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Subject: Visit us in Davos during the World Economic Forum

Dear Guest,

The Renault-Nissan Alliance has a significant presence at this year’s World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland (26-28 January).


We are proudly explaining our groundbreaking work in zero emission mobility. The Nissan LEAF electric vehicle – recently voted International Car of The Year – and the Renault Fluence Z.E will be there, along with our technical experts. All will be happy to explain how far the Alliance has come in the quest to eliminate tailpipe emissions and help create a cleaner world.


If you are in Davos, please take some time to visit us. We are at the Hub Pavilion, Promenade 93, 7260 Davos Platz.


If you have time, you are also welcome for a ride in the revolutionary Nissan LEAF and Renault Fluence Z.E  And you can follow all our latest news via our blog or via our Twitter.


Best regards,


The Renault-Nissan Alliance team



The Renault-Nissan Alliance promotes zero emission in Davos 2011

Monday 24/01/11

by Renault-Nissan Alliance Team


Davos: it’s shorthand for the World Economic Forum (WEF), the annual gathering of the world’s top politicians, business leaders, intellectuals and thinkers.

They all descend on Davos in the Swiss Alps – at 1,560 meters, the highest city in Europe – to discuss the most pressing issues facing the globe, with a special focus on health and the environment.

What’s this got to do with the Renault-Nissan Alliance? A great deal. This year the Alliance is present in Davos to tell the Forum more about our groundbreaking work in zero emission mobility.

For decades, electric vehicles have been recognised as a way of eliminating harmful tailpipe emissions, but as a practical form of transport they remained tantalisingly out of reach. Until now.

The Alliance has invested $5 billion and the first fruits of that investment – the Nissan LEAF – is now running around the streets of major cities in Japan, America and Europe.

But our work on zero emissions has gone far deeper than simply developing world-leading battery technology or delivering the first mass-produced family EV, however.

The Alliance has been working behind the scenes with governments, municipal authorities, utility and energy providers and technology suppliers to ensure that the infrastructure is in place to allow EVs to be charged away from the home or the office. We have developed partnerships and signed countless Memoranda of Understanding to promote the development and use of EVs and we are actively involved in advancing a zero emission future.

Nissan LEAF is just the start. It’s the first of eight EVs from the Alliance, a roster that includes three more from Nissan – including a luxury Infiniti EV – and no fewer than four from Renault: Fluence, Twizy, Zoe and the Kangoo ZE light commercial. By mid-2011 Renault will be the world’s first manufacturer to offer a complete range of EVs.

In Davos, delegates will be able to discover our display in a dedicated pavilion and will also be offered the chance to get a ride in Nissan LEAF and Renault Fluence Z.E.

Everyone else is invited to learn more about the Alliance EV programme. You can watch our video, stay on this blog and catch up with the latest news as it happens via Twitter.

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NISSAN Renault   


The email to the left was in my “inbox” this morning & it invites me to test drive your revolutionary LEAF.  Personally I find the “Flu” much more attractive and in Davo's I can test that too.


Since I have a sincere fear of NISSAN North America’s “Rob” of  tossing me in jail if I go anywhere near a NISSAN facility/event I have been unable to test drive the Leaf in the America. 


NISSAN & Renault I’ve had to be “visable” since my freedom was taken away in Tennessee.  I spoke the truth about reckless spending.  The people are/were connected to Carlos Ghosn.
NOW is I’ve got many people reading my blogs, some of my readers are connected to the Koch Brothers, and the Tea Party Elitet. 


Yes!!!  I want the EV to be a success.  In my heart I believe it’s best for America. 

I’m an American and I do NOT like what is happening in America in reference to how tax dollars are being spent.  I do NOT want my child paying interest on bonds that were sold to foreign nations  to create or subsidize the EV “if” there is no plan on long term success.  The days of playing "games" with taxpayer money have to be OVER.


FYI-  It’s been communicated to me that my "research" is being valued, my blog is read by “connected” people, indictments are eminent.

That’s all I can say.
I do NOT know Who~ What ~ Why.   

Yesterday I was told my "bankruptcy" theory was close to being TRUE!!!  NISSAN is making "changes".   Well it's time you opened the door to me. My story is going to "pop"   I need a spokesperson for me.   

The fact is I want to work and enjoy my life. 

I do not want to be "caught" up in some BIG scandal that could bring down the first black President of the United States.   Although I'm a republican I want him to succeed for if he succeeds America succeeds. 

If someone contacts me and arranges transportation and hotel accommodations.  

I would be more than happy to listen with an OPEN mind about your EV.   At the same time I have some other questions that need to be answered.  

It sounds like the “experts” will ALL be there.  According to the release about Davo’s it’s a conference of
politicians, business leaders, intellectuals and thinkers.”  I "think" I meet one of the targeted demographics.


“It’s time WE all got along.”


Sharyn Bovat

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