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The Girl That Got Ghosn

Above a change of address card from Greg Kelly's wife.  Inviting me to Japan saying  "the beer is nice"... The photo was taken on Catherine Perez's birthday in January 2009 (Mrs. Carolin, Mrs. Brickett took Catherine to Wild ginger for lunch to celebrate the day"    Brian just got from a meeting in Tokyo and there was a "ceremonial bow" from one Japanese man to another.  Also....the talk was of  "the french devil" was coming....  I wanted to say...  'he's really Portuguese" .    

Oooops I have a picture from Catherine's "big" birthday party that John Martin took of me with LOTs of execs from the 10th floor. That's when I got to know Kevin Martin & Jett Johns and deemed HR's comments about the "play pen" as valid.   

I'm ONLY "telling all" and showing pictures because what they did or those connected to them was MORALLY wrong.  American taxpayers suffered.

...... Morton and Ghosn planned the move to TN from start to finish. When *************** heard about it in late 2005 he flew to Japan to try and talk Ghosn out of it. Ghosn only agreed to have the Boston Consulting Group do a study. The study was a crash program in only  60 days. The final study was only presented to the executive  committee. It basically stated that the employee salaries would go  up due to the current cost of hiring MBA graduates and moving them to NON metro area's was more than keeping the existing employee's.  They found that only 25% of the employee's would actually make the  move. (this proved to be true…HR "fudged" the numbers saying it ws 42%.   STOUT LIED to the Press ...big surpirse). 

Worse...when the “Good Ole Boy” in HR started firing from the “list” that Morton gave to Kelly-Kelly gave to Stout the numbers of those “long term NISSAN employees working for the company dwindled into the teens.   Carlos Ghosn basically massacred the company from it’s intellectual property.  Some in marketing stayed at Nissan because Jed Connelly encouraged them.   Jed was then summoned to Paris to be fired.  Leaving those moving from marketing with NO management support system.  It was too late for them to take the "package" and they were screwed.  

Brian Carolin was brought in to replace Mark McNabb.  Carolin was connected to Saikawa from when they were both in Paris working at Nissan Europe together.    Perez (my “girlfriend”) was connected to Saikawa via purchasing but "did her deal directly with Ghosn".   Saikawa was connected to Greg Kelly and he left Tennessee to move to Japan to lead Ghosn’s office in 2008.  Kelly was to stay “after” the new chairman was put in place.  SAIKAWA!!!!

As for the lower costs of having the headquarters in TN,  there was no long term financial benefit, even going out past 10  years. The only benefit to Nissan was that the labor laws are much  better for employers in TN compared to CA. It also concluded that  LA only dealt with Japan on a regular basis. Engineering was the only group that worked with the plants in TN and MS on a regular  basis. The other group they worked with was in Detroit and it did  make some sense to move that group to Detroit.

So basically a  respected company that does this type of work all the time says it  is a doomed project, yet Ghosn and Morton pressed on. 

???  Why would Carlos Ghosn……

When all of this was presented to the EC, Ghosn and Morton rejected all of the BCG findings for one reason or another. The EC asked how they could move forward when the report showed it was a bad > decision. Ghosn's reply was "Now you know all of the questions that  the press will ask. You have to come up with the answers to them. We are moving to TN, deal with it." 

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