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 I Smell a Solar Scam is Happening!!!
This morning I just told a viewer that "I believe the Clintons care about the planet and the SOLAR SCAM that Bredesen might be 'going down' for is just typical Good Ole Boy Greed. Please don't think the two are the same."

I bet Ghosn is the guy the Renault Three are going after for defamation and I hope to go to Paris and be a wittness.

Soon EVERY taxpayer organization including TEA Party will know about my issues.   I wanted to simply "work and enjoy my life"  NOW because of Carlos Ghosn and a Greedy Good Ole Boy Democfratic Governor I must become an activist:  

Mr. Tavares..... 

???  Where are you.
???  Did YOU say Hi to Haley for me :) :)
  Sir, time is running out.....and so it the word.  Do NOT let NISSAN suffer due to Ghosn's bad decsions.   You need success for Tennessee

Have a Great Day!!!

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By geo241

on January 19, 2011
09:51 AM

Dear Mr. Brian Carolin,
NissanUSA took around 200 orders on 31 August (mine included), your offices sequenced order taking very carefully to project those orders to the planned production output of the Oppama factory. Further your offices even asserted that there were a large number of LEAF cars on the ship docking on 20 December that would get to customer's before the holidays (statement at the delivery launch 11 December in Petaluma, CA.). From that point in time less than 50 LEAF cars, it seems have been delivered in the US. It would appear that VERY few have been delivered in Europe (10 at one single point, but after that?), and I don't see big numbers reported for Japan either.

Additionally there was quite a PR event in early OCTOBER with the beginning of actual production run LEAF vehicles at the factory there in Japan. It was a media event and widely reported.

Hence, it would seem that there have been something like 60 or so "factory production days" since the opening of the production line in Oppama, BUT there appear to be only around 100 or LESS actual customer deliveries IN THE WORLD of this model. Given the number of confirmed deliveries, this means that one of the best factories and most modern production lines in the world is only turning out less than TWO CARS A DAY?

"Dictated by caution" doesn't even half describe this kind of production output over that period of time.

How stupid does Brian Carolin really think we are? Someday my 31 August confirmed order LEAF will actually arrive, and by that time I will probably have 3000 miles on my Chevy Volt which actually DID ARRIVE last week.

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Have A Great Day!!!  Sharyn
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