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To: Mr Castelli from CSR

NISSAN CSR Philosophy 2010  

More Cars Sold = More Profits = More NISSAN Jobs Created


More money to enrich the lives of People and the Planet


The NV2020 BYOB concept

NISSAN has “20/20” Vision when it comes to the future in satisfying the baby boomers with quality/compact RV 


NISSAN  American Baby Boomers enjoy taking road trips to National Parks & to visit Their grandchildren.  America is “downsizing” and those Mega recreational Motor homes are Passe.    They cost too much to operate.  The “boomers” want good MPG.   They want a “room on wheels” one they can “easily” park.  Those members of the upper middle class (I've got 30 years of living with not a lot to do becuse I took an early retirement package) what we'll call the ”Young at Heart” generation will  buy the NV2020…. for they like the "concept" of affordable roadtrips in thier future.

That generation loves to visit Friends and Family and with your new product they’ll avoid costly hotel costs and considered ”welcomed houseguest  for using the NISSAN NV2020 it’s a BYOB (Bring your own “guest” bedroom)  & compact size that lets the owner park where they  want too.  Maybe we can use that "battery" for electric needs????

Last summer I got the idea while talking to some grandparents that traveled to their granddaughters competitions.   They said their BIG RV was costing too much in gas but they still used it for the convenience.   I then remembered someone in California that purchased a used Chinook and besides using for National Park visits they used it as an additional “Guest Room” during the holidays. 

This “idea” has been floating in my mind so when given the opportunity to talk to those in that age demographic I asked people what they “thought”  they LOVED it said it was nostalgic to some built in the 70’s???.  They gave me “extra” reasons.  Tailgating at Football /NASCAR games.  OH MY!!!  They Loved the concept of a small vehical for tailgaiting that had comfortable seating, small kitchen a place to “retreat” to (with a bathroom) .  Flexibility in Travel was the big winner for the baby boomer  & they could visit the grandchildren more frequently (for the affordability) and many feel that by bringing their own “rolling hotel room (BYOB)”  they’re not being an “imposition” on their hosts.


Chinook/Trail Wagons, Inc.


Chinook RV, a division of Trail Wagons, Inc. was a family-owned and operated manufacturer of relatively short-length, high-quality Class C (Class B+) recreational vehicles, once considered “The Sports Car of Motorhomes” until the company's demise in 2005.


Lets get the NV2020 to be the Next Generation of Globally recognized as the Trend Setter for Luxury RV’s.  

NISSAN You’ve Got the Platform “now” and this could be the “icing” on the cake (extra profits) Important creating this could increase long term jobs in MISSISSIPPI….    The governor their should LOVE that J J

???   Maybe you can get some “tax incentives” for adding this “relative” to the commercial van family.

NISSAN  Making this “profit” generating  RV is a direction YOU should consider for the not so “distant” future……The NV2020 is a Winner!!!!

This idea for the “future” is part of the:
NISSAN CSR Philosophy 2010  
More Cars Sold = More Profits = More NISSAN Jobs Created 
More money to enrich the lives of People and the Planet

It’s just an “idea”

Have A Great Day!!!!             Sharyn

Love Cars~Love People~Love the Planet



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