTAL TOURIST transformed into her "stealth" self..... flying under the radar collecting data and doing what the Bush family did but Reagan vowed not to do and that was Pounce....

???   WHY

Sharyn was told at NISSAN North America that "Skirts Don't Speak".   Since then this American dug into her heart and has fought for the same issues in Tennessee that her mom fought for in California over 40 years ago.  

This "drama" continues......       more later

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