The Original Blog of the NISSAN Whistleblower 

To: Terry Wood

Terry Wood,
Do YOU love America?

Years ago Oliver North gave me a lecture on loyalty to America, he did some things that he was "told to do" and those things might not have been Kosher. 

.... I told NISSAN board member Carlos Tavares in 2009 that I had interacted with Mr. North and he kept speaking to me.   Do you think that's strange?

Oliver North is a hero because he "did what he was told"  & he was protecting America's National Security ...  ALL Your protecting is some Good Ole Boys that are connected politically.  

Sir, that's NOT patriotic.  

A LOT of boxes are coming home from the Middle East and NISSAN does business in Iran....

Mr. Wood:  Who would have "thought" that America's 1st black president cut a deal with members of a Southern Good Ole Boy Network.

One that has ties to the KKK. 

Rahm Emanuel wanted Haley Barbour to be the Republican nominee "just so" Obama would have an "easy" re election bid.

Barbour did it just to "stay in charge of the RNC purse strings"

Barack Obama "just likes the fancy life" it's obvious that he does not care about women.  People connected to him read my blog and they know that I was told on the executive floor at NISSAN North American "Skirts Don't Speak"  I had 4 meetings with HR and women in management went from 20.9% in 2006 to 10% in 2009 the year that I whistle blew.   People connected to President Obama KNOW that I told the truth and they let the malicious proscetution continue.  WHY..... It's all about $$$
Mr. Wood: For the record I do NOT believe you're corrupt.  I believe you work for someone who is.

Court Transcript show the word probation was used (Mr. Wood on that point you're correct)...BUT I was never given instructions on "what" that meant, told of an appointment  & my lawyer assisting was never told of any appointment:  The call from the woman came AFTER the appointment was missed that I was NEVER told about....  Tennessee is the MOST corrupt in the USA.  I want to get the fuck OUT of this state!!!

Terry Wood "thought" that I was only jailed 2 times.  Well it was 3 and almost 4 times.  I've been BULLIED by the Franklin Police.   I've been bullied by the state of Tennessee I'm fighting back.

I LOVE America and I'm TIRED of seeing boxes come back. 

Tennessee is in BED with Islamic Terrorist and NISSAN is on the Iran Watch List.

 Ya'll are SCUZ balls and it's time to RESPECT the Taxpayer!

I do NOT trust the Williamson County DA’s office and IF for some reason I’m jailed a 4th time I want“monitors in place” to ensure my safety.

Whistleblower cant's sleep because she was told she missed a probation appointment that she was NEVER told about.  Please watch video:

In court she was told to "pay $50 fee online"...... maybe it's a communications problem. Stilll Bovat fears TN might be trying to "railroad" her again.

Sharyn Bovat FEARS the unknown & can't understand how a misdemeanor = to a speeding ticket be prosecuted for 19+ months?

It's not easy being a whistleblower..... Sharyn want's to move and HATES living in fear.
Ya’ll gave 190,000,000 dollars for NISSAN to move here and that money went to a company that supports Terrorism (via their parent company Renault). I would hope you’ve learned from this.

All my website was about was exposing the DOE fraud and discrimination: The fact that NISSAN is in an Alliance with Renault and they do business with Iran is morally wrong.

Our troops deserve RESPECT. They sacrifice their lives and the states that they call home should not “fund” the people supplying the weapons to kill them.

In reference to “me” It has been brought to my attention that “chatter” on the internet is implicating Iran to the Lockerbie crash. It’s been stated a “whistleblower”is involved. Some believe “I might be the ‘unknown’ whistleblower.”

That means that I’m considered a “threat” to Iran. I’ve been told that Tennessee is a state that harbors a LOT of Islamic fundamentalist. My safety is in jeopardy in Tennessee when the story breaks. Even former Tennessean editor Mark Silverman agreed with the suggestion that “I move” so I need to “get a job” and I can’t get a decent job Until Nissan start helping me with my references and “gives me my reputation back”… They’ve slandered me.

I do NOT want to think the member in the local communities that have retaliated against me for whistle blowing are Iranian supporters. That said I do NOT trust the Williamson County DA’s office and IF for some reason I’m jailed a 4th time I want“monitors in place” to ensure my safety. I have it documented and I sent Mr. Bruce Bateman an email after I was jailed in 2010. I was VERY upset that I was placed in a cell with a woman considered violent.

