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CSR and the "Skirt"

NISSAN North America
??? Are You Changing

Women at NISSAN North America women were referred to as SKIRTS
I hope that past tense terms.
The term was used to demean and keep "down" a group that represents more than ½ the population in the US HR....That was NOT the best strategy for a company that wants to make PROFITS....  Maybe you should have taken the advice of global corporate leadership YEARS ago and employed "more" skirts.

Maybe the message got "lost in translation" and the Good Ole Boy HR team led by Mark Stout thought you meant "fire" not hire.   I get it!!!  SImple "communication" problem.  

My “thought” it’s Time to redefine the word:


NISSAN Shift_ to Skirts for Success

Supply and Demand (Threes a LOT of women in the world that demand cars the meet their needs) finally it seems like “someone” at NISSAN is listening….   An entry level Infiniti that FWD WOW!!    In 2011 the Sentra can be on that top 10 list.   The Corolla is going to get some “stiff” competition from the Sentra after some upgrades.  Tokyo... You’re going to LOVE this!!!    You can “up” the price your "new" luxury Sentra.  The good news is for so many people it’s been “forgotten” car the Sentra  was not fully utilized basically a “friendly fixture” waiting in the wings at the showroom for it’s time to shine.   NISSAN and Mr. Ewanick I see that car on the “catwalk”.   Literally…. Read on   I see a “limited”  Isaac Mizrahi edition.  Many women today consider buying fashions at Target OK since Mizrahi put his stamp of approval about 10 years ago.     Mr. Mizrahi….you probably don’t remember me but we both played bridge at the Manhattan bridge club in the mid nineties.   You were always in “your” world and some thought you were rude but I knew you were “just thinking”.  Please help the Sentra it needs a splash of sophisticated -skirt inspired- affordable- “I gotta have it”- bling.  Sir, the interior needs YOU!!!   Mr. Nakamura’s team will take care of the “lines” ….Simplistic~Elegence with a “peppy” engine….. Extra “thought” for profit J J  Mr Mizrahi  ???  Maybe you can create some “options” that can be used in other sedans.  Like car seat covers, organizers, etc.  

Keeping up with trends….and very important consistency…FYI Women between the ages of 25-45 living in household making over 120K a year want “designer”  They resist “ fast food chain like entertainment.  This   is my LAST word on this but I’m going to make it an EYE OPENER   I verified that those images of the talented cirque performers on YOUR Infiniti website make your image look “Stale”.  Infiniti....You have the trendy-contemporary Adeyaka.  Infiniti...that magazine is Intelligent, Instinctual and Inspirational it’s PERFECT for the NEXT generation of luxury car buyers and it clearly makes YOU unique and luxury.  FYI... Cirque is using “retro” music in some shows to attract customers (mostly older) like the Beatles inspired show for the music.   There tickets are usually available  ½ price***  Cirque People if your reading….If you do a Pink Floyd show this “skirt” will happily pay full price for that trip down memory lane……WOW!!!  I see that show as a WINNER!!!   Simplifying Adeyaka message for global understanding.....For "longtem" success keep the spirit of Adeyaka the focus on your website marketing your cars.  Especially o the Front Page…..Make consumers answer this  question ~ Where do they want to be in their Infiniti ???   
Let them choose the venue.   Keep going the direction of “off the beaten” path in upscale luxury.  Make the customer curious about what’s coming next month…   Keep if fluid and forward.     Maybe they want to be In Montana with their FX looking at the stars or maybe a single woman wants to be shopping at the Fashion Island mall.  Once they’ve answered the question of “where they want to be in their Infiniti…They’ve already then decided they WANT one.  It’s ALL psychological…  GET IT!!!!  Remember it’s ALL about the customer and Infiniti marketing to the desires/hearts of this demographic.  They want FRESH.  Those that are in tune with trends with the arts see movies that are “new” releases.  They want to be one of the first to have viewed it.  Cirque De Soliel was released a LONG time ago.  Please Shift_ the sponsorship to the Murano and Maxima…., people over 50 are those that get “inspirered” by seeing young international sparkling spandex performers in action.  It’s great to have a partnership with them but NOT when wanting to be the next “IT” manufacturer of luxury cars.

Inspirational, Intelligent and Instinctual    under construction





Vegas shows at discount prices

Posted: 03/25/2010 01:05:31 PM PDT Updated: 03/25/2010 01:05:31 PM PDT

These days, almost every Vegas show uses Tix4Tonight to sell same-day seats that otherwise would go empty, Francis says. The notable exception is Cirque du Soleil's popular "O" at the Bellagio. But online customer reviews of the ticket service indicate that other Cirque shows are often available at a discount.

Isaac Mizrahi

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Isaac Mizrahi (born October 14, 1961) is an American fashion designer and the creative director of Liz Claiborne. He is best known for his eponymous fashion lines.


Mizrahi was born in Brooklyn, New York to an observant Egyptian Jewish family.[1] His father gave him a sewing machine at the age of ten. At 15, he launched his own label, IS New York, with the help of a family friend. He attended Yeshivah of Flatbush, High School of Performing Arts and the Parsons School of Design.[2]

[edit] Fashion career

Mizrahi presented his first collection in 1987 at a trunk show held by famed New York department store Bergdorf Goodman. The line immediately earned praise from fashion editors that prompted several top retailers to place orders.[3] In 1992, the French fashion house Chanel bought a stake in the company and began to bankroll its operations.[4] Despite continued critical acclaim, sales were inconsistent; Bloomingdale's executive Kal Ruttenstein stated that Mizrahi had "good years and bad years."[5] This volatility is mainly attributed to the designer's failure to establish a defined aesthetic or "Mizrahi Look", as the frenetic Mizrahi was famed for changing gears each season. Though the company grossed between $10-20 million a year, it never made a profit and in fact lost substantial amounts in its final four years of operation. Chanel eventually tired of the mounting losses and pulled financing in October 1998, forcing the closure of the company after the Fall 1998 collection..[6]

Mizrahi also designed a diffusion line named "IS**C" from 1995-1997. The lower-priced line (in the $275 to $850 range) was meant to diversify the label from the very expensive Isaac Mizrahi collection, but it failed to gain traction and was shuttered in 1997.[7]

Mizrahi returned to fashion in 2002 when he began designing another diffusion collection, Isaac Mizrahi for Target collection. The line was an enormous hit, and soon spread to cover accessories, bedding, housewares, and pet products. Sales volume tripled over five years to over $300 million and introduced the designer to mainstream America.[8] The line was discontinued in 2008 as Mizrahi left for Liz Claiborne.

Mizrahi only designed for Claiborne for one year- 2009. Although advertising campaigns, featuring Mizrahi and women of all sizes, races, and ages, were found in major fashion magazines, the line was a disaster almost from launch. The clothes and accessories were very difficult to find, as only a few minor departments stores, that were not found in major cities, carried Claiborne clothes. Gottschalks only carried a few pieces items and then the company declared bankruptcy and was liquidated only weeks after Mizrahi's launch. Furthermore, the few Liz Claiborne outlets that existed were also far from major cities and were found at outlet malls that were too far for most customers to visit. As a result, on December 2009, the Liz Claiborne website was closed and rumors abounded that Claiborne was bankrupt and in serious debt.

Mizrahi, as of early 2010, can be see on QVC selling merchandise.

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