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This is from my "beating" heart....  Please Read.

This morning in Franklin was Gorgeous the weather sunny and warm I decided to get a coffee at the Starbucks I used to frequent and sit outside.  Two ladies sat next to me with computers and bibles.  They were working on a project.  I was journaling in my notebook then my ears popped when I heard the word “shooting range”.  The ladies were trying to figure out when to go shooting.  ??? Do they go Saturday or Sunday?  It’s less crowded on Sunday but then they have to change clothes after church.   Big Decision.   One lady has new goggles and wants to try them out.  Both  LOVE  their guns (one was a gift from her daddy) they talked about their weapons like they were members of the family.  Kind of the same affection I showed my first “real” Coach purse.,  Interesting conversation. 


OK  Back to journaling.  I’m bored with rambling on and on about Good Ole Boys so I decided to take the day off from ranting about this “culture”.   I picked up the local paper and VOILA I’m ranting again.   Guns in Bars are a big topic in Nashville and I have my opinion.  It’s Ridicules and it terrifies me.  


I’ve been told countless times that going against a “Good Ole Boy “Network is dangerous I GET IT!!!
People acknowledge they exist yet are “scared” of them.  For example construction quality on home building is “not the best”.   If you complain about the quality you could be threatened, those that get their problems fixed are people that had a “Good Ole Boy” intervene on their behalf.    Many people just accept this and stay quiet and become part of the problem by hiring “good Ole boys” just to have that “Insurance” that things will get done.   Who cares if it cost too much.   The extra money is worth the peace of mind.    It’s the “culture”.


What I’ve done on this web site is exposed these networks and I’ve made it clear that we’ve had problems in our schools due to these networks and kickbacks.   It’s a who knows who society and I was told a few days ago it’s a small town and EVERYONE talks.   People know that I’m the “tattle tale” who   decided to take on the “GOOD OLE BOY” society.   Some people are quietly cheering me on but those that “profited” under good ole boy rule want the society to remain the same.   It’s all about money and control.   


My former neighbor told me about a man who lived on their street when they lived in Missouri he was a “whistleblower” … I say WAS because he was murdered.   This neighbor talked to me again last summer to tell me of silver NISSAN with a blonde woman that was circling my home.  I moved out a week later.  For the record I’m fighting this battle of human decency from an undisclosed location.   The NISSAN Good Ole Boys had all my personal information including my address.  They’re HR.    When Titan trucks circled my street and slowed down as they passed by my home.  I knew it was a message.


In July I decided to get life insurance but was told that I would not be covered if it pertained to my “whistle blowing”.  The problem I had put on a public web site that I had death threats and that makes me uninsurable.


I do not think a NISSAN employee is going to do harm to me.  What I worry about is a “local”  an “unqualified buddy” that got contracts and built his business using the good ole boy network.  Now that the schools and community is talking about corruption and these networks people have to be a bit more transparent.  They have to work for the money that they receive.   Some of those that benefited from the “bad business practices” are going to suffer financially this biggest fear.


For Tennessee to allow Guns in Bars is so dangerous.  How can I a person who just spoke up for what was morally right be able to go out and enjoy dinner in a restaurant or have a drink in a bar fearing that some drunk “good ole boy” who has access to his gun will decided to make a point by “Bringing Me Down”.


NISSAN I knew going into this that this could happen. I’m tough and I’ll see it out till the end.  I did NOT know it would take this long.    Those of you from Japan and France you’ve never lived in “pro gun” societies.  Please understand I’m being overly cautious yet this problem is REAL.


I need Peace of Mind that I’m OK.  


Thank You!!!!















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