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Yesterday at Starbucks I was told that customers have asked why I haven’t been there as often.  I told them I’ve been “busy”.   The reality is too many people have seen this website.  NISSAN I can live with the fact that people talk about me & stare at me but when it comes to my child I kindly request that people not say anything to her unless they have all the facts.  She is 8 Years old.  

For the record YES I did give up custody so I could continue this battle.  Tennessee is NOT a no fault divorce state.  This summer I had to make a difficult choice.  I chose to keep fighting for fairness.   Some believe that my decision makes me a bad parent.  OK.  I accept your opinion.  Although I disagree.   My decision will allow for MANY daughters of those living in Tennessee (including mine) to have a chance of a BETTER future.  My decision allowed for performers to succeed.   My decision allowed for our taxpayer dollars to be spent properly.   PLEASE!!!!  If you think I love my child any less because of my decision to give up custody to battle for human decency.    Think Again!!! 



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