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NISSAN   Years ago I worked on a special project in
West Virginia with a guy who's sister Shannen was on a popular TV show.

American Women LOVED that show ... for 10 years
Even in Rural "red" State America.

Those from that "generation" are probably NOW thinking about UPGRADING to a "Luxury" car.

Your possible new slogan 

"At its heart, luxury".....           

it's Fantastic!!!!

Have A Great Day!!!!    Sharyn
Love Cars~Love People~Love the Planet

BEVERLY HILLS, California 
From Thursday's Globe and Mail .....Petrina Gentile

What is luxury?

According to Infiniti officials, the definition may be changing. "At its heart, luxury is still about prestige and status - no doubt about it. But it may not mean accepting the same old brands as status quo. It is in this environment that our brand provides a choice.

"The Infiniti brand offers a more honest kind of luxury - a luxury that comes straight out of the products and ownership experience. There's no excessive opulence, no overengineered gimmicks, no outrageous pricing just because it has a certain badge," says Ben Poore, vice-president of Infiniti Americas, at the preview of the new 2011 Infiniti M sedan at the swank SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills.

The Infiniti brand is sold in 35 countries, including China and Russia, and there are plans to expand into Central and South America. While the brand may not have the same cachet as BMW or Mercedes-Benz in North America, officials hope a new and improved lineup will attract more consumers - especially women.

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