Last comment for tonight: When NISSAN took the DOE money I wanted the EV to succeed I do NOT like seeing America dependent on the Middle East for its energy needs. When I learned that the premature launch of the EV was a "strategic" maneuver being done as a form of "false flag" operation and the "power players" in the Middle East and Paris were tapping into the American Recovery funds I was mad. I've talked to a LOT of people and it seems like many in DC were "duped". It seems like the Clinton's are "clean" the former Bush administration is "clean" when it comes to DOE “issues” it’s Good Ole Boy Greed and some of it FRAUD and "lack of transparency are Obama bundlers & Lobbyist or “friends” to "foreign nations"… including Rahm Emanuel, Al Gore, Lamar Alexander, Haley Barbour, Nickolas Sarkozy,

A week ago last Saturday night a Scottish newspaper published an ENTIRE 800+ report from the Scottish Court equivalent & the report mentions a CIA agent that I had written on my blog. The report also mentions that Iran NOT Libya might be responsible for the bombing of Pan Am flight 103. The government report that up until now has not been released for National Security reasons basically vindicates the Lockerbie bomber.

It has NOT been in the American press. Why

While reading the report I discovered I might have spent time with Nabil who was mentioned in the section of Robert Baer. This was in Kuwait in 1992 He might be the man mentioned in the report that was the assistant to a Palestinian guy who was given money by the Iranian Guard to blow up the airplane in retaliation for an Iranian plane that previous went down (an accident). It's the eye for an eye concept.

The man I met in Kuwait City was Palistinian, named Nabil, he knew the Lebanese man that I had met in Bahrain who was part of the Lockerbie “cover up”. Nabil’s profession was currency trading. For the record it might have nothing to do with Lockerbie; it might just be a coincidence. The one common factor is that ALL parties (Nabil in Kuwait, the “journalist” from Lebanon that I had met in Bahrain and another ALL knew some of the same people… in the state department).

I've been silent for almost 20 years, Oliver North told me to be loyal to my county and to I worked for and I was, Only did I speak when I faced "trumped up" charges made by people connected to former CIA in TN courts.

Since I’ve been jailed three times for a misdemeanor after enduring 19months of court appearances, being slandered and the humiliation of the accusation. Court transcripts show that I was the #2 Security Risk for NISSAN. I was just a relocation consultant?

I believe NISSAN has put my life through a legal hell because corp. security was “covering up” the tracks for the CEO Carlos Ghosn. A man that I’ve sent letters to members of Congress asking that he testify under oath to what he knows about Iran Contra and the Lockerbie Cover Up.

Mr. Carlos Ghosn worked at the tire company Michelin and got a big promotion in the Iran Contra era. Mr. Carlos Ghosn got a big promotion again at Michelin in 1990
Michelin hires former CIA/NISSAN hires former CIA.

The relationship with the CIA and Michelin goes back to the Vietnam War. America initially went to Vietnam to help our ally France.

The reason WHY the French started to the fight back so hard when the Vietnamese wanted their independence was to protect their the lucrative rubber tree crop. When the French “pulled out” we stayed in “lots” of defense contractors had invested in equipment to be used in the war so there needed to be a war.

America lost a LOT of American troops. When Kennedy was President it got more complicated he and his wife were “pro France” and they wanted to help the French economy. Michelin (a French company) started investing heavily in Brazil and they relocated their rubber tree industry to the South American nation.

Rubber trees take a long time to grow so to ensure the Vietnamese would NOT profit from the “former Michelin” plantations that were abandoned in Vietnam Agent Orange was ordered by the Kennedy Administration.

The problem is global greed. Once one cover up is exposed you’ve opened up a “whole can of worms.”

If your wondering HOW I learned about a lot of this: My grandfather was in Naval intelligence, my mom did "research/courier" during the Vietnam War & my dad worked at a CIA airline. This is where it gets "complicated" my biological father could be his boss who owned World Airways. My dad died of lung cancer in "83" in "84" his boss died of lung cancer, Ed Daly's friend the publisher of the Contra Costa Times (personal friend of Ronald Reagan) Dean Lesher took me in under his wing and I did research. Because of my "pedigree" I got to spend time with "others" that had pedigrees (get it).

Mark Silverman is a top executive with Gannett vetted me:

Yesterday it dawned on me that "if" they were gonna kill me then it would have already been done.

FYI Margaret Lesher the wife of Dean Leasher died in a mysterious 3am swimming accident: She knew a LOT more that I (4 layers protected me) and I do NOT know who those people were. It's time to either do a FULL investigation or "admit" that an investigation is TOO dangerous and would hurt the images of too many nations.

FYI- I do not know whether or not Megrahi played a role in the bombing or not.

Sharyn Bovat

Mr. Wood,

I would like some things investigated in reference to retaliation I've received as a whistleblower.  Please call me at your earliest convinience.

FYI-  Please as Bruce Bateman for the information i sent him on inhumane treatment I received in jail and about "threats" that I have received.

Thank you

Sharyn Bovat

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