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Years ago I was in a room when a consultant who was telling a politician that the campaign  signs needed to be redone.   The colors were wrong and the simple words selected under their name were not "issues/words" that people cared about.  The money was tight .....  Hundreds of thousands had already been spent out of this individuals own "piggy bank".  That politician  was told that night directly & harshly by a paid professional that they would lose if that was their  decision.  The signs were just a few thousand dollars. That politician had spent enough in their mind and decided to use the already made signs that had the wrong message.  That person lost by just a few votes. 

In American  politics in many cases  people only get a "shot at success" every 4 years.  You have to give it your best every time & every task.  Working as a team is critical and every person on that team is important.  Signs are a "small" expense but important & in that case they were ordered by a novice. It showed.   The consultant I worked for arrived after things were "set up" on that campaign and making change was expensive.  I could never figure out why they hired a "fix it" team and then didn't take all the advice. Oh well. Learning from every life experience.  That was a good one. 

Now you understand my background & why my opinions are strong on certain "thoughts".


That photo on YOUR corporate website of your high level executive I've seen it up for several weeks. It really bothered me and I kept wondering when someone would say something and when it would be replaced.  

Personally I don't believe companies should "outsource their image" because I believe that for success IMAGE is EVERYTHING!!!!!  I feel that those creating the marketing materials & brand message are more committed to a company if they are a "member of the team".   It's about PRIDE.   It's also less expensive in the long term if you have the right:


NOW, if what I think is unrealistic then someone tell my WHY?.
"thoughts" can change.  It's all an educational process.   Sometimes creative solutions happen after thinking "out of the box"  solutions that in the end will = better alternatives creating high functioning teams and more profits  win/win  :) :)

Have A Great Day!!!


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